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'If it's the children you are concerned about, you need not worry' Samuel told Aski as they were led away. 'They will be far safer with us than they ever could be with you.'

Aski glared at him, wiping the blood from the side of his face with the back of his hand.

He did not break eye contact with Samuel as he was pulled to his feet by the men either side of him.

'You will pay for what you have done to Freya' Samuel spoke calmly. 'You will suffer for her death. First you…and then the others. I will catch them all. I promise you. One at a time. I will catch them all, and I will kill them.'

He waved his hand in the air, addressing the men that held him. 'Take him away. And bind him in the thickest chains you can.'

At the front of the home, the smoke was clearing. Nina made her way to the front door, falling into it and stumbling down the steps as it opened.

The soldiers turned to her, gazing at her in awe and reverence as she came from the smoking house. Nina coughed to clear her lungs, body hunched over. She noticed the men suddenly, straightening up and standing tall to face them. Seconds later Samuel arrived to see her. He bowed to a knee, head low. The other soldiers around immediately followed suit. They knew who she was, and worshiped her now as they had worshiped Freya before.

Nina stared at the men before her, blinking in surprised. And then she lifted her head, seeing mounted upon a horse, Gerald, watching her with a calm expression, the hybrid panting by his side.

Nina stared at him in shock. And then she smiled, sighing wearily.

The other angels escaped the town, landing on a cliff edge high above the rest of the world.

Reuben landed first, placing Ena carefully down on her feet. She straightened up as the other angels descended around her, the strong wind this high up throwing her long hair back. Jaspin touched the rocky ground, placing Lilith down as he did.

'Aski!' Lilith immediately fumbled, as Gael put Polly down on the ground beside him. 'They've got Aski! We have to go back.'

'We cannot' Jaspin spoke quickly.

'What?' Lilith turned to him. 'But why?'

'They are too great in number' Jaspin grumbled back. 'We are more likely to lose another if we were to go back.'

'But we cannot leave him to his fate' Lilith cried. She turned to the others, glancing at Reuben and Gael. 'What will they do to him?' she asked tentatively.

Gael and Reuben exchanged a look. Gael was the one to answer.

'It is most likely' he began slowly, 'that they will kill

him……he may even be dead already.'

Lilith stared at him, her eyes were wide.

She knelt down on the ground, the sharp little stones cutting into her legs and knees.

She began to cry quietly into her hands.

Ena immediately went over to comfort her, kneeling beside her and placing an arm around her shoulders. She leant into Lilith, holding her silently with a firm grasp, letting her know that she was there.

'I understand' Ena whispered. 'I'm sorry for what has happened.'

'What is going on?' Polly asked, looking up at the male angels standing over her. 'What has happened? Where are the others?'

'Aski has fallen' Reuben answered slowly. 'Cynthia and Hector with him.'

'What will happen to them? To Cynthia and Hector? Will they be killed like Aski will be killed?'

'I don't know' Reuben answered.

Polly looked away, back towards the town they had fled, standing mere feet away from the sheer drop.

'Where are Emma and Charles?'

'Emma chose to stay because she could not be carried' Gael said. 'Charles could not be found. It is possible that he has been killed too.'

'But Emma…' Polly said. 'She chose to stay?'

'To save you' Gael finished. 'It was the right thing to have done.'

Polly bowed her head, falling silent.

'What do we do now?' Lilith asked, finding her voice to speak up.

'We…' Jaspin began, 'retreat into the mountains and find a place to stay. We must get away from this town. They will no doubt be hunting the rest of us now. Let's get a head start.'

Gael took Polly's hand, leading her away as Reuben followed slowly after him. Lilith rose to her feet again, grasping Ena's forearm lightly as Jaspin waited for them. She exchanged a glance with Jaspin, who returned his in silence.

Lilith dipped her head, and took a step forwards.

Jaspin, Lilith and Ena followed Reuben, Gael and Polly as they led the way, heading deeper into the mountains, and out of sight.

Aski was led through the town, into one of the homes and down into the cellar. He gazed around in wide eyed fear as the walls closed in on all sides.

'No!' he cried, in more terror than anger. 'Let me go!'

He beat his wings furiously, sending silver feathers scattering everywhere.

One of the men that dragged him, jabbed him hard in his side with the pommel of his sword, shoving him forwards. Aski's legs trembled, and he fell to a knee.

'Hide those wings' the same man ordered him, drawing his blade and holding it to the angel's throat. 'Hide them or I shall cut them from you.'

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