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   Chapter 160 No.160

The Black and White Angel By Lady Lilium Characters: 5126

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'Now is our chance while the soldiers are outside looking for us' Jaspin snapped back at Reuben.

Reuben rocked on his hip, cocking his head to the side.

'Alright' he declared. 'Let's split.'

Jaspin marched forwards as Gael and Reuben branched off into separate rooms while Ena danced upstairs, closing the front door behind her with a giggle as she went.

'This is fun!'

She skipped upstairs, twirling as she went, her long green hair swaying around her. Ena picked a door at random and opened it. Inside was Nina, staring in shock at the sudden intrusion of such a person.

'You!' she exclaimed as Ena stood there, letting the door of the study swing open slowly.

The wolf-dog lying by Nina's side rose to its feet, a deep growl rising from its throat.

Downstairs Jaspin had found Gerald, who leant back in his seat surveying the angel with his hands folded.

'I had no idea you would be so bold' Gerald told him.

'Where is Aski?' he growled.

Gerald smirked at him, amused by his anger.

'He is in the cellar' Gerald replied. 'But I'm afraid…he is not much use to you the way he is now.'

'What are you talking about?' Jaspin snapped.

Gerald smirked.

Upstairs the wolf-dog ran towards Ena. Ena tensed, thinking the beast would lunge at her, but instead it ran past her, bolting down the corridor and down the stairs, straight into the room where Gerald faced the black and white angel.

Jaspin turned just in time to see the beast lunge at him, but was too late to push it away as it barrelled into him, jaws snapping, its sharp teeth cut Jaspin's hands as it made to reach his throat. Jaspin's injuries seeped blood as he got a hold of the creature, summoning forth his magic and killing it on the spot as its heart turned to fire in its very chest.

The poor creature howled and screamed in agony, falling back. It was dead in seconds.

Jaspin rounded on Gerald again, who held a pistol out at him, its barrel aimed at his head.

Jaspin grimaced, resting on a knee on the ground before Gerald, his hands bleeding profusely.

'You are more human than you would like to think' Gerald spoke quietly to him, though Jaspin heard every word loud and clear.

'Aski!' Jaspin hollered. 'What have you done with Aski?!'

It was Lilith to see him first, walking through the gloom. He was in one of the small rooms off the main corridor, a figure chained in a standing position.

Her eyes widened and her heart stopped at the sight of him, hand quickly going to cover Polly's eyes so that she could not see.


have they done to you…?' Lilith uttered, tears streaming down her cheeks as she held Polly tightly.

Aski whimpered, turning his head in her direction.

Chapter Forty Three

Frozen Skies

Lilith continued to hold her hand tightly over Polly's eyes, her whole body beginning to tremble.

She pulled the child back then, pushing her firmly out into the corridor.

'Go back the way we came' Lilith told her firmly. 'Wait by the grate. Do it now.'

The urgency in Lilith's voice caused her not to hesitate. Polly obeyed immediately, scampering away.

Lilith turned back to Aski, stepping forwards.

He had been tortured. His eyes and tongue had been cut out. Blood had run from his face, having now dried and cracked on his skin. But that wasn't all. Aski was already dying. He suffered from the sickness, this much at a glance was clear. He was incredibly pale, and his skin in places was flaking away.

'Aski…' Lilith uttered, '…oh Aski.'

Lilith stepped forwards, embracing him tightly. Aski let out a sob, turning his head towards her, his breath coming in shudders.

'I'm so sorry' Lilith whispered through her tears. 'I'm sorry this has happened to you…I'm so sorry….I'm so sorry…..we were too late…'

She stepped back then so that she could see his face clearly.

The muscles around Aski's eyes twitched, and he smiled at her.

Lilith let out a humourless laugh at this, unable to stop herself from smiling in turn.

'You didn't think we would come back for you?'

Aski shook his head.

'You thought we would abandon you?'

Aski paused, before nodding once.

'We are all here' Lilith breathed, 'even Ena.'

Aski tensed slightly, raising his head a little.

'I'm sorry' Lilith whispered, her voice barely audible. 'None of this was supposed to happen. Everything's gone wrong…'

Aski hung his head, breathing a heavy sigh.

Lilith stepped back, moving towards the wall where the chain was tied in a knot. Lilith unbound him, and Aski fell to his knees. Lilith went over to him, grasping him firmly by the shoulders.

'Come on' Lilith ushered him. 'We have to go.'

He grabbed her wrist as she made to rise, pulling her gently back down.

'You don't want to leave here?' Lilith asked in wonder.

Aski tried to speak, but the words came out as only noise. He gritted his teeth, tears mixed with blood running down his cheek.

He reached for her, Lilith tensing slightly as he ran his hands down her body. His hand came to her boot, where he pulled from it a long knife that he knew she carried there.

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