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   Chapter 145 No.145

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'You mean the darkening sky' Night replied.

'It is a strange thing' Nina said to him. 'A strange thing indeed.'

She too looked out of the window beside them, gazing at the heavy clouds above.

'I wonder now if things shall ever return to the way they were before' Nina said. 'The way they should be.'

'None could know' Night whispered gravely.

Nina turned to him, looking at him directly now. 'You have a patient for me' she enquired. 'Isn't that why I'm here?'

'It is' Night spoke slowly. 'She is upstairs resting. But let us finish our meal first; you have after all come a very long way to be here.'

The others ate only to pass the time, each of them constantly glancing towards Nina as she ate leisurely.

When the meal was over, everything was left on the table where it was, as Night led the way up the narrow stairs and to the floor above.

'She has been resting for a while now' Night said to Nina as she walked behind him, behind her, the others trailed slowly after. 'We want you to look at her, and see if you can wake her, and make her better again.'

'I will certainly do what I can' Nina replied in a level tone.

They walked the short distance down the wooden hall and to the room at the end. Night opened the door and stepped it, holding it open for Nina who followed in his footsteps.

Nina entered the small room, staring wide eyed at the figure that lay upon the bed.

The figure on the bed was abnormally tall and skinny; her long straight hair grew to ankle length and was coloured pale green.

Nina approached the figure.

'What is her name?' she asked delicately.

'Ena' Night replied.

'What is she to you?'

Night tilted his head, the others behind him waited in the corridor in silence.

'She is my sister' he answered.

'I see.'

Nina leant over the figure, studying her closely.

'How long has she been this way?'

'Just a few days.'

She nodded.

'I need a moment alone with her' Nina said.

Night hesitated. The others exchanged uncertain glances. Henna stared at Night worriedly.

'As you wish' he said after a time. 'We will be downstairs.'

He closed the door, leaving Nina and Ena alone together.

'What are you doing?' Neo hissed at him. 'Are you crazy? You can't trust her alone with Ena.'

'If she doesn't wake soon' Night replied, 'she's dead an


The five of them returned downstairs, Lael pausing at the bottom of the step and gazing back upstairs.

'What should we do now?' Neo asked.

Night stopped, standing staring into nothing in the middle of the room.

'Now?' he grumbled to them in a low voice. 'We wait.'

Igni stepped back, bowing his head in silence.

'I'm going to check on the others' Henna spoke quietly.

The others watched her in silence as she moved across the room, heading to the door behind which their new arrivals hid.

The others stood there, hovering about the room like spectres.

Lael leant against the balustrade at the bottom of the stairs, sighing heavily and crossing his arms.

'And now we wait…' he said.

Henna stepped into the next room. Emma glanced up nervously as the door opened, holding Polly tightly to her. The children Hector and Cynthia either side of her were frightened, and Charles who stood by the window gazing out, was calm.

Emma stared at Henna as she approached, and spoke.

'Shhh' Henna soothed in reply. 'Do not speak my true name.'

'What is happening?'

Henna smiled.

'We are trying to heal the earth maiden' she told her sadly. 'She is sick.'

Emma's jaw tightened then, and she hugged Polly tightly to her.

'What is going to happen to us?' she begged.

'Don't worry' Henna spoke with surety. 'We are together now.'

Outside this room, Neo stared at the closed door, through which Henna had gone through.

'I can't believe they found us' he said.

Igni glanced at him, but the others did not speak.

They waited at the bottom of the stairs for what must have been an hour, until Nina appeared.

They straightened, hearing the door to Ena's room opening, then footsteps. Nina stood at the top of the steps, staring down as she regarded the others. She descended the stairs.

'How is she?' Lael hastened, as Henna stepped into the room from the next.

Nina reached the bottom step, turning to him.

'She is well' Nina replied. 'She will wake very soon…just give her time.'

Lael opened his mouth as if to ask another question, then closed it again, holding his tongue.

'If all else is well' Nina said to the others, 'then I will take my leave.'

'Of course' Neo said, bowing his head to her and putting his hand on his heart. 'We thank you for travelling this way.'

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