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Lilith froze in shock as she felt his touch upon her. Gael's grip on her relaxed and he stepped away, gazing into her face.

'I have always loved you' he told her, lifting his hand to her face. 'You are beautiful' he said caressing her tenderly, 'even with your scars.'

His hand dropped then and he turned around, making for the window again as his feathers unfurled from his back.

Gael paused at the window, kneeling upon the sill and glancing back at Lilith who held her hand over her mouth, cheeks flushed.

'Goodbye' he uttered, '…my love.'

He climbed through the window without another word, leaping into the sky and casting out his wings.

Gael felt the cold rush of air between his feathers, the bite of the wind. But it bothered him not, and he was able to navigate the darkness with relative ease, glancing up at the heavy clouds above him.

He beat his wings faster, flying swiftly across the land; he soon left the town far behind him, gliding over the open plains as he headed to the mountains, to the highest point in the world that he knew.

It took him many hours to get there, and he flew as high as he could, until the air became too thin to manage. From here he travelled on foot, clawing his way up the rocky mountainside, until he reached the highest peak.

The storm battled around him, and he called over the wind at the top of his voice.

He knew they were there. He knew one would appear. And he was right.

He had not seen one in a long time, but before him stood a figure hooded and cloaked all in black, the plague mask they wore hiding their face.

The figure raised a figure, beaconing to him, before stepping back off the edge of the pinnacle and falling. Gael watched the figure fall, transforming seconds later into a shining beacon. Gael took a running jump, hurling himself off the mountain and falling like a stone, extending his wings when the air became thicker.

He glided back down to earth, following the glowing orb as they left the storm behind them.

Minutes later, Gael touched the ground gently, straightening and withdrawing his wings back into his body.

The masked figure turned to Gael, and although Gael could not see, was smiling behind the mask.

'You certainly know how to get our attention' the figure spoke in a male voice.

'I don't know who you are' Gael began, 'but I know you are exceptional beings……please' he said placing a hand upon his heart, 'I need your help.'

'You wish

to save the earth maiden' the figure spoke in a deep voice. 'You share a strong bond with her…I know.'

'Please' Gael said as the figure glided past him, turning to keep him in sight. 'I have to save her…I have to…'

The figure stopped his pacing, turning at last to face him.

'You know what's wrong with her?'

'No' Gael replied, glowering now. 'But I know you do.'

The masked figure stared at him, frozen as a statue. At last he spoke.

'She has not lost her powers' he said to Gael. 'She is still the earth maiden, but her magic is hidden behind a very high wall deep within her subconscious. She does not know what she is capable of. She has no memory of her past without her magic.'

'What can save her?' Gael asked. 'How can I make her the way she was before?'

'Only one thing can break down the wall' the masked figure spoke with a smirk now, Gael could hear the amusement in his voice as he said this. 'Blunt force trauma.'

'I'm sorry?'

'Nina used very delicate magic to build the wall, she was meticulous, precise. But it can be destroyed. Ena will be the way she was before. It looks hopeless…but there is still hope.'

Gael stared at him.

'A blow to the head' the masked figure spoke clearly. 'I hear it works wonders. Just try not to kill her.'

Gael turned away.

'Where are they now?' he mumbled, making the most of the situation before the masked figure left him for good.

'The angels' the masked figure spoke, 'and the earth maiden…are heading to the capital.' He paused. 'They are nearly there. They have given up the fight. They now only want to enjoy their life…what little of it they have left...before they die.'

'I will not give into despair' Gael breathed. 'There is always a way.'

'Then go' the strange figure whispered. 'Return to your maiden, and make her whole again.'

Together they watched the dancing figures below them, and amongst the crowd, they saw Jaspin and Lilith.

'They look so happy together' Ena sighed. 'Don't they?'

'They do' Reuben nodded. 'Jaspin and Lilith…' Reuben smiled, '…they have something special.'

'Were they once not bound together?' Ena asked. 'Bound together by a magic? He was the sword and she was the shield?'

'Yes' Reuben answered. 'They were.'

'And what happened?' Ena asked. 'They are no longer bound?'

Reuben's eyes lingered on Ena for a moment, before drifting down to the floor below them. 'Lilith asked for you to break the spell, and you did.'

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