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   Chapter 148 No.148

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Gerald pushed the sheets back, rising to his feet. He had slept in his cloths, and was ready to go out at a moment's notice. He made his way closer to the door, closer to the wolf, but with every step gained, the creature moved further and further away and never stopped whining.

'What is it?' Gerald spoke harshly. 'You want me to follow you?'

The beast only stared at him, body hunched and whining.

Gerald made after it, walking at a stride. The wolf-dog ran away. Gerald followed it to the front door where it began to hug the floor, doing so as close to the door as possible. As soon as Gerald opened the door, the wolf bolted outside. He paused only to grab his coat from beside the door, before making his way quickly outside.

He followed the creature to the stables where he mounted a horse and followed the hybrid that had since fallen silent. The wolf led the way, running at full pelt with the horse right behind. Gerald was able to see clear enough as he tore across the landscape, the while of the creatures coat was a haze in the dark, but he could see it. And so he followed its trail, urging his horse onwards, never allowing it to rest.

He gritted his teeth as the cold wind stung his eyes.

'Where are you leading me?' he muttered under his breath.

Jaspin moved slowly before her, stepping to the side as he approached cautiously.

'She's been this way for a while' Gael was saying, leaning forwards on his knees as he rested on the arm of the seat. 'I've tried talking to her…tried to wake her…' he shook his head. 'No good.'

All five of the angels loomed around Nina, hovering in the room like strange spectres.

Lilith leant forwards, touching Nina's chin gently and lifting her head up.

'Her eyes are distant' she said. 'It's as if she's dreaming.'

'Well if she's dreaming' Aski said, 'let's wake her.'


Jaspin turned his head.

'Fire' he uttered.

The others turned to him.

Jaspin raised his hand, summoning his magic to him. His fingers became wreathed in flame.

'I will wake her from this dream' he purred, moving closer to her.

He reached for her, taking her by the hand, his magic burning into her flesh.

Somewhere far away, a running hybrid collapsed suddenly, yelping in pain as it came skidding to a halt. The man on a horse that had been following passed it, slowing and turning back, but the wolf was itself again. The man turned away, staring off in the direction they had been heading. He knew which town was nearest

, and so he continued on. He whistled sharply, commanding the dog to follow which it did, doing so with the loyalty of any shepard dog.

'What are you doing?' Jaspin spoke harshly to her.

Nina stared back, nursing her burnt hand and holding it to her chest.

'You do not frighten me' she lied, feeling her stomach twinge with nerves. 'Legends and myths you may be but to me you are nothing.'

Jaspin smirked at that humourlessly.

'We are more than what the stories make us' he whispered dangerously leaning closer to her. 'We come from heaven itself.'

He straightened slowly, taking a step back.

'Now' he said. 'Make Ena better.'

'Why?' Nina replied calmly. 'Don't you like her the way she is?'

The door opened suddenly, and Ena came dancing in.

'Here you all are' she gleamed. 'Look' she lifted a piece of paper before her. 'I drew a picture. What do you think? Do you like it?'

The angel's glowered at her. Even Lilith's gaze was unfriendly.

'Oh' Ena said suddenly hesitant upon seeing Nina. 'Why is she tied up like that? What are you doing to her?'

'It's alright' Nina beamed sweetly at Ena, 'we were just playing a little game.'

Jaspin shot a glance at Nina, his eyes blazing in anger. He knew she was mocking him.

'I think you should let her go' Ena said, dropping the piece of paper on the floor as she straightened.

She was far taller than anyone else in the room by a considerable height, despite being the youngest; her long ankle-length pale green hair was tied behind her.

'I think you should do as she says' Nina whispered gently. 'You wouldn't want her to see what you would do to me.'

'Let her go' Ena spoke firmly now. 'I am ordering you.'

There was something within the angels that compelled them to obey her, even now, even though she was no longer what she used to be, no longer the earth maiden. Without thinking, Jaspin stepped forwards to untie Nina, the others did not try to stop him or intervene. Nina rose from her chair, massaging her wrists where the ropes had bound here.

She let out a sigh, smiling gratefully. 'It does feel good to be free again.'

'So what happens now?' Gael asked her, leaning forwards on his elbows as he regarded her.

'What happens?' Nina repeated. 'That all depends on you. I am in your power after all.'

'We need to talk about what you were doing earlier' Reuben said to her. 'When we could not wake you…were you using magic?'

Nina pursed her lips, holding her hands folded before her.

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