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The grass in the garden at the front was cut short, and there were many fountains and pools spewing water. The building itself was tall and grey, looking to be only modest in size.

'Well' Ena whispered, 'let's go inside.'

She reached a hand out to touch the cold black gates, pushing them open slowly so that the white horse pulling the cart could enter. As the horse, guided by Lilith walked forwards, Jaspin leaned into the cart briefly, touching Gael's cheek. Gael opened his eyes, glancing at Jaspin for a moment, before sighing and becoming still again.

He was still clinging onto life, and that's all that mattered.

The path the reach the front door of the temple was made of a single smooth block of stone. As they made their way forwards, the horse slipped a little once or twice. The path was wet from excess water splashing out from the fountains around them, of which were many.

There were no steps at the front door, only level ground, and as Ena pushed the wooden doors open to allow the others to enter, the entire building could be seen on this level. Everything was open and spacious, with large archways flanked by delicately carved stone columns of intricate design that looked like they might crumble in the wind. Very thinly carved ivy was set within the grey stone, and tiny stone leaves curled outwards. The temple inside was simple and modest, but beautiful all the same.

The holy figures that approached them wore loosely fitting, faded purple robes, their hair tied neatly back and a string of silver beads hanging at their waists.

'Welcome strangers' one of the holy men said extending his arms in greeting. 'How may we serve you?'

Ena slowed to a stop, behind her Jaspin did the same, halting the white horse, as Lilith standing on the other side of the carriage stood still.

Ena smiled widely at the holy figure before her, behind which were several more.

'We seek, sanctuary' Ena spoke softly, placing a hand upon her heart. 'We want only a place to rest, but more importantly, we seek aid for our fallen one.'

'A fallen one?'

Ena stepped back, indicating the cart behind the horse.

The holy figure stepped forward, looking down at Gael before him.

'He is very weak' the holy man said immediately. He looked up at Ena. 'How long has he been this way?'

Ena looked to the ground as she thought, before looking up again.

'Days' she said.

The holy man nodded.

'I understand' he said. 'We will help him, and we will off you respite also. We only wish to serve travellers and all those in need.'

Ena smiled softly, bowing her head to him, her long pale hair falling forwar


'I thank you' she said to him. 'We are all extremely grateful.

Lilith touched Gael gently. He opened his eyes.

'Gael' she whispered, as the holy figures moved around them. 'We are here. You're going to be cared for. You'll be alright now.'

Gael turned to face her, smiling weakly, his once misty-blue eyes had paled to the point they were almost pure white.

'You're going to be alright now' Lilith told him again, as the holy figures moved around the cart with a stretcher. 'We will be here with you.'

Ena, Lilith and Jaspin stood close to one another, watching silently as Gael was taken away. Another holy figure approached, taking their horse also.

'There are stables out the back' he told them briefly. 'Your horse will be cared for there.'

Ena nodded to him mutely and the man went away.

'What do we do now?' Lilith asked quietly.

Ena breathed slowly before speaking.

'We wait' she uttered, 'just for a moment.'

'We cannot wait for too long' Jaspin prompted. 'The others would still be after us.'

Ena did not answer, her eyes suddenly seemed distant, her mind distracted.

Jaspin glanced around at her. '…Ena?'

Gael was taken just around the corner, where there was a steep set of stairs that led to a floor down below, where another section of the temple was completely hidden from the public eye. From above the temple looked tiny, which it was, but there were secret rooms underground, large rooms where the holy figures concealed themselves.

'What should we do with him?' one of the holy figures asked.

The other holy figure that had carried the stretched glanced down at Gael, seeing his weak breath. He looked to be on deaths door already. His skin was ghostly pale, horrid black veins were visible along the sides of his neck, reaching now up to his cheeks and either side of his forehead. Even his hair had become a washed out colour, appearing almost white now, but a filthy white, a dirty white.

'I don't know' the other figure spoke up. 'Perhaps killing him would be a kindness.'

'The message sent to us before was correct' the first man said. 'But how did the person know they would be arriving?

The second man shook his head. 'More importantly, how did they manage to get an albatross to deliver a message? Such a thing has never been caught before let alone tamed.' He shook his head frowning. 'The message…' he went on in a quiet voice, 'it said we should kill him…but why?'

'Do you believe what the message said, about these people being angels, and the green haired girl their master?'

'I don't know' the second man shook his head again. 'I just don't know…'

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