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Grace turned back to her, confusion written on her face.

In the midst of the fighting, Reuben was flying over the heads of the soldiers. A lucky archer fired his arrow, and struck him in his wing, right in the vein that gave his body life.

Reuben gasped deeply in pain, plummeting to the ground instantly and breaking his wings in the fall.

Lilith screamed his name, but he was already dead, Jaspin and Gael instantly retreated, and in the tower, Ena began to laugh.

Nina began to grow afraid as the whole area began to light up around them, magic that soaked into the very earth, magic that was coming from the tower, from the earth maiden.

Nina held onto Gerald tightly beside her, calling out to Grace who was rising slowly to her feet.

But the queen did not hear the words of the healer; she was too disorientated and confused.

Nina closed her eyes tight shut, shielding them from a painfully strong light.

When the light faded, she opened them slowly, and could not hold back a gasp of utter shock and disbelief as she saw what was around them.

They were in another part of the world entirely. There was no snow, and the sky above them in midday was bright and beautiful.

The capital they had left behind, was completely destroyed.

Chapter Forty Nine

The Hunt

Lilith fell to her knees, screaming in despair and pain.

'No!' she wailed. 'We cannot lose another! Not another! Not again!'

'Lilith!' Jaspin snapped at her, though the anguish in his voice could still be heard. 'Lilith get up! We have to find Ena!'

Lilith forced herself to rise, brushing away her tears. Nearby Gael stood silently. He was hugging himself, his skin frightfully pale as he trembled violently.


He glanced up to Jaspin who had spoken his name, lowered his arms, and nodded silently to him, though his body still shook.

Jaspin turned to Lilith briefly, brushing away her tears that remained gently with his thumb.

'Hurry' he spoke quietly to Lilith and Gael. 'We have to find Ena, she is nearby I can sense her.'

The three remaining angels beat their wings, all taking off the flying in the same direction.

They found Ena who was not too far away. She was unresponsive, lying on the ground on her side with her hair splayed about her.

Jaspin knelt beside her tall and delicate frame, lifting her gently in his arms.

He carried her away, followed by the other two angels.

They travelled to the nearest collection of houses, a modest village that was not too far away.

Ena was completely unresponsive as Jaspin carried her swif

tly, flying low over the land.

Nina turned to Grace, grabbing her and shaking her by the shoulders.

'Your majesty, can you hear me?'

Grace blinked suddenly, coming back to herself. Nina let go of her, stepping back.

The army that answered to the queen were all around them. Many had been killed by the angels. Even the dead men lay on the ground here now amongst the living.

'Where are we?' the queen spoke aloud. 'Wait' she said glancing around her as she suddenly realised something. This is not my kingdom, and the sky…' she said tilted her head back.

She bit her tongue. She had nothing more to say.

'This is the other side of the world' Nina spoke to the queen as Gerald ran his fingers through his hair behind her, sighing heavily. 'That maiden has brought us here with her wicked magic.'

Nina sneered then, an expression that revealed itself only for a split second.

'We have to kill her' Nina said regaining herself again. 'It was a mistake on my part to keep her alive.'

Later that day, Vanile came downstairs to speak with her father.

It was early in the afternoon, and the sun was still bright in the open sky.

Vanile moved across the room tentatively.

'Vanile' her father said, turning to her. 'Are you alright?'

Vanile bit her lip, staring up at her father nervously.

'What's wrong?' her father said, sounding a little worried. 'Has something happened?'

'Father?' Vanile began uncertainly. 'There are angels in my room.'

Jaspin leant over Ena. She lay on the bed utterly still. Jaspin touched her cheek.

Lilith came up behind him.

'Is she alright?' Lilith asked miserably.

Jaspin straightened up.

'I don't know' he replied quietly. 'I still feel her presence before me, but she feels different…not like she did before.'

'I understand' Lilith mumbled. 'I sense it too.'

Sitting on the floor leaning against the bed beside them was Gael. He had used almost all of his magic fighting the queen's army outside the capital, doing so on Ena's command. Before the fight he had been strong, his magic concentrated within his body and mind. Now he was utterly spent.

He sat on the floor hugging his knees to his chest. His white-blonde hair was now a filthy and washed out, his once tanned skin was now grey and blemished, and his misty blue eyes were now white. Even his wings before he withdrew them back into his body had lost their colour.

Before all of this Gael had been the most handsome of the angels. Now he was nothing more but a shadow of his former self, a sorry state to the man he was before.

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