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He took it from its holder, doing so gently and handed it her, clasping her hand around the hilt.

'I can'!' Lilith said becoming distraught now. 'Not one of our own….'

Unable to speak Aski only held her tighter, turning the knife so that the sharp blade pointed his way.

'Aski. Please don't make me do this.'

He gripped her tighter again, before letting his hold loosen.

Lilith clutched the blade, letting her tears fall freely as she raised the knife.

'I'm sorry for this' she whispered, not trusting her voice to speak. 'I'm sorry…'

He only smiled at her, a weak gesture that showed her that he was ready.

'Goodbye Aski.'

She plunged the knife deep into his throat, pushing him back against the wall as the blood ran from the wound.

He held onto her hand as his life slowly ebbed away, his arms falling as he slumped to the side.

Upstairs in the manor the other angels immediately sensed the change.

Jaspin stared at Gerald in horror, and Reuben and Gael stood in the conservatory now, gazing up at the sky as the rain turned to snow and the windows began to crackle with the creeping frost.

Reuben let out a breath which formed as fog before him, as it began to turn quickly colder.

'What is happening…?'

'Aski' Gael breathed, moving away from the window, '…he is dead.'

Chapter Forty Four


Three months later

The frost was thick on the ground, even at midday, though it still looked light night. The clouds thick above the world held back the beauty of the sun, having never gone away since the day that Freya had been killed by the earth maiden. Even after this time and the world had only grown colder, harsher and more hostile.

In the garden, lying on her front completely still was a woman. She was not dead, merely sleeping, completely unfazed by the icy chill that crept onto her skin and into her bones.

Before her was a headstone. It had been left blank.

A figure approached the woman from behind.


She opened her eyes, pushing herself back into a sitting position.

'Jaspin' she whispered back to him without turning.

Jaspin clenched his fists, his hands were heavily scarred from the bites he had received by the wolf-dog, though the wounds had healed, the marks would always remain.

'You should come back inside' he spoke softly to her. 'The others are worried about you.'

Lilith did not reply. She only stared at the headstone with eyes half open and distant.


'It's not fair' Lilith mumbled. 'It

's not fair…. Why did he have to suffer so?' She stared at the headstone, falling silent.

'He is at peace now' Jaspin answered. 'He is in the place the rest of us would go when our time comes.'

'Is he?' Lilith asked. 'With the earth maiden no longer being what she was?'

She hung her head, fighting back tears.

'It's not fair' she whispered, not trusting her own voice. 'Even the angels aren't free from the sickness…….what a cruel world we live in.'

He approached her, placing a hand gently upon her shoulder.

'Come on' he spoke tentatively. 'Come back inside where it's warmer.'

She let him take her hand, pulling her gently to her feet.

'Let's go' Jaspin said putting am arm around her. 'The others are waiting for you back in the manor.'

They made their way back down the garden, the soldiers that guarded them following them at all times, watched over them as the angels trailed down the path. Almost all of the soldiers had bows and arrows at the ready, just in case the angels would try to flee.

They reached the door at the back of the manor and entered into one of the smaller lounges. Here they found the other angels and Ena who smiled at the sight of them, and Nina and Gerald also, who waited for their return.

'There you are' Nina said to Jaspin with arms folded. 'You found her I see.'

Jaspin led Lilith to one of the seats, allowing her to sit down, before turning and speaking to Nina.

'Yes' he said. 'I found her. And I've returned.'

Nina dipped her head ever so slightly.

'How long are you planning to keep us here?' Gael asked Nina, glancing around at her as Ena beside him playing with one of the cushions like it was a toy.

Nina rose to a stand, brushing her long black hair back.

'I will keep you here for as long as it pleases me' she replied.

'Do you plan to kill us?' Reuben asked.

'No' she said. 'Not yet anyway.'

'Does our presence please you?' Reuben asked her.

'Nothing about you pleases me.'

'Then why keep us alive?' Reuben questioned.

Nina paused thoughtfully at this. She required a moment before answering.

'You being here' Nina spoke slowly, 'and sharing my meals under this roof…is an act of mercy.'

'So are you keeping us as pets or trophies?'

Nina's eyes slid away from Reuben, and towards Ena, a girl just fifteen years of age. Standing tall she nearly reached the ceiling, despite her youth, and she was skinny and frail looking, with pale skin and sunken eyes and green hair that reached her ankles.

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