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It had all happened so quickly. He was barely keeping himself together, shivering violently as if he were outside in an icy storm, his touch was freezing, and tears ran down his cheeks.

'What are we going to do?' Lilith sobbed.

The door to the room opened suddenly. Jaspin and Lilith whipped around. Standing in the door was a man looking utterly bewildered. Jaspin rounded on him, taking wide strides towards him, doing so with unknown intentions.

The man suddenly panicked, turning and backing away he ran. Jaspin made after him, Lilith calling him, followed in turn, trying to calm Jaspin. He was angry.

Gael remained within the room, noticing nothing whatsoever that was going on around him. A young girl peered into the room, seeing the profile of the tall girl on her bed; she stepped towards her, glancing down at Gael on the floor, who did not acknowledge her presence.

Vanile looked back at Ena, finding her to be so strange, with her abnormally tall and skinny frame. She looked young however, despite her towering height. Her skin was pale and her eyes were sunken, her arm and legs and toes and fingers were freakishly long and thin. She looked as if she might break in the wind. But her hair was what Vanile found most peculiar. Even in the tangled state that it was Vanile could see its length, and its pale green colour was most unnatural.

She didn't know why, but she was somehow drawn to this creature, this strange girl who was perhaps only a little older than herself.

She reached out to touch her, but suddenly the girl snapped awake, grabbing Vanile by the hand. Vanile gasped in fright, trying to pull away. But Ena's grip was vice-like.

'Who are you? What am I doing here?'

Vanile could not answer; only stare back in shock at the stranger lying on her bed. Downstairs she could hear voices, her mother and her fathers.

Vanile whipped her head around, eyes wide. She looked back at Ena, fighting to free herself until Ena let go. Vanile ran to the balcony overlooking the floor below, seeing her mother and father cowering in fear from the angels towering over them. The white haired one seemed to be trying to control the gray haired one, who was consumed with a sudden anger that could not be explained.

'Stop!' Vanile called down to them. 'Leave them alone!'

Jaspin turned back, tilting his head up to the girl. His eyes widened as he saw Ena approach from behind the girl, coming to stand at the railing as the girl backed away.

Ena spoke, staring down at the two angels.

'Who are you' she said, 'an

d where is my family?'

Jaspin stared up at her in complete shock, not believing what he had just heard.

'Ena…' Lilith breathed stepping forwards. 'It's us…you know who we are…'

'What are you doing to those people?' Ena uttered.

'She feels wrong' Lilith whispered urgently to Jaspin beside her. 'It's like it was last time. She is not the earth maiden anymore…'

'I know' Jaspin mumbled back. 'I feel it too.'

Ena stepped across the balcony, moving towards the stairs. As she did so she kept her shoulders hunched and her eyes wide.

She was afraid as she descended the steps, approaching the angels on the floor below.

She slowed to a stop, gazing down at the frightened mother and father huddled against the wall.

Ena looked back at the angels.

'Ena…' Lilith began desperately. 'You know who we are.'

'No' Ena shook her head defiantly. 'I've never seen you before in my life.'

'Are you truly saying that you remember nothing?' Lilith asked in shock.

'Where is my family?' Ena begged, turning to Jaspin now.

'They are dead' Jaspin replied heartlessly. 'You killed them.'

'What?' Ena gasped. 'No…no it can't be…'

'They are all dead by your hands' Jaspin went on. 'You killed them to spare them from a fate far worse.'

'No it isn't true!' Ena moaned, becoming hysterical now as she shook her head, backing away from them.

'Ena…' Lilith tried to reason. 'Please be calm.'

'Get away from me!' Ena cried, slapping Lilith's hand away as she reached out to her.

Ena turned and ran, ignoring the others cries as they called after her.

She ran outside but immediately stopped, seeing something before her that twisted something in her mind, forcing to her consciousness something that she knew, something that was familiar to her.

Jaspin and Lilith came up behind her as she stared, seeing the pure white horse in the field right before her.

'My horse' Ena mumbled, as Jaspin and Lilith both felt a change within her. 'What happened to my horse……Vanity?'

She was herself again.

'You remember?' Lilith gasped happily.

'Vanity is dead' Jaspin spoke beside her. 'She was killed when the enemy encircled our army…shortly after you killed Freya…'

'Army?' Ena mumbled. 'Freya……yes…yes I remember.'

She bowed her head, holding her hands together in grief. Vanity had been her pride and joy, and Ena was sad to know that she would never see her again.

Unlike humans, animals could not be reincarnated in another life in the next world.

But there was nothing Ena could do, the mare was gone now.

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