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'I am not my sister' Nina whispered. 'Freya would have killed all of you but…'

Ena stopped playing with the cushion, glancing up to meet her gaze.

'I cannot kill her' Nina finished. 'She is just a child…'

That night as it began to grow late and the world outside became nothing but darkness. The angels went to their rooms, all except for Gael, who lingered in the dark corridor listening to Nina and Gerald speak

'It's been months now' Gerald spoke in a hushed voice to Nina. 'The angels are right to ask. How long are you planning to keep them here?'

'Until I decide what to do with them.'

'And how long will that take? Freya would have killed them all the first chance she got.'

There was a moments silence; Gael tilted his head slightly, listening hard.

'I am not my sister' Nina whispered.

Gael could not see the pair, but he could hear the anger in her voice.

'Then what is holding you back?'

Gael heard the movement of clothes, footsteps moving across the room, towards the window.

'That day' Nina began, 'when the silver angel was killed…that is the day the snow began to fall, and the skies turned to ice. I am afraid to kill the other angels for fear of what might happen…I don't understand…but the world turned cold the moment the silver angel died. Why? Could it really be a coincidence? Dare I risk to hurt the others?' she fell silent then, and for a moment Gael could only hear the crackle of the fire in the hearth. The next she spoke, Gael could hear the hurt in her voice. 'Freya would have known what to do' she said. 'But I am afraid.' She paused. 'I don't know what to do' she mumbled, 'and so I keep them here, in a hope that some answer will provide itself.'

There was more movement, as Gerald moved closer to Nina.

'The soldiers' he spoke in a hushed voice, 'are beginning to doubt you. They compare you to Freya…I hear their whispers. They say…you are not as strong as she was.'

Another pause.

'What do you suggest I do?' Nina asked.

'Something' Gerald replied. 'Either kill them…or let them go. Just don't keep them here, they make the soldiers uneasy.'

'Alright' Nina breathed. 'In the morning…I will make a decision.'

Gael moved away from the doorway, creeping silently down the corridor and back up the stairs.

It was silent in the house n

ow; over the months their captors had dropped their guard a little. The angels had never tried to escape, had never caused any trouble, and so in turn the soldiers caused them little trouble, and each left the other alone for the most part. But the house was still guarded. Gael made his way carefully back up to his room.

When he reached the top step, he saw a silhouette in the dark, whipping around to face it, the figure spoke.

'Gael. What are you doing?'

'Lilith' he answered relaxing. 'What are you doing awake?'

'I was going to ask the same of you.'

Gael hesitated then. He turned away.

'In the morning, Nina will make a decision on what to do with us. One way or the other, tomorrow…we will either be killed…or set free.'

Lilith did not respond to this. It was as if it didn't bother her in the slightest, almost as if she had expected it even.

'It is about time' she said. 'I've grown tired of living anyway.'

'You're really giving up?'

Lilith raised her head.

'What about the others?' Gael asked.

'We've lost Gael' Lilith said to him. 'Ena is no longer the way she used to be, Aski is dead, and the other angels are dead…' she trailed off. 'There is only us now, and we have no purpose.'

'But the sickness…' Gael breathed.

'Will continue to spread' Lilith finished. 'And there is nothing we can do about it. Ena…promised to save the souls of the people after they had died…to save us and take us to another place after death. But she cannot do that anymore.'

'So what will you do?'

'Wait' Lilith answered simply, 'for whatever fate will give me.'

'Even if it means death?'

'I almost find it preferable' Lilith finished. 'At least the pain will be over.'

Gael turned away, stepping lightly as he moved down the corridor.

'Well I will not share such a fate. I will not let my future be decided by others.'

'Where are you going?'

Gael paused, opening the door to the bedroom in which Ena slept. He gazed in.

'She looks so peaceful' he mumbled. 'I want to help her.'

Lilith did not answer. The two angels stood side by side, staring into the room at the sleeping figure.

'I am leaving' Gael spoke suddenly.

Lilith turned to face him.

'I cannot stay here and die with the rest of you.'

'You're abandoning us?'

Gael held his tongue.

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