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'Don't treat me like a child' Lilith snapped back.

'Of course' Reuben smoke up calmly, 'you do realise you've just raised their suspicion.

Lilith glanced at him silently, before looking towards the manor.

Gerald sat in the lounge before the fire, reading a newspaper with his feet up. The soldier returned to the room.

'Who was that?' Gerald asked without looking up.

'No one…I mean….just an old lady.'

'What did she want?' Gerald asked turning the page of his paper.

'She said she used to live here' the soldier replied. 'She wanted to go down into the cellar to collect a bottle of wine she owned.'

'Into the cellar?' Gerald repeated looking up. 'Where we are keeping an angel?'

The soldier hesitated.

Gerald glanced around at him.

'What did this woman look like?'

'I don't know' the soldier answered. 'She was hooded and cloaked.'

'You fool' Gerald spat suddenly, throwing the paper down and rising to his feet. 'You should have let her in.'

'But why?'

'That was one of the angels. Don't you see? She was trying to get into the cellar!'


Gerald grimaced then, his brow twitching in fury.

'Gather the soldiers' he ordered. 'They are here, search the streets for them. We must find them.'

'Yes sir' the soldier bowed hastily, before turning and marching away.

Gerald let out a heavy sigh, shoulders sagging.

'Knocking at our very door' Nina said behind him. 'Bold. Very bold.'

Gerald turned to her. She was resting on the cushioned windowsill gazing out at the street, her long dark hair falling about her shoulders. The nameless wolf-dog she commanded asleep on the floor by her side.

'I thought they would flee' Gerald mumbled uncertainly. 'Why have they come back?'

'The silver one' Nina spoke quietly in reply. 'The one they call Aski.' She paused. 'Have they really come back for him?' She smirked then, as if this suddenly amused her. 'How noble of them.'

The soldiers poured out of the manor, tens of them, wearing light armour and carrying weapons at their sides. They split up, travelling outwards from the manor in all directions as they searched the streets, moving further away as they went.

In a tree that grew right beside the manor, well concealed by the thick leaves the angels hid.

'I told you this was a good idea' Ena sang happily. 'See?' she said pointing to the ground at the soldiers backs. 'There they go.'

'Very good' Gael replied flatly, leaning back against a branch wit

h his arms folded.

'On the other hand where did Lilith go?' Reuben questioned, as Ena clung tightly onto Polly so that she would not fall from the tree.

'She says she has an idea' Jaspin grumbled from nearby, eyes bored and tone lazy. 'I wish she had time to tell me what it was.'

'Don't worry about her' Gael said to him. 'She is more than capable of looking after herself.'


They all tensed suddenly as a figure appeared on the ground beneath the tree right below them.

She stood with her back to the tree, facing outward at the street around.

She was a slender woman, perhaps in her thirties, with red hair tied back, large curled left to hang around her face, her skin smooth and flawless. She dressed well but not overly excessive, and in her hands she clutched and little maroon purse.

The figures in the tree fell utterly silent, staring down at this figure uncertainly, waiting to see what she would do.

The figure looked one way, then the other, then up at the branches of the tree, seeing the figures hiding there as clear as day.

'What a strange find' the figure said in amusement.

'Lilith?!' Gael said in awe. Jaspin climbed down the branch to get a better look at her. 'You look like a new person.'

Lilith glanced away briefly, surveying the scene around her, before looking back up at the tree.

'I even fooled you' she grinned.

'How did you get rid of the scars on your face?' Reuben asked her.

'Make up.'

'And that's a wig I assume.'

'Indeed it is.'

'Crafty' Reuben said, raising an eyebrow and scratching his chin. 'But where did you learn such skills?'

'I've lived on the streets for years remember?' she said to them. 'You pick up a few things.'

'I greatly enjoy having a thief and a trickster by our side.'

'This is no time to flirt Gael' Lilith spoke to him sharply.

'What are you going to do?' Reuben asked her.

Lilith glanced around her, checking that none of the figures moving about nearby would notice them. She looked back at them.

'Ena' she said to her. 'Pass me the child.'

Polly tensed suddenly as Ena lowered her in the tree, Lilith reached up to take her, placing her gently on the ground. She took Polly by the hand, smiling up at the others slyly, before walking away with her.

'Where is she going?' Gael asked when she was out of sight.

'She must have found a way into the cellar' Jaspin mused. 'Quickly' he said climbing down himself. 'We must go while we can.'

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