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Nina bowed to him in return, tightening her grasp over the handle of the bag she carried. Night slunk upstairs slowly while the others stayed downstairs with Nina.

'Well…' Nina said to them levelly. 'Goodbye.'

Night walked down the corridor upstairs towards Ena's room, as downstairs, Nina made her way for the door.

She opened the door, stepping out onto the streets with her bag, just as Night sat on the edge of Ena's bed, staring down at her.

'Will you be wanting a carriage?' a gentleman asked the lady.

'Yes please' Nina replied in a hushed voice. 'And make it swift. I have to leave now.'

Night stared at Ena, eyes boring into her.

He rose suddenly, wheeling around the striding from the room. He marched forwards, opening the window at the end of the corridor, seeing Nina about to get into the carriage, he climbed upon the sill.

Nina whipped around, hearing the sound of great wings upon the air. She screamed as Night grabbed her, holding her with vicelike grip, and dragging her back to the house.

She called out to the coach driver for help, but Night pushed him back with magic.

Neo held the door of the home open, as Night pulled Nina with him, back inside, the door closing behind them.

Night turned around, throwing Nina to the floor.

'What have you done?!' he howled at her. 'What have you done?!'

Nina pushed herself up, glaring at Night in anger as she lay on the floor.

'I knew there was something wrong about you' she said, 'all of you' she cast her eyes around. 'The moment I saw the sleeping one…I knew something was wrong.'

'What have you done to her?' Night whispered dangerously.

Nina rose to her feet, standing tall.

'All of you' she said, 'who are you all really? What are your true names?'

'I am Jaspin. That is my true name, not Night.'

'I am Reuben.'



The door to the next room opened then, and a white haired figure walked in, closely followed by the figures of Emma, the three children and Charles.

'I am Lilith' she said, stopping before Nina.

Nina glanced back at Jaspin, glaring. 'You're not married are you?'

'No' Jaspin answered shortly. 'We are not.'

'What is happening?' Emma whispered hesitantly to Lilith, who glanced back at her.

'Nina is a master healer' Lilith replied. 'We used false names, aliases…to lure her here…because Ena is sick. She has been since she fought Freya that


'The false one' Gael spoke up.

'My sister' Nina hissed through her teeth. 'You murdered her.'

'No' Reuben said. 'That was Ena's doing. Though we would have done it ourselves if need be…if we were able…'

'I don't understand' Emma whispered to Lilith. 'You brought her here to heal Ena. Has she not done so?'

'No' Lilith answered quietly back. 'Ena is awake now yes. I don't know what Nina has done to her…but she is not the earth maiden anymore…she's lost her powers.'

Nina glanced to each of their faces in turn, Jaspin, Reuben, Aski, Gael, and finally Lilith.

'The five angels' she uttered. 'I curse you all…'

Chapter Thirty Nine

The Black Garden

Gerald stood at the window of their home, gazing with eyes unfocused up at the dark clouds above, though which the sunlight struggled to reach the earth.

Beside him standing silently, was the unnamed wolf-dog, white and light brown in colour, its nose and face bearing many old scars.

'Nina' Gerald spoke to the clouds. 'I hope you are well and come home soon…'

Nina sat in the chair, her wrists and ankles tied to the arms and legs.

She sat there rigid, staring hard at her own lap and clutching the arms of the chair tightly.

The angels were gathered all around her.

'You know' Gael began casually, kneeling before her, 'Ena is very dear to me. She is supposed to lead us to salvation. But if she is no longer the earth maiden, then she can't do that….can she?'

As he had been talking, Gael had touched her hand, running his fingers through hers, almost seductively.

'Hmmmmm' he sighed. 'What lovely hands you have.'

'Here is my proposition' Jaspin began, standing before her as Gael rose to his feet and drifted off. 'You. Undo what you have done. Make Ena the way she was before.'

'That's not much of a proposition' Nina spoke bravely. 'What's the benefit for me in all of this?'

'You get to live' Jaspin replied. 'I know it's not much.'

'Hm' Nina said shortly looking away.

'If you don't do for us what we want willingly, then we start breaking fingers.'

Nina glanced down to what Jaspin held in his hand, and saw he had there, a pair of pliers.

Her eyes flickered back up to his. Lilith stood behind him silently.

'If you do that' she began carefully, 'then how will I be able to do what you want me to?'

'I'm sure you will manage' Jaspin answered shortly. 'Needs must want.'

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