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   Chapter 164 No.164

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Jaspin looked forward again.

'Cynthia and Hector are being cared for by a man who lost his own children to the sickness' Jaspin replied, 'and Polly is being cared for by a young woman who is also dying of the sickness. They are looking after each other it seems until the end…and Polly is happy.'

Lilith bowed her head.

'So where do we go now?' Ena spoke up.

'I know' Reuben answered. 'Why don't we travel to the capital? The New Year is coming soon and I want to see the fireworks, and afterwards we can buy a cake.'

It was a tradition for many, the day after the New Years fireworks to buy an expensive cake as a token of celebration. The cakes that were produced were expensive and of beautiful designs and delicious tastes. They were in themselves masterpieces, and pieces of art.

Jaspin only frowned at him, his bored expression conveying exactly what he thought of the idea.

'I think we should do it' Ena voiced. 'It would be fun, and we don't exactly have anywhere else to go or families who will miss us.'

'It's settled then' Reuben grinned. 'The capital it is.'

'Will we fly?' Lilith asked.

'And carry Ena the whole way?' Reuben scoffed. 'No. I say we travel in luxury. A carriage will take us the entire journey and our every need will be provided for. Lilith why don't you steal for us?'

She cast him an anguished look, before her shoulders slumped and she let out a heavy sigh.

'Fine' she groaned, walking away. 'I'll be back later.' And she was gone, lost in the crowd.

'Oh' Ena said clapping her hands and squealing excitedly. 'This is going to be so fun!'

Beside her Jaspin huffed, folding his arms and looking away.

'This is a foolish idea.'

Lilith was gone for a short while, and when she returned, she and the others were able to pay for a carriage to take them out of the town.

They travelled on the open road heading for the capital, leaving the town and all their troubles behind them.

Ena opened the carriage window, leaning out and breathing in the cold morning air. It was still dark outside, as it had been since the day that Freya was killed. The sun was visible only as a glowing haze behind the heavy clouds above them.

'It's so beautiful out there' Ena sighed.

'You call this beautiful?' Jaspin asked in a level voice. 'What is beautiful about it?'

'The peace and serenity' Ena replied without a pause. 'Do you not find it beautiful?'

'It is beautiful' Lilith mumbled, opening her own window and letting the cold air sting her face.

Ena reached out of the carriage, stretching forwards as if to try to touch the very clouds themselves. Her long

hair fell out of the window, lifting in the breeze as they travelled onwards. She laughed suddenly, throwing her head back.

'I'm so happy!' she cried. 'Everything is so spectacular!'

Even Reuben raised his eyebrow at her, arms folded and frowning at her peculiar behaviour.

'Ena?' he asked. 'Are you feeling alright?'

'Never better' she replied not looking away from the world beyond the carriage and she continued to leave forward, tasting the falling snow on her lips.

Reuben sighed, turning away.

'I wonder where Gael is now' Lilith mumbled. 'I hope he is alright…I wonder why he left us.'

'I wonder this also' Jaspin grumbled in reply.

'Do you think he has a family somewhere?' Lilith wondered aloud. 'Do you think that is why he left us? To be with them before…' she trailed off.

Jaspin tilted his head at her, his silver hair falling over his face and his steely eyes boring into her.

'Have you ever wished for children of your own?' he asked her.

Lilith tensed slightly, turning from the window to meet his gaze.

'Once upon a time' she replied, 'a long time ago…when I lived another life…'

She turned away quickly after that, staring transfixed out of the window, ignoring the cold wind that swirled around the inside of the carriage.

'I hope he is safe' she whispered to herself. 'I hope that sometime he will return to us.'

'I don't think' Jaspin spoke slowly, 'that we will see him again.'

Lilith folded her arms, resting on the window sill with her chin on her wrist.

'I hope…' she sighed, '…that everything works out for the better in the end…'

They travelled for five nights and five days, their journey was comfortable, if not a little boring, and they stopped often along the way for food and rest.

At last at the end of the fifth day they arrived at their destination, Darthmoar, the capital city in their kingdom, a truly magnificent place to behold.

The carriage stopped at the very edge of the city. It was so crowded with people that carriages were not allowed inside the main city itself. Instead people rode on bicycles, or went on foot. The edges of the city were dominated by train stations; the train tracks scarred the earth like great veins in flesh, reaching half-way across the world.

There was a great procession of carriages stopping at the entrance of what was the circle of the main city. At a pair of great silver gates which were always kept open, the carriages would stop, the occupants would climb out as quickly as possible, and their carriage would drive away, allowing the next carriage to follow after and release its own occupants.

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