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Cynthia shook her head mutely.

'Both our families are dead' Hector mumbled. 'We have no one, we have nothing.'

'Then we will look after you here.' The tall soldier turned then, staring down the street. Following his gaze, the children saw a man sitting on a set of stairs a short distance away. He had a bored expression, his demeanour listless.

'He has recently lost his children to the sickness' the tall soldier spoke to the children quietly. 'Go to him. He will look after you.'

Cynthia raised her head slightly, hesitating. Hector took her gently by the hand, leading her forward.

The children approached the man tentatively. He looked up as they approached; staring at them unfocused for a few seconds, before his attention drifted past them and to the tall soldier that had brought them here.

Back in the courtyard, Nina spoke to Emma.

'I'm sorry if we scared you' she said to her. 'I assure you that we mean no harm.'

Emma brushed her tears away, straightening before she spoke.

'I'm sorry for anything bad that might have happened to you' she mumbled unhappily. 'I never wanted any of this.'

'Are you not sided with the angels and their earth maiden?' Nina asked raising an eyebrow.

Emma hesitated, tensing slightly. She suddenly noticed the soldiers all paying keen interest in her now.

'I…' Emma breathed, 'I……' she bowed her head, clenching her teeth.

'We will not harm you' Nina said, 'if you do not harm us.'

'And what of the silver angel?' Emma dared ask.

Nina narrowed her eyes slightly. 'He has and intends to continue to cause me harm' Nina replied flatly. 'He will never be welcome or safe around us. We intend to fight the angels……as they intend to fight us.'

Down in the cellar below ground, Aski was struck again.

He moaned in agony, body hunched, the bruises already becoming clear on his body.

'Do you think it's safe to be around him?' one of the soldiers suddenly asked as he stepped back. 'He shared the company of that other one who suffered the sickness.'

'The sickness' the first soldier hissed in disgust, rubbing his knuckle. 'It could come from anywhere. From air from food from water…from the very roots of the trees or the earth itself. We simply do not know.'

The other soldier turned away silently, watching the angel with a level expression.

'What is the end for this one?' he asked.

'We shall make an example of him.'

Aski raised his head slightly, barely able to see through his eyes which were swelling shut, the flesh around them so

re and tender and growing purple.

'Get me a pair of pliers' the first man said to the second. 'Heat them until they are red hot, then bring them to me.'

Aski bowed his head, letting out a sob of grief and fear, praying in his mind that the others at least were safe.

Nina stood in the centre of the courtyard with the town, head tilted back towards the heavens, the clouds passing over the world in silence, as her wolf-dog sat obediently beside her.

Out of the town, hidden within the mountains, the other angels travelled further away.

Chapter Forty One

The Cave

The four angels, Ena and the child Polly journeyed deep into the heart of the mountain, where they found a cave, a great crevasse, through which was a crack in the rock that was safe and dry, keeping the wind out and what little warmth there was in.

The ground was level, and the six in the strange company settled down upon the floor of the cave, falling silent, falling still. Ena lay on her back upon the rocky floor, as comfortable here as she would have been in her own bed. She quickly succumbed to sleep.

'So...' Lilith began in the echoing silence, 'we are safe at the moment……what do we do now?'

Jaspin spoke in the echoing cave.

'I suggest we proceed onwards, and get as far away as we can.'

'To what end?' Lilith asked him sadly.

Jaspin raised his head, casting a forlorn glance over at Ena.

'She has lost her powers' he mumbled under his breath, though his voice rang out clear in the still cave. 'She has lost her worth…and the rest of us….' he trailed off, staring at his own feet. For the longest time he said nothing. 'We have lost' he said. 'Without the earth maiden and her powers…we cannot be led to salvation…..we cannot survive the sickness…and live on in another life.'

He bowed his head, burying his face in his arms to hide his grief.

'What is the earth maiden supposed to do?' Polly spoke up bravely, Reuben who held her close raised his head.

'The earth maiden is everything to us' Gael spoke up, tilting his head at the child. 'She has extraordinary powers. The sickness cannot be cured. It will spread until it consumes the entire world. Only with the earth maiden, can we angels…and any person who believes in her, trusts her and follows her word as we do, can live again in another life. Only those who love her…will be reborn in another world.'

'So…' Polly began tentatively, 'all those people that died…the ones that followed her and were killed by the enemy…they are in a new place now?'

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