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'If they kill us, they kill Ena too. Are you really going to leave her behind? She loves you!'

'I…cannot stay.'

He closed the door to Ena's room quietly, turning and walking away down the corridor. He made his way to one of the windows, opening it and letting the bitterly cold breeze sweep into the corridor.

He began to climb onto the sill.

'Judas!' Lilith hissed at him, the name like venom on her lips.

Gael turned back to her, hesitating with his hand still on the window ledge.

He retreated, moving back to the corridor.

Lilith took a step back as he descended on her, taking her swiftly by the wrists and kissing her on the lips.

Lilith froze in shock as she felt his touch upon her. Gael's grip on her relaxed and he stepped away, gazing into her face.

'I have always loved you' he told her, lifting his hand to her face. 'You are beautiful' he said caressing her tenderly, 'even with your scars.'

His hand dropped then and he turned around, making for the window again as his feathers unfurled from his back.

Gael paused at the window, kneeling upon the sill and glancing back at Lilith who held her hand over her mouth, cheeks flushed.

She looked back at him, thinking of how magnificent he looked standing there, his tanned skin and misty blue eyes, his short and shaggy white-blonde hair that had three long plates on one side. He looked incredibly handsome as he watched her, his fabulous light blue feathers seemed to glow in the faint light from the street beyond.

She opened her mouth, but Gael was the first to speak.

'Goodbye' he uttered, '…my love.'

He climbed through the window without another word, leaping into the sky and casting out his wings. Lilith rushed over, grasping the sill with both hands as she watched him fly away without a backwards glance.

'Gael…' she whispered. 'What will you do…?'

The next morning the three remaining angels were assembled downstairs, sitting under Nina's disapproving stare.

'Where is Gael?' she asked simply.

Lilith looked away. Jaspin gave her harsh glance. Lilith felt a knot in her stomach as she realised suddenly he was suspicious of her.

'Gael…' Lilith spoke up, 'does not want to share the same fate as the rest of us. Whatever that might be. He believes that his life is his own to do with what he sees fit.'

'And the rest of you' Nina asked, realising the angels knew what was going to happen to them.

'We are not your enemy' Reuben answered, 'at least not anymore. The earth maiden no longer

has her powers, and we have no cause to fight without her.' He paused. 'You got what you wanted. Revenge for your sister's death would be all too easy.'

'And you are content with that?'

The chandelier above them shuddered slightly, and those in the room glanced up to it, but they were not alarmed. They knew it was Ena upstairs, she was playing, something the angels had never seen her do while she was the earth maiden.

'The sickness will claim the world' Reuben continued. 'It will never be stopped, and now…without Ena's power…the people who will die will not be saved. She was to lead them to salvation, to life after death…but without her powers that is not meant to be.'

'I opposed you because I believed you were leading the people to despair' Nina said to him. 'I believe there is a cure for the sickness, and that we can all be saved.'

'Well you'd be wrong' Reuben answered, meeting her gaze.

Nina stared back at him, considering his words.

'You really don't care what happens to you?' she asked them.

'No' Reuben answered. 'The sickness will kill us all in the end anyway, and without the earth maiden we cannot be saved. So nothing matters anymore.'

Nina glanced to Jaspin and Lilith to see what they thought of this, but she saw no reaction.

'Very well' Nina sighed. 'I have come to a decision, and I have decided to set you free.'

Jaspin frowned at this, raising his head in genuine surprise.


'The moment Aski died was the moment the cold came' Nina said to him. 'I see no benefit in killing any of you, and I fear for what I might cause if I do……I still don't know why the cold came or if Aski's death made it happen.'

Jaspin bowed his head at this, falling silent.

'You don't seek revenge?' Lilith asked her.

'The concept of revenge holds no meaning for me' Nina replied. 'It will not make me feel better, and it will not bring my sister back. And so I will show you mercy.'

The front door of the manor was opened for them, and slowly the three angels followed by Ena, trailed out and into the street. Lilith spared a glance back at Nina and Gerald. Nina wore no expression, but it was clear that Gerald was unhappy with the decision.

Lilith turned away.

They left the manor, and the door snapped shut behind them. The four of them lingered where they were, ignoring the passersby who went about their day.

'What happened to Emma?' Lilith asked.

'She is to stay with them' Jaspin replied, glancing back at the house.

'And the children?'

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