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   Chapter 174 No.174

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'I…' Nina began, 'am the sister of the deceased earth maiden, the true one, not the corrupted evil creature this Ena claims to be. I let her go once out of mercy. I see now that was a mistake, one that I will not repeat.' She paused. 'I will kill her' she finished. 'That will solve all our problems. But first we must head to the capital where she hides. We must go there as quickly as possible. We cannot waste time.'

Grace stared back at this strange couple, lost for words.

Several days passed.

Back in the capital, Jaspin was watching Ena.

The earth maiden was wandering alone through the silent parts of the building in which they resided. At one of the higher levels was a museum, where the most beautiful pictures were displayed. Here is where Ena was, drifting from room to room, her pale green hair had become so long now that it dragged on the floor wherever she went.

At the other end of the corridor Jaspin saw her as she examined the pictures intently. She moved away and Jaspin let out a sigh.

'Jaspin?' it was Lilith who had set out to find him, having become a little concerned. 'Are you alright?'

'No' Jaspin shook his head. He turned to her. 'Don't you see it?'

Lilith tilted her head slightly at him, eyes wide.

'Ena' Jaspin said. 'She has not been the same since she woke up.'

Lilith looked away; together they stared down the corridor to the room at the end. Ena was here somewhere, but at this time she was out of sight.

'What exactly do you mean?' Lilith asked him.

'She is weaker' Jaspin replied. 'She is….falling.'

Lilith glanced back at him for a moment, before looking away again.

She was silent.

In another part of the building, Reuben and Gael were sitting together. They had been mostly silent, speaking only occasionally. At one point Reuben had asked.

'How do you feel?'

Gael smiled encouragingly, unconsciously lifting the collar of his shirt to hide the black veins that were creeping up his neck and face.

'I feel great' he had replied. 'Really I do.'

Reuben remained unconvinced, though he said nothing. He turned away silently, scratching at his chiselled jaw and sweeping his blonde hair back in frustration.

Outside in the streets, fighting could still be heard. Even after all this time, it had not ceased.

It was some time after that, that Ena came to them.

Reuben and Gael straightened as she entered the room, beaming at them. She approached.

'You should see the museum upstairs before you die' she said to them. 'I

t is truly beautiful.'

It was as if she didn't know what was happening in the streets outside, as if she didn't know and didn't care.

'I saw the most wonderful painting of a beach' she said sitting on the ground cross-legged before them. 'It's amazing how much life there is in the sea, the creatures that live down there are stranger than anyone could possibly imagine.'

Reuben turned to her, seeing her pale green hair pooled on the floor around her.

'Maybe you should cut your hair' Reuben suggested. 'It's getting very long.'

Ena instantly shot a dark look at him. The air around Reuben grew heavy, beginning to hum deeply.

Reuben slumped forwards, throwing up blood as his eyes and ears began to bleed.

'I will not cut my hair' Ena told him calmly. 'Never suggest this again.'

He glanced up at her wide-eyed through his bloody tears.

Ena calmly looked away, releasing Reuben from her spell. He groaned, covering his mouth with a hand and wiping away the blood in silence.

'What will happen now?' Gael asked Ena, acting as if he had not noticed. 'The bodies are piling in the streets. What will happen now?'

'A great force in on its way here' Ena replied. 'The word of our existence here has travelled far.'

'A great force?' Gael repeated uncertainly. 'Are we safe here?'

'We are safe nowhere' Ena replied, rising to her feet and drifting away towards one of the balconies.

She stood here with her hand resting on the cold stone, the sky above dark even in midday, as it had been since the day it first arrived. The darkness had never gone away, and the snow had not stopped falling. The land in this part of the world had grown cold.

'My magic is gathering' Ena breathed, seemingly unfazed by the cold as she stood there in her thin dress. 'With each person that dies, my magic intensifies.'

'So you are allowing them to fight' Gael said turning to her, 'for your benefit.'

'The ones who believe in me…will reach the afterlife I have promised them, another world, a new world…the one I will go to….the one each of you will go to.' she paused. 'Aski is probably already there…'

'So what are we waiting for?' Gael asked, beside him Reuben chose to remain silent.

'I need us to travel to the place I told you about' Ena said to him, 'the one that is on the other side of the world…but I need magic to do so…magic I gain from the souls of those that have passed, be they with me' she closed her eyes, 'or against me…'

'So you are waiting for more people to die.'

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