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   Chapter 157 No.157

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Lilith offered it gratefully, and the old woman took her cloak off.

'What are you doing?' Gael hissed to her under his breath as she put the cloak on.

'Getting closer to the manor' Lilith answered as if this were obvious. 'Isn't it obvious?'

Gael sighed wearily, sitting back against the wall as Lilith raised the hood of the cloak over her head, hiding her white hair.

'Right' she said speaking with confidence. 'Here I go.'

'Be careful' Gael spoke firmly to her as she moved away from them, stepping around the wall and into the open.

They were all still being given strange looks by passersby as the others waited behind the wall, now with the old lady lingering nearby.

Lilith moved towards the manor, hunching her body over as if she suffered a deformed spine. In a second, with face hidden beneath the hood, she looked like a frail old woman.

Reuben glanced at her from over the top of the world, humming thoughtfully to himself as he watched her.

Lilith stepped closer to the large building, holding the cloak closed beneath her chin so that the breeze did not blow her hood back. She craned her head up at the building, which seemed so tall to her now that she was close to it. She looked ahead again, seeing through the window a man pass by inside one of the rooms, then another. She lingered here for a moment, until she deemed it unsafe. One of the figures inside the room glanced outside towards her, staring for a moment at the figure they assumed was an old woman.

Lilith moved on.

She got as close as she could towards the back of the manor, here there was a large garden, surrounded by tall iron fences. Lilith looked through the bars.

The garden was overgrown and wild, but Lilith saw something here of interest. Resting on the ground was a hole in the bottom of the wall, a small grate with rusted iron bars.

Lilith frowned at this in though. 'Could it be' she spoke quietly to herself, 'that you lead straight to the cellar we seek?' A sadness clung to her heart then as her spirits dampened. 'Aski…you're in there aren't you?' she said. 'Please hold on…we are coming.'

She leant forwards, resting her palm against the iron bars that held her back, before withdrawing her hand sharply.

Lilith took a step back, staring at her palm. She saw a sticky tar-like substance like the one Reuben had found in the mountains. It was here too.

Lilith's hand began to tremble slightly as she stared at it. She clenched her fist, wiping the substance off on her dress, before turning sharply and moving away.

From behind the wall the others watched her.

'What is she d

oing?' Jaspin hissed.

Lilith returned to the front of the manor, where she was in plain sight of the building and all its windows. She paused then, seeming at first to be making her way back to the others, before turning back towards the manor.

The angels watched her linger there for a moment, before she turned away from them, approaching the manor and striding right up to the front door. They watched in tense disbelief as she raised her knuckled, wrapping on the door loudly, then waited.

Lilith lowered her hand, clutching the hooded cloak to her and hunching her body over again, just as the door opened.

Before her stood a sincere looking man. He let the door swing open as he released the handle, arching his eyebrow at the sight of her.

'Yes?' he said expectantly at her. 'Can I help you at all?'

'Good sir' Lilith began in a husky voice. 'I'm sorry to bother you like this, but I must beg a favour from you.'

The soldier immediately crossed his arms, sighing impatiently.

'I used to live in this house' Lilith went on. 'It was my son's, a many years ago. He has since passed, and my family have fallen on hard times.'

'I'm sorry to hear that' the soldier replied flatly. 'But what does that have to do with me?'

Lilith raised her head slightly, mischief glinting in her eye.

'I've hidden a very valuable wine in the cellar' she explained. 'It would be worth a lot of money if sold, no doubt a wealthy lord would be happy to buy such a fine brew.'

The soldier narrowed his eyes suspiciously.

'I beg of you' Lilith continued, 'let me come into the cellar so that I may find it.'

'I'm sorry' the soldier told her, 'but we are conducting serious business here. Cut your losses and go home.'

Lilith raised her head ever so slightly more, debating in her mind whether to persist or back down.

She chose the latter.

'Then I'm sorry to have bothered you' Lilith said, backing away and bowing low to the man as she retreated. 'Thank you anyway for your time.'

The soldier dipped his head slightly to her, lingering in the doorway as Lilith turned and slunk away. He watched her go, before withdrawing into the room and closing the door.

The instant Lilith heard the door close, she glanced back at the manor, before straightening and rushing back to the wall where the others waited.

'What are you doing?' Gael hissed at her as she sat between them.

'Surveying' Lilith answered simply.

'That was very brave of you' Ena told her.

'I'm just glad they didn't catch you' Polly mumbled.

'That was very risky what you just did' Jaspin said in a level voice.

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