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Ena watched him go. Nothing was revealed in her expression as she watched Gael soar over the city and towards the army.

'Stay alive' she mumbled after him, before turning and walking away.

The angels flew on a straight course as they headed for the thickest part of the army, where the queen sat upon her horse.

'What do we do?' the queen spoke out loud, seeing the figures in the air drawing swiftly closer.

'Kill them' Nina said without a pause. 'Archers. Aim for their wings; sever the vein that gives them strength. Make them bleed to death.'

Grace raised her hand, signalling to her army to fire.

The angels instantly folded their wings to their bodies, plummeting through the air. They hit the ground in full force, using all of their magic. And Lilith fought like she had never fought before. Her entire body glowed brightly as she cut down the men around her. She hardly noticed the fresh blood rain on her wings, her clothes and hair, flecking her cheeks, running down her hands and arms. This time she fought as a weapon, not standing by as a shield for another. She fought alongside the other angels, killing as many as they did, and doing so without thought or care.

Back in the city, in the highest tower within the seashell building, Ena watched passively.

Chapter Forty Eight

Where the Air is Cleaner

Vanile hugged the little rabbit closer to her, moving further down the field under the supervision of her mother who was not far behind.

'Poor little rabbit' the girl was saying. 'You have to be more careful from now on, there are dangerous things in this world, things that want to eat you. Just remember to stay away from the dogs, and don't come back here.'

Vanile put the rabbit down gently on the floor. It sat frozen for a moment, as if waiting to see what would happen, and then it darted away as quickly as it could, into the hedge nearby and through the tall grass in the field on the other side.

'That was a very good thing you did' her mother said to her. 'You have a kind heart, and a gentle soul.'

Vanile smiled up at her mother warmly.

'Thank you mother.'

Her mother took her by the hand gently.

'Come on' she said moving away with her. 'Your dinner is getting cold. You don't want your father to get moody now do you?'

Vanile giggled then.

'No' she said. 'I suppose not.'

They slowly walked back to the house together.

Around them the day was warm, and the sky above was clear and blue and bright.

'I love you

mother' Vanile said to her. 'I love you so much.'

Ena stood on the balcony. From this highest point in the city, Ena could see all that she wanted to see.

The fight raged below her, the angels using all the power they possessed to fight back.

Ena wondered if any of them would survive, and if any of them might die.

'I need a little more power' she whispered. 'Just a little more to take us to where I want to be.'

Around them the world was dark, the light snow relentless. But it did not stick. The instant the icy flakes touched the ground, or the buildings or the trees, they instantly melted, but it never stopped falling.

Ena sighed, feeling a little tired. She leant forward on the balcony, resting her chin in her hands and closing her eyes.

She began to doze, her mind slipping away, until something suddenly made it snap back.

She opened her eyes.

Beside her on the balcony wall, there sat a little bird, a sparrow, watching her innocently.

Ena returned its gaze. She stared at it for the longest time, analyzing it, and then she smiled.

The sparrow was sliced in half without warning, its little insides torn in different directions.

Ena turned away from the bloodied mess on the white balcony, smiling and looking back towards the army, smiling widely.

Just outside the city, Nina came too with a start.

Gerald was by her side in an instant.

'What happened?'

Nina hugged herself, at first unable to speak, the sensation of being physically ripped apart stuck firmly in her mind. It was terrible. She knew she would never be able to forget it, so for the meantime, she simply put it aside.

'She knows I am here' Nina replied when she was able to find her voice. 'I don't understand' she whispered, 'she is playing a game with me. What could she be wanting? What is she trying to achieve? Why is she so willingly sending the angels out here on their own…I thought the people of the city that supported her would rise up to fight, but…?'

Nina glanced away, looking to the queen who sat cross-legged on the floor a short distance away, staring up at the dark sky in brooding, acting as if she couldn't hear the angels slaughtering her men so close by.

Nina grimaced, turning her head away from the queen sharply and rising to her feet.

'This is a trap' she spoke loudly. 'Ena is trying to trick me somehow.' She turned back to the queen, barking an order at her. 'Tell your men to stop fighting. Order them to not attack the angels.'

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