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   Chapter 156 No.156

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The others turned back as Reuben moved towards one of the rocks.

He reached a hand out, touching one of the rocks nearby, upon which was a strange substance. It was gruesome, black in colour and sticky like tar.

'I've seen this before' Reuben said, feeling it between his fingers. 'It grew upon a building.'

'Well now it's reached the mountains' Jaspin said mournfully, '…the sickness. Come on' he said sharply. 'Let's keep moving.'

Reuben put the sticky substance back in its place, upon the rock he found it, before turning his back and moving away, following after the others as they moved slowly along natural winding path, heading out of the mountain and back to the cliff-edge that had welcomed them.

In the town below them, Emma walked across the room in the manor that had become her prison. It was comfortable, and the people were kind to her, but she knew she did not belong here, she knew she was meant to be with the angels, as she believed in their cause as strongly as the others had had already died for them.

'Will you come back to us?' she asked the glass, staring through the window at the dark clouds in the world beyond her room. 'Or have you left us forever?'

The angels reached the cliff edge, spreading their wings and leaping from the mountain. They soared over the open land, through the sky beneath the heavy clouds, and onwards towards the town they had escaped, back into dangers' clutch to receive whatever fate would give them.

They landed on the edge of the town, the angels quickly withdrawing their wings into their body. Ena straightened, smiling widely as Polly beside them padded forwards.

'So where is this manor?' Gael asked.

Jaspin glanced at him before looking ahead again.

'It's this way' he grumbled. 'Follow me.'

The six of them moved forwards slowly through the streets of the town, the people that moved around them minding their own business walked by without acknowledging them, a few of their eyes lingered on Ena however, before moving on.

'We should get you a cloak' Jaspin said back to her. 'It would keep you out of people's attention.'

'Maybe it would look more conspicuous' Reuben suggested.

Jaspin frowned at this, before looking back at Ena.

'It would be good to cover your hair' he said to her. 'You stand out too much the way you are now.'

Ena bowed her head but said nothing.

'It's not far now' Jaspin breathed. 'Not far…'

A few moments later, and they stopped. Lilith raised her head, seeing on the other side of the road a large manor. Perhaps in its prime it looked far more luscious, but now it was run down and tired looking,

with weeds in the garden and some even growing on the roof and between the stones.

Gael sighed, stepping back and folding his arms. 'Looks nice' he droned flatly, beside him Reuben raised an eyebrow.

'We should get closer' Lilith suggested.

Jaspin frowned at this. He suddenly noticed a low wall on the opposite end of the street close to the manor. He pointed at it, and the band made their way towards it, crossing the road as they did so.

Weaving through the busy street around horse-drawn carriages and bustling bodies, the strange band of six reached the wall, sitting on the ground behind it and out of sight of the manor.

Reuben smiled at one of the passersby who gave them a strange look.

'So what's the plan?' Gael asked in a bored tone.

Jaspin sat on the floor, leaning back against the wall with his head bowed and arms folded.

'We need to get closer' he grumbled glancing around. 'We need to find a way to somehow get into the building…study the building…look for entrances…' his fell silent as his hand went to cover his mouth, brow furrowed in deep thought.

Lilith straightened slightly, looking tentatively over the top of the wall.

'Surely this is something I would be useful for.'

'No' Jaspin said instantly. 'They would recognise you instantly. The scars on your face…your hair… they know what you look like. It would be too much of a risk; we would have to rescue you too.'

Lilith pursed her lips, looking back at the street beside them. She craned her head, looking for something in the crowd of people that walked back and forth.

'You there' he spoke sharply to an old lady passing nearby.

The hunched figure stopped suddenly, hugging her hooded cloak tighter to her with knarled fingers, body tense and eyes wide with sudden mistrust and suspicion. It was clear at a glance that this was not a wealthy woman.

Lilith reached into the pocket of her dress, bringing out a large shining coin.

'I will give you this if you let me borrow your cloak.'

'What?' the old woman croaked.

'There is no catch' Lilith said gently to the woman. 'I just want to borrow your cloak.'

The old woman narrowed her eyes, glancing towards Lilith's companions.

Reuben smiled at her silently.

'Why would you want my cloak?' the old woman asked, addressing Lilith again.

'We are shady folk' Lilith answered simply. 'Shady but honest. I promise there are no strings attached, no catch. Just your cloak for this coin.'

The old woman's fingers tightened on her cloak as she hesitated a moment longer before giving in.

'Very well' she sighed, extending a hand to receive the coin.

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