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   Chapter 168 No.168

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He called her name, kneeling as he held her and shaking her by the shoulder.

She had slipped into unconsciousness.

Gael gathered her long hair up hastily, he lifted her in his arms and stretching his wings.

He used a huge portion of his magic to blast a hole in the wall, escaping through it before anyone knew what was going on.

The archers outside tried to fire at him, but they were confused and disorganised as news of Freya's defeat spread like wildfire. With her fallen, they broke formation, and the four angels behind Gael were able to escape moments later unharmed, though some still tries to shoot them down.

The five angels soared over the landscape, led by Gael who carried the unconscious Ena in his arms; they flew away, away from the temple, away from even the people that followed Ena. They would not put them in danger, it was Ena that the enemy wanted, and so they fled to somewhere desolate, somewhere hidden, where Ena could recover. The people, the army that followed her were completely forgotten. Perhaps they would meet them again, at a later time when they were able, when it was safe. It would take the enemy a long time to find the angels, wherever they went. But perhaps they could hide, just long enough for Ena to become strong again.

'Please be alright' Gael whispered to Ena tenderly, holding her close to him as he beat his wings hard, struggling with the effort of carrying the extra weight. 'Please stay with me.'

But Ena was completely unresponsive. Her long pale green hair unravelled and fell free, whipping in the wind and becoming tangled around Gael's wing as he flew.

Around him, the other four angels flew in formation, all alert, keeping a look out, for they were most vulnerable now than they ever had been.

Freya was carried in the arms of the holy man, out of the temple and just beyond the doors.

He dropped to his knee, holding her firmly and gazing into her face.

But it was too late. She was already dead.

The holy man stared at her for ages. Around him the other holy figures began to gather, looming like ghosts over the kneeling man and the maiden.

There was a rumble in the distant land. The holy man raised his head, seeing the sky above them slowly beginning to darken, as the thick black clouds rolled in, blotting out the light from the sun.

The world began to grow dark, but the angels flew on, unperturbed by the sudden change in their world. They cared only about their earth maiden, who was unconscious and unresponsive.

They carried he

r away, to the nearest town.

The angels found an abandoned home, and claimed it as their own.

'They perished' Lilith mumbled, reaching out to touch a photograph upon the dusty mantelpiece. 'It was the sickness that claimed them…one by one….'

Gael carried Ena's still profile upstairs. The other angels followed, and as she was laid on the bed, the other angels gathered around her, one pulling back the sheets, another fluffing her pillow, while another swept her long hair back so that it was out of the way.

Ena saw all of this; a ghost of her own self watched her own sleeping body as she was laid to rest upon the bed.

The angels lingered for a few moments longer, before leaving her alone, and closing the door behind them.

Ena approached her own body, staring down at it.

It was at this moment, that Ena saw the plague-masked figure.

'I thought that you might appear' her essence said to him, 'especially at a time like this.'

'I have come to tell you' the masked figure said gliding closer to her conscious being, 'that Freya is dead. Killing her was the beginning of the spell that will bring about the end of the world.'

Ena said nothing. She only cocked her head at him.

'I want things to be better' she said at last. 'I want to lead the people of this world to salvation.'

'And you will' the masked figure said. 'But you must die first.'

The figure paused; glancing back at Ena's sleeping profile.

'Everything is falling into place' he said. 'Kyrah, Ena, Zen…lotus…the people will follow you…they'll follow you to the end. But first you must wake up………you must wake.'

The earth maiden's spirit watched as the masked figure glided away, fading from her sight until he was gone.

She looked back at her own body, falling silent.

Here in her bedroom she stayed, watching unseen as the angels tended to her. They tried to make her better, tried to buy medicines for her of all sorts, one of which was a cloth soaked in oils that caused the skin to burn, supposedly forcing the patient to wake. But no matter what the angels tried, they failed, and in the end they decided to begin calling healers to the house, before the earth maiden's body died.

Their last resort was Nina.

'Judas!' Lilith hissed at him, the name like venom on her lips.

Gael turned back to her, hesitating with his hand still on the window ledge.

He retreated, moving back to the corridor.

Lilith took a step back as he descended on her, taking her swiftly by the wrists and kissing her on the lips.

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