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'Yes' Ena replied, 'but an angel's soul would serve me better purpose, as they are far more powerful.'

Gael rose to his feet, drifting over to her.

'I am dying' he said to her, 'kill me if that serves you…take my soul.'

'But I still need you' Ena replied, lifting her head to his. 'The army is on their way, and I need you to kill as many as you can.'

'The army?' Gael repeated doubtfully. 'Is that what you are waiting for?'

She bowed her head silently, a slight smile playing in her expression.

'I can sense them' she breathed. 'They are coming now.'

The moment she finished speaking, a horn sounded in the distance. Gael looked around. On the floor within the room, Reuben tensed.

'They know you are here' she spoke to the room, as Jaspin and Lilith appeared in the room behind them. 'The angels…' Ena breathed, gazing at them each in turn. She smiled widely. 'You are all so beautiful.'

'Are you sure about this?' Grace spoke out aloud, as the army surrounded the capital.

She rode her own horse, and gave her orders to the men directly, as her husband had once done. It was clear that the soldiers did not receive her instructions as well as they did her late husband's, but they obeyed regardless. Though she suspected some within the army doubted her, despite the silence they kept.

'I am sure' the voice replied to her. 'They are in there. I know it.'

Grace turned back to Nina, beside her, riding a horse of his own was Gerald, as silent now as when they had first set out on their journey.

'They are all there' Nina continued, 'the last four remaining angels that exist in this world' she sighed, 'and their master…the one they know as the earth maiden.'

Grace turned away, looking forwards towards the city again.

'What is she like?' the queen asked tentatively.

'She is just a child' Nina replied, 'a very sick child.'

Grace glanced back at Nina, who said no more.

'So you think we should attack the city?' Grace asked.

'No' Nina said narrowing her eyes slightly. 'Only the angels, we must not allow civilians to be hurt.'

Grace was silent. The cold breeze lifted her hair back, and the snowflakes landed softly on her cheeks.

'I want the world to be healthy again' the queen said, 'as it was before my husband fell ill.'

'We can make it so together' Nina told her firmly, 'if we kill the angels…and kill the maiden.'

'Kill a child?'

'She is evil' Nina replied swiftly, thought her voice was calm, as if she were reading from a book. 'She killed my sister, she's killed many people….includi

ng her own family.'


'I don't know' Nina replied, 'but my sister believed it was to spare them from the sickness. Ena believes it will consume everything, but the truth is the sickness is spreading because of her. Her fear and despair make people vulnerable to it. Those that fear and despair the most die first. This I know to be true.'

'How?' Grace asked her. 'How could you possibly know such a thing?'

'It's information that was passed onto me by my sister before she died.'

'But that can't be right' the queen said turning to her. 'Before my husband became ill, we shared the happiest moments of our life together.'

'No you didn't' Nina answered swiftly. 'You were mourning the death of your child who was stillborn. You longed for an heir, now you realise it is too late.'

Nina met the queen's gaze.

'Be careful' Nina spoke sinisterly. 'You may fall ill yourself soon.'

The queen turned away.

'They are sure to meet us soon' Nina spoke up, staring at the tallest tower in the centre of the city. 'I'm sure they are watching us, even at this very moment.'

Nina tilted her head, narrowing her eyes.

'I can feel their presence.'

Within the seashell building in the centre of the capital, the angels were gathering their magic to them. Their wings were splayed, taking up the largest spaces within the room as each of their profiles glowed a different colour.

Reuben's glowed brilliant gold, Gael's light blue like the sky on a summers day, Lilith's pure and unspoiled white, and Jaspin's black and white.

Between them, Ena moved from one to the other, touching them each in turn.

'I hope you are ready' she spoke to all of them and none of them. 'They are waiting for you.' Her attention lingered on Gael a little longer than it did the others, but she said nothing.

Perhaps she fears for him the most Lilith thought silently as she watched the two. She fears for him more now that he has the sickness….as the rest of us do. She bowed her head, sending to the dark heavens above a silent prayer. Please let him survive this day…

Ena stepped back then, casting her arms out to the open balcony beside them.

'Go' she commanded them. 'Fly away my birds.'

The angels all extended their wings, moving swiftly towards the balcony and leaping off the edge, their large wings catching them and carrying them away. Gael was the last to leave, a little slower than the rest; he grimaced then, feeling his burn. He gritted his teeth in sudden determination and made his way forwards, following after the others.

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