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   Chapter 173 No.173

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'I'm sorry about everything' he simply stated.

Nina who had been sitting with her arms folded, raised her head slightly.

'It's alright' she sighed. 'None of it matters.'

'So what will happen now?'

'Nothing' Nina mumbled. 'Nothing at all.' She paused then, staring silently out at the dark world beyond the window. 'We will all die' she whispered.

Gerald raised his head.

The carriage came to a sudden stop, Gerald grabbed onto his seat as he was jolted back.

'What's happened?' he asked in alarm.

Opposite him, Nina had not moved.


There was a dull thump from outside, Gerald peered through the window, seeing the body of the driver fallen from his seat. He was not moving.

Gerald sat back, staring at Nina firmly.

'This cannot be' Nina whispered, eyes wide with shock. She had not moved position, and remained where she was in her seat with arms folded and attention lost.

'What is it?' Gerald asked levelly.

The carriage set into motion again, this time the horses were being led by Nina.

They turned around, heading in another direction.

Inside the carriage Gerald watched her silently, waiting for a response. He did not ask again.

'The earth maiden' Nina explained when she was ready, '…she is alive again.'

The snow did not stop falling, not since the moment the king had died.

He had been buried, the funeral had been large, many people turned up. Now the queen was on her own, everything the king had owned, was now hers.

She sat alone in the study now, where she had come to spend most of her time.

She found being by herself was her only solace, and she sent away all the people that had come to see her, the servants, the lords, the messengers. She had refused food, and barely drank the water offered to her.

There came another knock at her door, and like so many of the others, she ignored it, though it persisted.

She barely heard it.

Eventually, the door opened itself, and a figure stepped it.

She would normally have been angry at this disobedience, but now she cared about nothing.

'I said I don't want to see anyone' the queen said without turning.

'You want to see me' came the reply, in a voice far more bold than any servant in the palace she commanded.

The queen looked around. Standing in the open doorway she saw two figures, one was a young woman, tall and slender with long straight black hair. The figure behind

her was a man who looked older.

'Who are you?' Grace asked the two, straightening in her chair slightly. 'How did you get in here?'

'We are no one in particular' Nina replied. 'Our names are Nina and Gerald. I have come to you to be in your service.'

Grace suddenly noticed a little animal sitting at Nina's feet. It was a fox, an animal normally shy and fearful of people. But it sat there before Nina, as obedient as any domestic dog. In its mouth it held a white trumped-shaped flower. A lily.

Nina gave the fox nothing more than a brief glance, and the fox trotted straight up to the queen, handing her the flower.

'I am deeply sorry for your loss' Nina told the queen, 'but we are all in danger now. We need each other's help. I'm sure you've heard about the turmoil that grips and capital. I know who is responsible. I have met her.'

'Magic?' Grace uttered, staring in mild surprise down at the fox. 'Is this your pet? How is this possible?'

Nina pursed her lips, tilting her head down to the little fox.

'Not a pet' she said, 'merely something I met along the way.' she paused. 'I can make it do whatever I want. All animals and weaker beings are in my power.'

The fox ran off suddenly, heading to the balcony and leaping on the wall.

It jumped off the edge.

Grace who had watched it looked back in horror at Nina, who remained impassive. She rose from her seat, running to the balcony to look below.

Here she saw the fox beneath her.

It was dead.

'I told you' Nina said to the queen calmly, 'I can control animas and weaker beings.'

'Does that include people?' Grace asked tentatively.

'Sometimes' Nina answered flatly. 'Weaker people….those in grief…in pain…and confusion.'

'People like me' Grace turned to face her, straightening then.

'I won't harm you' Nina replied. 'I come merely to offer my services to you. I know the source of the problem that brings your kingdom into ruins now. It's the earth maiden. She is in the capital.'

Grace watched Nina passively.

'The angels are in her command' Nina continued. 'They hide in the capital. That is where I suggest we go.'

'Angels?' Grace uttered. 'But…they are just a legend…nothing but stories.'

Nina shook her head silently.

'I suggest we go now' she told the queen. 'There is much you do not know.'

'And who are you then?' Grace asked her.

Behind Nina Gerald watched and listened silently.

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