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   Chapter 154 No.154

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'Yes' Gael answered quietly.

'And that is where we will all go?'


'And I will live again?' Polly asked hopefully. 'I will live a new life and not be sick anymore?'

Gael dipped his head ever so slightly.

'Yes' he said.

'Our cause was to gather as many people to follow and believe in us as we could, believe in us…believe in the earth maiden. Only then could we save them from nothingness, a final and absolute death. But to many we earthbound angels are sinners, betrayers of god who have no place in heaven or amongst the men and women of this world. Many believe there is no place for us anywhere, and so we are not to be trusted. Many feel suspicion towards Ena too, for she is unusual. But some…' Lilith blinked slowly. 'There are some out there who worship us, revere us…trust us……those are the ones that will be saved. Those are the ones that will live again after the sickness has taken their bodies from this earth. But…' Lilith turned away, looking towards Ena now. 'The way she is…without her powers…' her eyes grew distant. 'She cannot help us anymore.'

'If you are trying to save people' Polly asked tentatively, 'why are there those that wish stop you?'

'Because the false one believed that we are leading the people to despair' Reuben spoke up, 'that we are leading them to death. They believe that there is a cure for the sickness. That is why Freya was the false one, because she did not the truth.'

'How do you know the truth?' Polly asked, looking up at Reuben.

He smiled gently at her, placing his hand upon his heart.

'I know it' he said, 'in here…..'

'Faith' Polly mumbled. 'Is that what you call it?'

Reuben nodded once.

'But without the earth maiden' Gael spoke up, 'none of that can happen. The people who have died will not reach salvation, and the people who will die will become nothing. Without the earth maiden…' he fell silent, resting his chin upon his knees he hugged to his chest.

'Without the earth maiden' Jaspin grumbled, 'we will all become nothing.'

Lilith turned to him, speaking her thoughts.

'If we are all to die' Lilith said to Jaspin, 'why not give our deaths meaning?'

Jaspin raised his head.

'Aski is alone' Lilith furrowed her brow, blinking slowly with a dampened expression. 'He is separated from us. There are only we five angels left, I cannot willingly leave him to his fate as there are so few of us

. If I am to die, I want to die trying to save him. I want him to know…that we have not forgotten him, that we still love him…and that he is not alone.'

Jaspin thought about this, brooding in silence.

'He is one of us' Lilith prompted calmly, 'he would be happy to know that he is not forgotten…we might even save him, and if we don't…well at least we tried.' She paused, letting her words sink in. 'It's a better fate than crawling away and dying in darkness and in solitude.'

'Alright' Jaspin sighed. 'We will go back for him. But let us rest first, then we will retrace our steps.'

'And Ena?' Lilith asked.

'Will come with us' Jaspin finished.

'And Polly?'

'Will come with us.'

Lilith glanced over at the child, still held in the gentle embrace of Reuben's.

'We should get some sleep' Gael said lying back. 'If we are indeed to do this, then we must be ready, and that means being rested and full of energy.'

One by one the rest of the company lay down to sleep, lying on the hard stone floor, despite this they fell asleep quickly, so exhausted were they. Even the child Polly was able to sleep, the shock of what had happened was weary on her mind, and so the strange band shared their dreams, and between them all, was Ena.

Chapter Forty Two

Bound in Chains

It was the next morning that the world began to grow cold.

Jaspin opened his eyes, letting out a deep breath that came as a fog before him. He sat up, seeing the others around him rising. Lilith was using her magic to warm the air around her and keep Polly warm as the child clung onto her. It had been a difficult night for Polly. In the chill of the cave that crept in through the rocky walls as they slept, her lips had turned blue and she shivered violently. Only now was she calming, holding onto Lilith as her magic seeped into her body, reaching and warming her chilled bones.

Ena was already wide awake, having risen long before anyone else. She stood at the entrance of the cave facing outwards. Though she wore only a simple dress, her arms and ankles left bare, she seemed not to feel the cold at all.

'It's so bright today' she declared cheerfully. 'It's so cold and beautiful.'

'We are to return then' Lilith enquired, raising her head as she addressed Jaspin. 'We are to return to the town to find Aski, like you said.'

'Yes' Jaspin replied glumly. 'I wouldn't go back on my word

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