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'I did?' Ena turned to him. 'I held such magic?'

'Yes' Reuben nodded sincerely. 'I think you still do' he reached out to touch her forehead. 'Somewhere….in here.'

He withdrew his hand, and Ena looked away again over the balcony.

'Why did Lilith no longer want to be bound to Jaspin?'

'Because she wanted to fight' Reuben answered. 'She did not want to be just the shield. She wanted access to her own magic, to fight alongside Jaspin…to be strong.'

Ena clenched her fists, weaving her long fingers together.

'I want to be strong like Lilith' Ena sighed. 'I want that terribly.'

Her eyes grew distant then, slipping out of focus.

Reuben watched her, deciding whether or not to speak, unsure quite of what to say. He bit his tongue, dipping his head slightly.

Behind them there was another balcony that opened out onto the free world, from which the rest of the city could be seen, beneath the dark sky.

'I want to be the way I was before' Ena mumbled, the muscles in her cheeks twitching then. 'I don't want to be a disappointment to the angels. I want to be strong as I was before…to lead…to wield magic.'

Reuben watched her sadly, suppressing a sigh.

He tensed suddenly, sensing something. Ena sensed it too.

They both turned towards the other balcony, toward the open sky, where they saw a spectacle.

Ena's breath was caught in her throat, her eyes widened, and the world seemed to slow.

Before them, descending in the air, was an angel. Light blue wings shining in the dark, eyes glowing white with magic.

Ena withdrew uncertainly as the angel came for her. Reuben recognised the figure just as he landed.


Gael landed directly before Ena, his focus on her and her alone. He reached forwards; hands outstretched, and shoved her over the edge of the balcony.

Chapter Forty Six

The Balcony

Gael was grabbed by Reuben and before he knew what was happening, he was shoved to the ground.

'What have you done?!' Reuben howled at him, punching him in the face again and again. 'What have you done?!'

He stopped suddenly, fist drawn back, an expression of shock and disbelief on his face.

Beneath him Gael stared up at him, his skin bleeding and eye already beginning to swell.

Reuben turned from him, rising to his feet and running over to the balcony.

He stared down, grasping the wall tightly beneath his fingers as behind him, Gael rose gingerly to his feet.

'No…' Reuben whispered in awe. 'It cannot be…'

From the wreckage o

f the stall directly below him, Ena could be seen. But she was alive, and she was rising to her feet.

All around her the people stared, and the music ceased to play. Among the figures that had been dancing, Jaspin and Lilith watched.

'Ena…?' Lilith uttered.

Ena wobbled on the spot, hunching her body as her hand went to her head.

The peopled around her formed a circle. One or two stepped tentatively towards her, before backing sharply away.

The air around her was vibrating with magic.

From the balcony Reuben gasped, eyes wide and shining as below him, Ena straightened up, the blood still fresh running down the side of her head and to her neck.

'Myself' she breathed as she surveyed the environment around her as if it were the first time. 'I am myself again…'

Jaspin's hand went to his mouth in shock as he watched, body beginning to tremble as beside him, Lilith held onto his arm, unable to look away from Ena.

'Hear me now' Ena spoke loudly, her voice echoing within the vast building as is she was standing in every corner, 'I know many of you realise the world is changing! I know many of you realise this pocket of comfort you hold here is just a farce, and that you cannot hide from what is happening, for it affects us even here!'

'What is she talking about?' Lilith whispered to Jaspin. 'What is she saying?'

'The sickness' Jaspin said narrowing his eyes. '…It is here…'

Ena turned behind her, staring up at the balcony from which she had fallen.

'Gael' she commanded. 'Show yourself!'

Gael approached the balcony, opening his shirt so all could see his chest.

Reuben stepped back sharply at the sight of it. Upon Gael's skin, infecting his flesh, were black marks, like the kind seen before.'

'You have it?!' Reuben breathed in disbelief.

'I'm sorry friend' Gael said turning to him as the people on the ground broke out into whispers as they huddled and talked amongst themselves. 'I had to keep it from you.'

'You've had it for a long time…?'

'Yes' Gael whispered. 'Since…we first met the earth maiden.'

'For that long?' Reuben said in disbelief.


'So it can kill quickly, or it can kill slowly.'

'The sickness is not something easily understood' Gael told him sadly. 'It comes in many different forms………but all kill in the end. My days are numbered.'

'I know many of you have the sickness' Ena's voice boomed across the hall. 'Even though you try to hide it, I still sense it there…I feel its presence around me!'

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