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   Chapter 159 No.159

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'Where are we going?' Ena called down at him.

Jaspin landed on the ground lightly before straightening up.

'To the manor' he replied sincerely.

'Are we coming?' Reuben asked, leaning forwards on the branch over him.

'We are all coming' Jaspin said. 'Ena too.'

Ena giggled in excitement, despite the danger. She leapt from the tree, doing so gracefully and landing cat-like on all fours. She stood tall, towering over the other angels as they joined her and Jaspin on the ground.

'I don't think you need your cloak anymore' Jaspin said to her, noticing this.

Without hesitation, Ena threw it aside. 'There' she beamed happily. 'Is that better?'

Jaspin sighed wearily at her. 'Yes' he said. 'Now let's go.'

Lilith walked down the street holding Polly's hand, head held high and walking proudly. Anyone who glanced their way would think nothing of the supposed mother and child as they went about their business. But they both had a sinister matter to attend to.

'Now Polly' Lilith began in a hushed tone as they moved down the street, alongside the manor that was their target. 'There is something I want you to do for me.'

The child glanced timidly up at Lilith, but Lilith only smiled confidently back.

'You must do this' Lilith told her. 'It's very important.'

'Alright' Polly uttered shyly. 'What do you want me to do?'

The two slowed to a stop then. Lilith glanced through the bars beside them, into the garden and towards the small grate by the floor.

'You see that there?' Lilith asked, still holding Polly's hand.

Polly glanced around. 'Yes?'

'I want you to climb into there, and see what you can find.'


'I believe Aski may be in there.' Lilith looked down at the child, Polly's eyes large and fearful. 'Aski may be in there' she said again. 'He may be hurt…in pain……you have to find a way to get in there, see the manor from the inside.'

'But what if I'm caught?' Polly stuttered, her palms growing sweaty. 'And how will I fit thorough the bars?'

Lilith stepped back, glancing one way down the street, then the other. She faced the bars again.

'I will be right behind you.'

Lilith reached a hand forward, touching two of the bars with her first and little finger.

The metal began to warp, bending in opposite directions and creating a space between large enough to pass through.

'Go on' Lilith encouraged, letting go of the child's hand. 'After you.'

She ignored the strange glances a

passing couple gave them as Polly climbed into the garden, Lilith clambering after.

'We have to be quick' Lilith whispered to the girl as they skipped lightly across the grounds and towards the grate.

Polly knelt down before the grate. Lilith touched the bars with her first and little finger, and like before parted the metal as if it were nothing.

Polly leant forwards, peering through the gap to the floor inside.

'It's too high' Polly whispered. 'I need some help getting down.'

'Hold my hand' Lilith said, and Polly grasped her tightly.

Held firmly by the angel's grasp, Polly crawled backwards; Lilith reaching forwards lowered her as far as she could.

'Is is safe to drop?' Lilith whispered loudly.

'I think so.'

'I'm going to let you go. Are you ready?'

Polly raised her head, nodding silently. Lilith reached down a little further, frowning and squinting with the effort. She held onto Polly for a little longer, before slowly releasing her.

Polly fell from her grasp and landed on the floor. Lilith straightened instantly.

'Are you alright?' she spoke loudly gazing down.

'Yes' Polly answered, standing tall again. 'I'm fine.'

Resting on her front, Lilith peered through the grate. Beneath her Polly stood on a set of stairs, gently turning one way as it descended deeper beneath the house. Lilith glanced first one way, then the other. It appeared to be deserted.

'Can you hear anything?' Lilith asked her quietly.

'No' Polly replied. 'I think I am alone here.'

'I hope not' Lilith said back to her. 'We are hoping to find Aski remember?'

Polly nodded.

Lilith withdrew from the gap between the bars, turning her body around and entering the cellar legs fist. She touched the steps, straightening up and brushing down her dress.

'Come on' she whispered to Polly, taking her first steps down the stairs and deeper into the cellar. 'Let's go.'

Jaspin marched right up the steps leading towards the manor, reaching his hand out to touch the door.

He grasped the handle, pausing for only a moment, before opening the door and stepping in. The others formed a circle behind him as he entered the first room.

'Split up' Jaspin ordered casting his hand out.

'Who are you looking for?' Reuben asked him curiously turning to him. 'Is it Aski, or Nina?'

The muscles in Jaspin's cheek twitched in annoyance as he glared back at Reuben.

'Both' he hissed. 'Now find them.'

'Dangerous to split up.'

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