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She raised her head.

'The story is coming to a close' Ena said. 'We have to keep moving, we have to get to the paradise.'

She turned then, a sudden wind catching her pale hair and sweeping it back.

'The volcano' Ena breathed, seeing the great mountain in the distance. 'We have to get there, we have to……it is where the story will end…it is where we will all die

Jaspin ran back inside to find Gael, grabbing him and hauling him to his feet, ignoring his groans of pain.

'I'm sorry my friend' Jaspin muttered to him, 'but we have to leave swiftly. Ena will show us the way…but the other one is sure to still be after us.'

He was carried downstairs and laid down on a cart. Ena spoke to the family as their white horse was tied with a harness to the cart.

'I thank you for everything' Ena was saying, 'and I didn't intend for any harm to come to you. I'm sorry if my angels scared you.'

Behind her Jaspin and Lilith finished tying the harness, Lilith went to the horse's head to lead it, as Jaspin went to the cart behind to check on Gael.

Ena glanced back at him as Jaspin leant forwards to touch his cheek.

'We're on our way' Jaspin whispered to him as Gael breathed weakly on the bed. 'Try to hold on…just for a little longer……we are going to paradise……'

Ena led the way down the dirt road with Jaspin walking after her, and behind was Lilith who guided the white horse pulling the carriage with Gael within. He looked sicker than ever, but somehow he was still clinging onto life.

The family never saw the strange group again.

At first Nina travelled in the opposite direction to where the angels had gone. There was a town near where the maiden had brought them, and this is where the army was to rest.

The dead were left on the earth where they had fallen, while the living soldiers stormed into the houses and shops and inns, taking from the terrified citizens whatever they needed.

'We are causing carnage' Grace uttered, glancing all around her as people screamed and were thrown out onto the streets, their possession destroyed as their homes taken.

'It is a necessary act that we do here' Nina replied calmly as they walked slowly through the streets.

'The angels are gaining ground' Gerald mumbled to her with concern.

Nina turned to him.

'Don't worry' she said to him confidently. 'We will catch them up soon enough.'

'What happens now?' Grace asked. 'The king of this land will learn soon enough of our arrival, and we will not be welcome guests.'

'We will deal with him when the time comes' Nina replied boldl

y. 'But first, we must catch up with the angels.'

'And then?'

'We will kill the last three angels in this world' Nina finished, narrowing her eyes slightly as she spoke. 'They will become nothing but legends people hear about from story books. We will never again be cursed to look upon such a sight as them, when we rid this world of their existence.'

Beside her Gerald smiled.

'The men need to rest' Nina spoke quietly as she raised her head, gazing calmly all around her as the queen's army sew fear and destruction as they took from the town what they needed, terrifying its people as they went about their way.

'It won't be long before the king hears of this' Grace muttered, as she watched her men move forcefully through the town.

'The angels first' Nina answered. 'They are the most important concern.'

At the edge of the town, an off-duty soldier saw what was happening within his home. After ensuring that his wife and children were safe, he took his fastest horse and fled the town, heading as fast as he could for the palace, moving like a breath on the wind.

He travelled without rest.

It was many days that the earth maiden and the angels travelled, heading in a straight line towards paradise, the dead volcano where everything would end.

Directly in their path was a large town, so it was here they stopped.

'Are you alright Gael?' Lilith whispered to him, leaning over the cart the white horse pulled.

He blinked slowly, smiling up at her with teary eyes.

She smiled encouragingly back at him.

'We've just come to a town' she told him. 'There is a holy temple somewhere within……we are taking you there.'

'He is holding on' Jaspin noted as he glanced over her shoulder. 'His will to live is incredible.'

'He cannot die yet' Lilith answered meekly, straightening up. 'He still has a duty to do. He still has to serve the maiden.'

They glanced around at her. Ena was standing at the horse's head, rubbing her hand affectionately down its forehead as it stood over the water trough, a thing which sat outside one of the inns. They were near the edge of the town, and they still had a long way to go before reaching the holy temple.

'Come on' Jaspin mumbled, moving away. 'We should keep going.'

They moved through the crowded and congested town, their pace slowed by the people around them.

Jaspin left their side often to wander the area and ask for directions, but eventually they found the temple.

'Here it is' Ena sighed, staring up through the great tall iron gates and into the modest grounds beyond.

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