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Reuben and Ena left alone glanced at each other. Ena smiled, taking Reuben by the arm and pulling him along.

'Come on!' she giggled excitedly dragging him. 'I want to see the rest of the building!'

'Alright' Reuben laughed, stumbling as he struggled to keep up with her. 'I'm coming.'

They quickly disappeared into the crowd, soon becoming lost in the mass of bodies.

Above the crowd, leaning on the rails of one of the many balconies within the place, was a figure hooded and cloaked all in black, wearing a plague-mask upon their face.

The figure reached up, removing the mask to see clearer.

He smiled.

Ena walked hand in hand with Reuben, moving through the large building and to one of the higher floors that were less crowded.

She let go of his hand, drifting towards the seashell-shaped balcony and leaning upon the wall.

'No matter what happens' she sighed as the music drifted around the great hall before her, '…I am glad we came here, no matter what end we might meet.'

'I'm glad you think so' Reuben said coming up behind her.

Together they watched the dancing figures below them, and amongst the crowd, they saw Jaspin and Lilith.

'They look so happy together' Ena sighed. 'Don't they?'

'They do' Reuben nodded. 'Jaspin and Lilith…' Reuben smiled, '…they have something special.'

'Were they once not bound together?' Ena asked. 'Bound together by a magic? He was the sword and she was the shield?'

'Yes' Reuben answered. 'They were.'

'And what happened?' Ena asked. 'They are no longer bound?'

Reuben's eyes lingered on Ena for a moment, before drifting down to the floor below them. 'Lilith asked for you to break the spell, and you did.'

'I did?' Ena turned to him. 'I held such magic?'

'Yes' Reuben nodded sincerely. 'I think you still do' he reached out to touch her forehead. 'Somewhere….in here.'

He withdrew his hand, and Ena looked away again over the balcony.

'Why did Lilith no longer want to be bound to Jaspin?'

'Because she wanted to fight' Reuben answered. 'She did not want to be just the shield. She wanted access to her own magic, to fight alongside Jaspin…to be strong.'

Ena clenched her fists, weaving her long fingers together.

'I want to be strong like Lilith' Ena sighed. 'I want that terribly.'

Her eyes grew distant then, slipping out of focus.

Reuben watched her, deciding whether or not to speak, unsure quite of what to say. He bit his tongue, dipping his head slightly.

Behind them there was another balco

ny that opened out onto the free world, from which the rest of the city could be seen, beneath the dark sky.

'I want to be the way I was before' Ena mumbled, the muscles in her cheeks twitching then. 'I don't want to be a disappointment to the angels. I want to be strong as I was before…to lead…to wield magic.'

Reuben watched her sadly, suppressing a sigh.

He tensed suddenly, sensing something. Ena sensed it too.

They both turned towards the other balcony, toward the open sky, where they saw a spectacle.

Ena's breath was caught in her throat, her eyes widened, and the world seemed to slow.

Before them, descending in the air, was an angel. Light blue wings shining in the dark, eyes glowing white with magic.

Ena withdrew uncertainly as the angel came for her. Reuben recognised the figure just as he landed.


Gael landed directly before Ena, his focus on her and her alone. He reached forwards; hands outstretched, and shoved her over the edge of the balcony.

Chapter Forty Five

A Dying World


Ena was standing at the edge of the hall, the five angels standing in formation behind her, all tense, fixated on the figures standing on the other side of the hall and facing them.

Ena threw her head back then, laughing out loud as if she found something terribly amusing.

Opposite her Freya narrowed her eyes, baring her teeth in anger.

Ena stepped forward, and Freya did the same.

The two met in the centre of the hall, both moving away from the safety of the figures that would protect them.

Silence rang in the vast hall, as the two maidens regarded each other, maintaining a distance between them. Ena was a head taller than Freya, her skinny frame and sunken eyes made her look sick, made her look weak, almost as if a firm wind could push her aside and break her.

On the other hand, Freya looked strong. About twenty three in age, she was far older than Ena. Her short blonde hair was swept back. The gold bar around her neck and each of her wrists glinted in the beam of sunlight, which shone down upon them through the conical glass tower from above. Around her neck where two metallic snakes intertwined, their tails formed a downwards point like that of a spear.

She looked normal compared to Ena, who some might have believed wasn't even human, who was unnaturally tall with very long limbs, fingers and toes.

Freya untied the black shawl from around her waist, throwing it aside. Her long purple skirt swayed in a light breeze.

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