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   Chapter 150 No.150

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'But what about-?'

'Forget the healer!' Lilith called back. 'We have to go! There are archers surrounding the house!'

Reuben carried Ena upstairs, feeling her long frail arms clinging tightly to him, her face buried in his chest in fear as her long hair swept after them.

Jaspin and Lilith both ran up the stairs after Reuben, each holding the others hand.

'What of the children?!' Lilith hollered back down the stairs.

'I'll get them!' Aski answered as Gael ran past him and up the stairs after the others, stumbling in the smoke. Aski called for the others as he searched. 'Emma! Charles!'

Of the two, only Emma replied.

'I'm here!'

Aski rounded a corner, seeing Emma and the three children huddled together. He reached down, grabbing Cynthia and Hector and lifting them in his arms while Emma held Polly tightly.

'Where is Charles?'

'I don't know!' Emma replied.

Aski cast one last desperate glance about him, before turning away.

'We have to go, upstairs now!'

She ran after him as he went to join the other angels, carrying the children with them.

'They've got the building surrounded' Reuben said to them as they arrived. 'There are tens of archers out there…the best chance we've got to escape is if we all leave at once.'

'And what of Ena?' Aski asked. 'They'll know it's her.'

'Cover her hair' Jaspin prompted swiftly, 'and Lilith, I'll carry you. It'll throw them off.'

'Right' she nodded.

Reuben opened the window, climbing out he prepared to jump.

'Are you ready?' he whispered to Ena.

She nodded silently to him, too afraid to speak as he held her close. Beside him Jaspin opened another window, climbing out and holding Lilith. They prepared to fly.

'There's no way for me to escape' Emma realised, speaking out loud. 'Please' she said to Gael holding out Polly. 'Take her.'

Gael hesitated only for a moment as the others took flight.

'Come on!' Aski shouted at him, turning sharply away and carrying the children to safety.

Gael took Polly without another word; the frightened child began to cry. He climbed through the window and took flight, leaving Emma behind in the home to whatever fate would meet her.

Outside, the archers began to fire.

With all the angels travelling at once, most made it out of the town. Ena was safe, carried by Reuben, as was Lilith by Jaspin and Polly by Gael. But several of the archers caught a single target, and Aski fell from the sky, his wings punctured by several arrows. All had missed the major artery that ran through his wing, but one had been close.

He drew his wing

s tighter to him, stretching them out at the last minute and slowing his fall.

He landed hard, pushing himself gingerly up, the children either side of him moaning in pain at the injuries they had suffered as they fell. But they would live.

Aski raised his head, glancing up at either child, before casting his eyes to the sky again.

He grabbed the children, pulling them tighter to him, tensing his body ready to take off again. But then an archer appeared on the rooftop above him, then another, and several on the ground around him.

Aski's focus darted all around him like a frightened animal, cornered and trapped before its prey, eyes wide and pleading.

More of the men appeared around him, one of which Aski recognised. It was Samuel, the man that had carried Freya from the temple before she died, and one of her leading holy figures.

'Well' Samuel purred slowly, eyes gentle with pleasure and self satisfaction. 'We've caught you. Even capturing one of the angels is a triumph. Only four more to go.' She smiled cruelly then. 'You cannot escape now. At this range my archers could kill you in seconds. So. Would you risk certain death in trying to flee, or face whatever fate you suffer? The choice is yours.'

'How did you find us?' Aski spoke in a level voice.

Samuel tilted his head back, staring at the world around them. Aski suddenly noticed that the trees which grew sparsely in the town were full of ravens, all utterly silent. All watching him.

'Nina' Samuel began, 'Freya's sister. She can bend the creatures to her will. She knew we were in this town. She used the birds to convey her message, to call for help, as she used that hybrid to alert her husband of the danger. He is on his way now.'

Aski balled his fists, gathering dust and dirt between his fingers. His breathed very slowly, his chest and shoulders rising and falling gradually as his silver wings glistened behind him, streaked with blood from the arrows that protruded from him.

'Will you submit?' Samuel grumbled at him. 'Will you not fight?'

Aski hunched his shoulders, pulling the children tighter to him, head bowed slightly, but he never took his eyes off the man.

'I will take this as accepting your defeat' Samuel said.

He gestured to his men. Two of them stepped forwards, each taking the children from him.

'No!' Aski cried, reaching for them.

He was stopped instantly when a third man jabbed the butt of his crossbow into the side of his face. Aski's head snapped to the side, and he looked back at the man the injury immediately beginning to swell and bleed.

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