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   Chapter 152 No.152

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Aski squeezed his eyes tight shut, tears beginning to run down his cheeks. He opened them again, receding his wings into his back.

'There' the man holding the blade said, sheathing his weapon again. 'That's better. You made the right choice' he smiled cruelly.

Aski was hauled to his feet again and shoved forwards down the narrow corridor, down the stairs and further into the dark.

It was cold, and the air felt damp. Aski was taken to a small room that was entirely bare, here he was chained up, held in a standing position with the chains that ran around his wrists running over the great beams above, keeping him upright. The chains were tied mainly around his shoulders and chest, and done so tightly so that he was unable to unfurl his wings. If he did try to do so, he would surely break them.

'Comfortable?' one of the men asked him, before stepping forwards the punching him hard in the gut.

Aski moaned in agony, body tense as the other man smirked, finding his pain and discomfort amusing.

'Don't worry' the other man said giving false reassurance as he stepped forwards. 'We're only just getting started.'

Outside back on ground level in a courtyard behind one of the houses, Nina spoke to the soldiers. Beside her Gerald listened quietly.

'It was a trick' Nina was saying. 'They lured me here to heal the one who murdered my sister……but I knew who she was the moment I saw her. I saw what Freya saw in the last moments of her life. Ena was put into a coma after the fight. I indeed healed her like I said I would…but she is not the same as she was before. She is no longer the earth maiden, she no longer has access to her magic. I have locked the ability and knowledge of who she really is behind walls in her mind. She does not know who she really is, does not remember, and that is the way it will stay.'

'She must be punished' one of the men spoke up. 'She must be punished for what she did to Freya. She is still the same person inside.'

'Indeed she is' Nina replied. 'She will be punished. You can mark my word on that.'

'And…' another soldier asked stepping forward, 'what do we do with the others we found inside?'

Nina raised her head towards the two figures that stood at the corner of the courtyard, guarded on either side by several soldiers.

'What can you tell me about them?'

'They are Ena's people. The young man has the sickness, the young woman does not.'

Nina stared at the figures who watched her in return. Emma's eyes were fearful. Charles' was b


'I want…' Nina began. She paused, drawing a steady breath. 'Kill him' she spoke quietly. 'End his suffering but…do it humanely.'

'As you wish' the soldier she addressed bowed. He straightened again, turning to face Charles now who stared at the floor.

The soldier approached him.

'I know what you have been told to do with me' Charles spoke up without a pause. 'I've known long ago this would be my end.'

'What are you saying?' Emma voice from beside him.

'It's for the best' Charles replied, facing her.

Emma stared back wide eyed, at first she looked as if she wanted to argue. And then she simply sighed, closing her mouth.

'I'm sorry' was all she could say. '…I'm sorry…'

'I'll make it quick' the soldier who waited patiently said in a hushed voice. 'Come on' he spoke to Charles, moving away.

Charles lingered only for a moment, saying his goodbyes in silent gestures. He turned away, Emma making to reach for him only an instant, before drawing her hand sharply back as if she had been burned.

She watched helplessly as Charles followed the soldier, out of the courtyard, around the corner and out of sight.

She put a hand over her mouth to stop herself from whimpering, tears blinking in her eyes.

'What will happen to me?' she voice.

'We will not hurt you' the man nearest her said. 'We will simply guard you.'

'Like you guarded the others?' Emma instantly countered. 'Like you guarded and slaughtered them?'

The man said nothing.

'Where are the children?' Emma asked.

The man frowned at her, but did not answer.

'Are you going to hurt us?' Cynthia asked, clinging tightly onto Hector as they walked behind the tall soldier through some of the narrow streets.

The soldier paused, turning back to them. Cynthia cowered slightly.

The soldier smiled kindly, raising his hand to remove the helmet that covered his face.

'Dear children' he sighed. 'We would never hurt children.'

'Your men did' Hector spoke up bravely. 'I watched you kill them all.'

'The sickness' the tall soldier breathed, 'we killed only those with the sickness and those who fought back.'

'No' Hector whispered shaking his head. 'No I saw them fall.'

The tall soldier regarded the children.

'Where are you taking us?' Cynthia asked. 'What are you going to do?'

The tall soldier sighed again wearily.

'We are not all the same' the tall soldier replied. 'We are not all bad people. You are going to be cared for her. Do either of you have a home to go to?'

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