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   Chapter 149 No.149

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'Lilith' Jaspin spoke carefully turning to her, 'why don't you take Ena to the next room and play with her. I'm sure she would love it if you were to draw with her.'

'You would do that with me?' Ena said excitedly, bouncing up and down and clapping her hands. 'Would you really? I would love some company.'

'Of course' Lilith repeated, turning to her with a smile. 'Why don't we all draw together, Emma and Charles and the children?'

Ena squealed in delight, hands quivering excitedly before her.

'I'll go get my pencils' she said rushing off, for the moment completely forgetting about Nina.

Lilith watched her going, sighing unhappily. She shared a glance with Jaspin before moving off to entertain Ena, and keep her distracted from what was really going on.

'Such a child' Lilith mumbled under her breath. 'She's become such a child.'

Lilith left the room. The ones who remained, Jaspin, Reuben, Aski and Gael, turned back to Nina.

She returned their hostile looks.

'Now' Jaspin said. 'You will comply with us, or we kill you.'

'You would really kill a defenceless woman?' Nina asked him calmly.

'Don't stall for time' Jaspin glowered. 'You will give us what we demand, or you won't live to return to whatever life you came from.'

'Don't you like her the way she is now?' Nina asked.

'She is not the earth maiden' Jaspin said. 'Not in the state she is now.' He paused. 'Change her back, and stop stalling.'

'Stalling' Nina replied meekly. 'Yes…I suppose that is what I'm doing. You see the truth is…help is already on its way.'

'Help?' Reuben snapped. 'What help?'

'What do you think happened to the army that killed your people?' Nina began.

'Don't listen to her' Aski hissed angrily. 'She's wasting time. I say we get what information we want from her then kill her.'

'Now that's not a very fair deal for me' Nina said turning to him. 'If death is what will meet me upon giving you this information you seek, then I am less inclined to give it.'

'I've had enough of this' Gael sighed wearily. 'Jaspin. Give me the pliers.'

'And what will you do?' Nina said facing him now.

'I love Ena with all my heart' Gael answered. 'I love her, the way she used to be, as her true self……the earth maiden.'

'You really think this deformed creature will send you to salvation?' Nina waved her hand

Gael took the pliers Jaspin offered to him, turning back to


'Yes' he said. 'I know it.'

'Is this it then?' Nina said, showing no fear as Gael stepped towards her. 'It was not enough for you to kill my beloved sister Freya, but you have to kill me too.'

'Tell us how to make Ena herself again' Gael glowered at her. 'Your life is in your own hands.'

Nina narrowed her eyes silently.

'Tell us' Gael hastened. 'Tell us how to make Ena herself again.'

'I refuse.'

Gael froze where he stood, staring at Ena unblinking.

He dropped the pliers he carried suddenly, turning away and to the draws behind him, pulling an item from one of them.

'Ena is my life' he said turning back to her, voice shaking. 'If I cannot save her, then the next best thing is to punish the one who made her this way.'

Nina lowered her sight, seeing the knife Gael carried in his hand, before her eyes flickered back up to his face.

'Do it then' she said. 'Kill me like you killed my sister.'

Gael hesitated then, sharing a glance with the other angels who had not moved, before looking back at Nina.

'You are brave' he said to her. 'You are not scared like your sister was.'

He took a step towards her, lifting the knife in his hand, reaching for her throat.

Before he could complete the act, something crashed into the room, thrown through the window. Gael and the other angels turned to it, Gael lowering his knife. The silver ball immediately began to hiss, emitting in only a few seconds enough smoke to fill the room.

Nina backed away from the angels.

'Smoke bomb!' Reuben called. 'They're outside!'

Through the sudden confusion, several more sounds were heard, breaking glass, more hissing, more smoke.

'They've surrounded us!' Aski called.

So much happened within the next few seconds. Jaspin lunged for Nina, casting out his magic at her, as Gael sliced the air with his blade, but Nina missed them both, leaping back and sinking to the floor as the smoke began to thicken. She used the smoke to conceal herself. At the same time Lilith came stumbling into the room, pulling Ena by her wrist behind her.

'Jaspin!' Lilith cried. But it was Reuben who came to her.

He grabbed Ena around the waist, lifting her in his arms as he expelled his wings, his mighty gold feathers unfurled.

Jaspin turned, calling out for Lilith, reaching blindly through the smoke for her. Lilith caught his hand.

'We have to get out of here!'

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