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Reuben and Gael rose to their feet, standing side by side, their stomach's growling.

'We are ready to go then?' Jaspin asked, drifting to the mouth of the cave to stand beside Ena. 'We've nothing else to lose after all.'

Ena turned to him, exchanging a glance with the black and white angel, before looking away again.

'Alright' she sighed forlorn. 'I'm sorry I can't be what you want.' Her body sagged a little. 'Let's go back' she said.

'Come on Polly' Lilith spoke tentatively to the girl. 'We're going back to the town.'

'The one we escaped from?' Polly asked nervously. 'Will we see Emma there? And Cynthia and Hector and Charles?'

'We may well see them again' Lilith replied smiling. 'We may well.'

'So what's the plan then?' Reuben asked stepping forward. 'Do we introduce ourselves with our hands in the air in surrender?'

Lilith mused to herself, frowning and scratching her chin in thought.

'We need to know what we're doing' she spoke slowly. 'We need to all be on the same page.'

'So we're finding Aski' Gael spoke up. He crossed his arms. 'Where would they keep him?'

'Underground' Jaspin said, 'where best to keep an angel but far from the sky, below ground where they cannot reach their element?' He paused. 'I've seen this before.'

'So he is underground' Reuben grumbled. 'In a cellar?'

'Yes' Jaspin replied. 'Most likely.'

'How many cellars are there in that town?' Gael asked, unfolding his arms and turning to face the others.

A moment of silence passed.

'There are five large ones' Jaspin spoke up.

'And how would you know that?' Gael asked flatly.

'I've lived for a long time' Jaspin replied sombrely. 'I know many of the towns and cities in this kingdom almost as well as I knew the old home I grew up in.'

'So he is in one of these five large cellars' Reuben said. 'But which one?'

Jaspin frowned, gritting his teeth.

'There are…' he mumbled to himself as he thought aloud, 'there are…' he narrowed his eyes. 'The one he is most likely to be in…' Jaspin bit his lip. Then he straightened, coming out of his trance and turning to face the others. 'The first place he is most likely to be' Jaspin stated, 'is a large manor near the edge of the town' he said. 'It's long since been abandoned. The master ran out of money, it's been empty for ages. That is where I think they are most l

ikely to be. There are many rooms, a sizable garden, a courtyard at the back with stables…and a cellar beneath the house. A large cellar.'

Reuben made a face, turning to glance at the others.

Gael noticed his look. He sighed, straightening up. 'Very well' he said. 'Let's go there.'

'Come on' Reuben spoke softly to Ena. 'I shall carry you again.'

'Shouldn't we leave her here?' Lilith suggested. 'Wouldn't it be safer?'

'No' Ena spoke firmly. 'I want to come. I don't want to be left alone…please…'

'It's alright' Reuben comforted. 'We won't leave you.'

'Come on' Lilith whispered to Polly, taking her by the hand. 'It's this way.'

Back in the town, hidden underground in the dark, Aski stood with his arms held above him and chained to the ceiling, blood oozing from his eyes and mouth.

He let out a sob, his breath coming in shudders as he moaned helplessly. He was alone for now. The soldiers had gone. For now. And for that much at least, he was grateful.

'What did you say?' one soldier asked the two soldiers that had come from the cellar, one of which still held the bloodied pliers in his hand.

'We must not go down there again' came the reply. 'The rest will sort itself out. He will die.'

'What do you mean?'

The other soldier from the cellar spoke up.

'He has the sickness. The signs came on very quickly. We cannot go down there.'

'I see' the man that had stayed upstairs said. 'In that case, bar the doors. Leave him down there to rot.'

'It's dark' Polly said, holding Lilith's hand as they made their way back down the path. 'Why is it always dark, is it still early?'

'No' Lilith replied quietly. 'It must be nearly midday. Look at the sun. You can see it through the clouds.'

Polly raised her head, seeing in the skies above them only a haze of light. 'Is that the sun?' she asked tentatively.

'Yes' Lilith replied. 'It is.'

Polly bowed her head, looking to the floor again; careful to see where she was going so she would not trip in the dark.

'How long has it been like this?' Polly asked Lilith quietly.

Lilith hesitated slightly, glancing briefly at Ena.

'Since the earth maiden killed Freya' she replied. 'But…we don't know why this has happened……we just do not know.'

'Hey' Reuben spoke suddenly in the dark. The others around him paused, looking back. 'What is that?'

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