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'And if I make her better?' Nina asked. 'Then what?'

'Then we will continue with our cause' Jaspin replied.

'And help aid the ones that caused the death of my beloved sister?' Nina said. 'I don't think so.'

'Easy Jaspin' Reuben spoke up suddenly as he made a start towards her. 'This must be very difficult for her' he reasoned. 'Let us give her time to think, then we'll come back and start breaking fingers.'

Beside him Aski smirked in silent amusement.

'I hope you come to the right decision' Reuben called back to her as the others trailed out of the room; Gael remained behind to watch over her. 'We will be back soon. You have hours to decide.'

Gael took his position on the arm of a chair beside her, as the door closed behind him, leaving him alone with the healer.

He smiled at Nina in a friendly fashion. But Nina knew there was no kindness behind the action.

'Will you really do such a thing to her?' Lilith asked Jaspin when they were in the next room.

'Yes' Jaspin replied levelly. 'Of course.'

'And you think that it would do any good?' Lilith asked.

Jaspin glanced sideways at her.

'It has better' he told her. 'For her sake.'

Sitting on the sofa nearby, Emma hugged the children to her. Charles had chosen to separate himself from all of them, instead standing at the edge of the room and staring out the window.

'It's still dark out there' he mumbled, speaking to himself.

Aski sighed, glancing about the room towards the children.

'I suppose you're all hungry' he said to them.

'Yes' Emma said hastily. 'We all are……we haven't eaten in a long time.'

Aski nodded slowly.

'We'll look after you' he told her. 'You need not be afraid, you are safest here with us.'

Emma bowed her head to him, then he left the room, heading towards the kitchen to cook a meal for all of them.

Suddenly they heard movement upstairs.

'Ena is awake' Lilith whispered, staring up at the ceiling. 'I'll go see her.'

Lilith left the room, and Jaspin and Reuben stayed behind with the others. Charles began to cough suddenly; black flecks were left in the handkerchief he held to his mouth.

The others did not fail to notice, though they said nothing. Charles turned sharply away from all of them, looking back out of the window, and trying hard to stop himself from trembling.

The sickness was getting to him, though he tried hard not to show it, with every passing day he grew weaker. He began to feel cold all the time, and his skin was slowly beginning to flake.

He stared out at the small garden beyond the window, seeing the many flowers t

here, once bright, were now being attacked by what looked like black mould, creeping up the plants and even the trees nearby. Though it wasn't just here the darkness crept, just out of sight, on the outside of the building below the window through which Charles gazed, the brick itself was turning back, the structure of the house slowly weakening.

But no one noticed. Not yet.

Chapter Forty

The Hybrid

Nina sat in her chair with her head bowed. Gael who had watched her was becoming distracted, instead looking away from her and out of the window, staring towards the dark sky with worry. It should have been bright and sunny today, but since Freya's death, the world had not recovered.

Nina glanced towards Gael briefly, seeing his interest in her waning. She looked down at her lap again; drawing a slow breath she closed her eyes.

It was getting dark now. Outside the world was almost pitch black, only by the faintest glow of moonlight that reached through the clouds, was the total darkness kept at bay.

Gerald slept now, true it was still early, but the constant nights even in daytime were making him tired. Now, he was tired all the time, and so he slept, and the house was silent.

Downstairs the nameless wolf-dog rested, curled up on the stone floor of the kitchen and sleeping before the cold hearth with fluffy tail over nose.

The beast slept peacefully, until something touched its mind.

It opened its eyes wide, suddenly wide awake. The hybrid rose to its feet swiftly, body hunched over and tail between legs it whimpered, gums showing in a silent snarl. It cried as it walked in circles again and again, its wagging tail brushing the floor. It stopped suddenly, then turned and ran out of the kitchen, its light paws padding quietly on the floor. It hurried upstairs and to the master bedroom, pulling the handle down with its teeth and opening the door.

It began to howl and screech as if in pain, walking in circles again with body hunched over. Gerald sat bolt upright in bed, blinking wearily in the darkness. He quickly lit the lamp by his bed, holding it up high before him.

'Hey…' he whispered to the beast. 'What are you doing…what's wrong?'

The dog crawled onto his bed curling its lip back and baring its teeth and gums. But the body was submissive, and it acted as if in pain.

'What is it?' Gerald asked again, narrowing his eyes.

The dog just stared at him, eyes wide and body hunched.

Gerald reached out to touch it, but the beast drew sharply away, leaping to the floor again and beginning to whine, this time staring at the door.

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