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   Chapter 167 No.167

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She crossed her arms, lifting her chin high and considered her.

Ena smiled widely, tilting her head, allowing her long pale green hair fall over her face.

Behind her, the five angels stared unblinking. The edges of Jaspin's eyes twitched, and Gael balled his fists.

'We meet' Freya began. 'At last.'

'At last' Ena echoed. She hunched her shoulders, giggling into her hands, an action that seemed to greatly irritate Freya.

'There is no backing down' Freya spoke to Ena firmly. 'Today, one of us will die.'

'It will be you' Ena smiled, in a manner that seemed almost to be friendly; as if she was talking to someone she knew well, and had loved for most of her life. But Freya did not react the same.

'I won't let you escape' Freya hissed. 'You are all going to die here.'

'Is that right?'

'My soldiers have this temple surrounded' Freya informed Ena casually. 'I will kill you. And they will your angels.'

At the back of the hall, Jaspin and Lilith shared a glance.

'We are surrounded' Jaspin whispered to her. 'I knew she would do this.'

Lilith stared at Jaspin wide eyed, before turning back to the maidens before them.

'I have brought you here' Freya spoke aloud, addressing all of them. 'I have brought you all here, and here is where you will die!'

Ena giggled again.

Freya flicked her long skirt back, taking a sideways stance to Ena.

Freya walked slowly to the side, her attention sliding away from Ena, who followed her closely with her eyes, never looking away.

Freya suddenly whipped her hand up, shooting a spell without warning towards Ena, who cast her hand up, deflecting the attacking magic in the very last moment, and doing so with a smile upon her face.

Behind Ena the angels tensed suddenly, staring wide eyed, muscles knotted, fists balled. They all let out the breath they had been holding. They continued to watch, waiting for the next thing that would happen. One of them would die, on the agreement that no others would die on their behalf, no others would be harmed.

Freya stopped walking suddenly, turning to face Ena again.

For a moment nothing happened. And then Ena charged for Freya, moving at impossible speeds and swiping at her. Freya threw her head back, leaping away quickly to avoid as the magic slashed through the air, aimed at her throat.

Ena lunged for her, again and again. Freya dodged these next attacks, before retaliating. She cast her hand out, fingers splayed as a bright red light exploded before their eyes.

The angels and the holy men on the other end of the hall all shielded their eyes. When the light faded, they saw that Ena was gone.

For a few seconds they all glanced about in search of her. And then she suddenly appeared, hovering in the air above all of them. Ena giggled again,

smiling warmly down at Freya on the ground.

'That was a close one' Ena said.

The muscles in Freya's face twitched, and her eyes burned. She turned to face Ena. A wind picked up around her, lifting her hair and clothes as she began to rise in the air. Her feet left the ground, and she rose, coming to Ena's level before her.

Lilith watched in awe, never having seen such magic before. Her breath was caught in her throat.

There were a series of loud bangs and flashes of light. Ena and Freya moved quickly, doing so so fast that the mind could not process what was happening. There was an almighty crash, and glass and rubble and dust fell from the ceiling.

The maidens appeared on the floor again, charging for each other. There was a stream of blood, but none could see from whom it had come from. Ena threw her hands to the floor then, and the very stone itself warped, forming its shape into a spear point and shooting towards Freya. But Freya turned out of the way just in time, throwing her hands to the side and breaking the stone point that had frozen now, and causing it to crumble into many tiny pieces. Ena vanished again as Freya made to strike her. Freya was suddenly thrown to the wall, held back by Ena's magic as she suddenly appeared before her, holding her there.

Ena smiled. The giant statue of a robed holy man, standing on the pedestal above them moved suddenly. Freya hearing the crack of the rock as the statue moved, looked up suddenly. She had no time to escape as the giant statue plunged the spear downwards, into her shoulder, right through her body and leg and into the floor below.

Freya gasped in shock, mouth opening and closing her mouth like a fish out of water, as Ena bowed her head, stepping back and whispering a short prayer under her breath as she did.

As the figures around them saw what had happened, there was an explosion of noise as the holy men began to shout.

The stone statue jerked the long spear sharply upwards and out of Freya's body. Freya fell to her knees. One of the holy men charged forwards towards them. Ena leapt back as the figure grabbed Freya before she fell. Ena felt arms wrap around her from behind, recognising Gael's touch as he flew backwards with her, back behind the wall of angels, and back to safety.

The hall erupted into chaos as holy men began to charge forwards, drawing their weapons with the intent of killing the angels, and the angels in turn, fought back as confusion was sown.

Freya was taken away, carried by the holy figure that had been the first to reach her; she disappeared from view as the fighting back. Flashes of light and bangs and screams and blood and cries. Everything moved so fast, only Gael was the one not to fight. As he held Ena in his arms, she suddenly went limp.

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