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The people stared at her in shock and utter disbelief.

'I can save you' Ena said. 'I can save all of you. From oblivion. From nothingness! I can give you life after death! I can give you another chance, so that you may smile again, feel love, feel warmth in a new world after death!'

She stood tall, bowing her head as she began to rise in the air before them.

Many of the people gasped in awe, some shouted witchcraft, but none could tear their eyes away from the spectacle.

Ena closed her eye slowly, drawing a deep breath as her chest began to glow green, and tendrils grew out from her body, producing a slight ringing sound, shining brightly and lighting up and hall so bright, it could be seen from miles away.

The angel's wings were suddenly forced from their bodies, an act that at this point they could not control. Many of the people on the ground around Jaspin and Lilith drew sharply away from them. But none shouted betrayer, and as their wings began to glow bright with the magic emanating from the earth maiden, some of the people even found them beautiful.

Lilith's wings glowed white, like one of Jaspin's wings, the other shone black like hell itself. Upon the balcony, Gael stretched his light blue wings outwards as far as he could. Beside him, Reuben did the same, his gold wings shining like the sun.

Ena looked down at the people, her hair lifting in the magic she created.

The tendrils continued to grow around her, reaching far and touching the hearts of every man, woman and child at her feet

'Feel it' Ena whispered, though each heard her clearly. 'It's the spirit of the earth'

She stared at the people below her as they experienced her magic, each person feeling healed of wounds they did not know they had.'

'Alive…' Ena breathed, eyes glowing slightly. 'I am alive…'

Chapter Forty Seven

A Kings Last Wish

The queen strode down the corridor, her pace was quickened. Her heeled shoes clicked on the glassy floor as she went, her own reflection walking with her. The skirt of her red and orange dress was split at the front, the thin and light fabric swept back as she marched on. Beneath her dress she wore skin-tight black trousers, and her black hair was left to hang loosely about her shoulders.

The queen did not slow her pace as she turned off the main corridor, making her way towards a set of double doors at the end of the smaller corridor. The sentries either side of the door opened them as she approached, allowing her to enter without pause.

As she stepped into the room, the doors closed behind her. The queen stopped.

'Out' she barked at the two women within the room, s

ervants and healers.

They swiftly obeyed, hurrying out with heads bowed and slipping quietly through the door behind the queen, closing it after them.

The room inside was modest in size, pentagon in shape, with two large balconies either side looking out over a large garden that was once beautiful.

The queen's attention lingered on the open doors that led to the outside world, the thin curtains lifting in the gentle breeze. The sky beyond, was dark.

She looked to the centre of the room again, where there was a bed on a raised pedestal. Upon the bed, lay a figure.

The queen took a deep breath to calm her nerves, forcing herself to be strong.

She stepped forward.

Ascending the two short steps to the pedestal, the queen approached the bed, leaning over and touching gently the face of the man who lay upon it.

He opened his eyes.

'Grace' the man sighed, smiling widely at her.

'Husband' she said.

She bowed her head, allowing her dark hair to fall forwards.

'I've missed you' she sighed.

The king shifted slightly where he lay, the edges of his eyes crinkling.

'Grace' he said again to her. 'I want you to carry on my work when I'm gone.'

'Don't talk like this.'

'Listen to me' he said taking her by the hand. 'I want you to make this world whole again, to right the wrongs, and bring peace where there is strife.'

'Are you talking about what's happening in the capital?'

'I don't know who this girl is' the king went on, 'but you have to stop what she is doing. She is causing unrest among my people.'

The queen raised her head slightly, looking to the dark sky outside.

'This' the king sighed as he held his wife's hand, 'is my final wish.'

She stared at the rolling clouds, the hazy glow of the sun that struggled to find its way through.

She looked back at her husband, with a gasp drawing her hand back slightly.

She was about to speak his name, but she realised it would have been futile.

The king was already dead.

The queen straightened up, taking her hands back from him.

She stepped down the pedestal and turned, gliding towards one of the balconies, forcing herself to hold back her tears.

A queen never lost her composure, not even when she was alone. That is what her mother had taught her, and that is what she would have taught her own children, had they lived to see this day.

'I will do as you ask' she spoke to the clouds above, holding her hands together as if she were praying. 'I will carry on your legacy, and do everything in my power….to make this kingdom right again.' She clenched her jaw, blinking back her tears. 'This is my promise to you.'

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