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   Chapter 172 No.172

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She gave a slight start then, feeling a cold touch upon her skin.

She looked up, seeing little white flakes falling all around her. It was snowing.

'How?' the queen whispered. 'It has never snowed here before. Not ever.'

On the other side of the kingdom, far from the king and queen, was the capital. Within its streets, the people fought one another viciously, one faction against the other. One side who supported Ena, the other who did not.

Within the great seashell shaped building at the centre of the city, were the angels, and their maiden.

They had not left its walls since the day they had first entered, and watched from the balconies now the carnage below them.

'What have we done?' Jaspin mumbled to himself looking down at the streets.

'It's alright' Ena replied quietly to him. She was lying on her back on the balcony that opened up to the inside of the building. 'Everything is going as I planned.'

Jaspin drew his hands back from the balcony, turning to face her.

'Was this part of your plan?' he asked her. 'All this conflict? All this bloodshed?'

Ena did not answer; instead she turned her head very slowly to face him. Jaspin balked.

'I'm sorry' he said hastily. 'I did not mean….I trust you whole heartedly.'

Ena looked to the ceiling again.

'I know you do Jaspin' she said. 'I can see it in your heart.'

'But what do we do now?' Gael asked her moving back into the room. 'We are stuck here now, surrounded by this fighting. There is no way it won't be noticed by others by now.'

Ena sat up then, swinging her legs over the wall of the balcony and standing up. Her long hair lifted behind her as she drifted forwards. As she went, Reuben and Lilith who were sitting on the floor side by side raised their heads.

As Ena stopped in the centre of the space, Jaspin and Gael joined her side.

As she leant forwards, casting her hands out before her, Lilith and Reuben rose to their feet.

Smoke appeared before Ena, twisting in the air and forming itself into a picture.

Ena made a flurrying motion with her hands, and the picture became clearly visible.

'There is a place' Ena spoke holding the smoke between her hands, 'a place that is far from here, a place where all this will end.'

Reuben tilted his head, narrowing his eyes to see.

'A mountain?' he asked.

'No' Ena replied. 'A volcano. It has been dead for millions of years.'

She leant closer to it, the magic from the illusion she created lighting up her features.

'It is now a lush paradise, it's so large inside, that it generates is own weather.'

'It sounds like quiet a place' Reuben commented.

'That' Ena breathed, 'is where we are going. This place' she said, 'is where all this will end. The final battle will take place here.'

The other angels looked at her.

'This story is coming to a close' Ena said to them. 'We will all die soon…and we will go to the next place. I will guide you.'

Her hands began to tremble slightly then, and she held them to her chest.

'It's happening' she said, 'I can feel it.'

'What are we waiting for then?' Jaspin said. 'Why don't we go to this place?'

'Because' Ena said, her eyes distant, 'it is on the other side of the world. I do not have the power right now to take us there.'

Gael watched her closely. He turned away, gazing outside to the city beyond where he could hear the distant sounds of the ongoing fights in the street.

His condition was worsening. He was still strong, but the sickness was slowly spreading over his body. Dark patches were visible on his neck now, and his skin was becoming steadily paler.

'I can make it' he spoke up suddenly, addressing no one in particular. 'I will survive to live in the next world.'

The angels and the earth maiden watched him.

They said nothing.

In the town the angels had left behind, Nina was making preparations to head back home.

The soldiers had been disbanded, and there was only Nina and Gerald left.

They had very little in the way of possessions, and it took them only a few short minutes to get ready.

'The carriage is waiting' Gerald told her as she lingered in one of the rooms, gazing out the window at the dark sky beyond. 'Are you ready to leave now?'

'Yes' Nina mumbled. 'I am ready to leave now.'

They left the building; Gerald held the carriage door open for Nina as she climbed in, following after her and closing the door behind him. They sat at opposite ends of the carriage, remaining silent.

The driver snapped the reins, and the carriage jolted to life.

It took them through the streets, which at this time early in the morning were quiet, and out along one of the several main roads leading in and out of the town.

For the longest time, neither of them spoke, until Gerald decided to break the silence.

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