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   Chapter 144 No.144

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'Our guest is coming early' Night informed her. 'She will be here in minutes. They must not be here' he indicated the new comers.'

'What's going on?' Emma whispered nervously.

'Everything is alright' Henna reassured her. 'I promise you, but you must stay here and hide. I will explain everything later.'

'Hide?' Emma repeated, visibly beginning to tremble.

'Do you trust me?' Henna asked her, grasping her by the shoulders firmly.

'Yes' Emma whispered.

'Come with me' Neo spoke up stepping forwards. 'I will show you where you will stay for now. But you must be very quiet. Do you understand?'

Emma nodded silently. Neo dipped his head in approval as Henna closed the front door. Neo led the new arrivals into the next room, whispering instructions to them briefly before backing out of the room and closing the door behind him.

'Everything is fine' he had said to them. 'We have everything under control, but you must stay here for a while…and be quiet. Can you do that?'

They all agreed, saying that they understood, and so Neo left them there to wait.

He had just returned to the entrance hall where the others stood, when there came a knock at the door.

Everybody tensed.

'She is here' Lael hissed.

Henna cast a glance feverishly at the door, hastily emptying her pockets of the coins and watches and jewellery she had stolen earlier that day and hiding them in a set of drawers near the door.

'Are we all ready?' Night asked the room as Henna checked herself in the mirror briefly, her white hair tied up neatly when it was usually left down.

Everyone wore now the new clothes they had bought, especially for the occasion. Their hair was washed and combed, their shoes polished, and Igni's red stone he wore around his neck glistened in the light that shone through one of the high windows in the small entrance hall.

Neo and Igni shared a glance; Lael clenched his fists as Night raised his head, addressing Henna.

'Open the door' he said to her. 'We don't want to keep her waiting.'

Henna moved to obey, grasping the handle and pulling the door too.

Before her on the steps stood a young woman, of slender frame, with long jet black hair.

'Hello Nina' Henna spoke. 'Please come in.'

'Where are you going?' Gerald asked.

'There is something I must do' Nina replied, leaning over her bag as she packed the last of what she might need.

'Who are you seeing?'

'I don't know.'

'When will you be back?'

'I don't know.'

Nina straightened again, turning back to Gerald. 'Are you worried

about me?'

He did not answer, only stared at her levelly.

'There's no need to worry' she told him. 'Everything will be alright.'

'These people…' Gerald continued as Nina moved about the room, 'I don't trust them, they to too secretive.'

'Are we not secretive?'

'I have a bad feeling about this' Gerald told her.

Nina stared at her own reflection in the mirror, before turning back to him.

'I'll only be gone a few days' she told him. 'There is no need to worry.'

'There is every need to worry.'

She smiled at him.

'Look after things while I'm gone' she said to him, moving across the dark kitchen towards him. 'You can do that cant you?'

'Yes Nina' he whispered back.

She stared at him, before smiling. 'I am a healer' she said to him. 'I still have to do my job.'

'But you don't know who you will be caring for this time?'

'No' Nina said moving away. 'All I know is that she is someone of great importance.'

Gerald narrowed his eyes suspiciously.

'Goodbye then' Nina said, patting the head of the brown and white wolf dog as she went by. She paused, lingering in the doorway and staring up at the dark sky above. 'I will see you next time' she said.

And she was gone.

'Welcome' Night said to her as she stepped into the entrance hall. 'We are honoured to have you here.'

Nina placed the bag that carried her supplies on the floor beside the door before straightening up again.

'I have travelled a long way' she said to the others.

'Of course' Night bowed to her. 'Come with me. Dinner is right this way.'

A moment later, and the six of them were sitting around the modest round table, with the hearth burning beside them. Everything looked exquisite, the cut wine glasses, the gold-edged plates and silver cutlery, and of course the food, which had taken a day and a night to cook and prepare.

Henna glanced to the window beside them, where could be seen the dark sky. It looked like midnight outside, when in fact it was still early in the day. She looked ahead again, considering their guest.

'This is my wife Henna' Night introduced, after Nina had eaten a few mouthfuls and satisfied her initial hunger.

'Please to meet you' Henna nodded on queue.

'And these are our friends' Night went on, indicating each in turn. 'Neo, Igni and Lael. And myself, my name is Night.'

'What strange names you all have' Nina said, placing her fork down upon the table and resting her hands upon her lap, leaning back against her seat. 'Though perhaps it's relevant now, with the turn of events.'

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