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   Chapter 143 No.143

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Igni was a tall man, with long black hair and light blue eyes. His skin was pale and his frame slender. Around his neck he wore a shining red stone that twinkled in the false light from above.

'Did all go well?' Igni asked her. 'Did you get everything we need?'

'We did' Henna replied. 'Everything is going well.'

'Excellent' Igni beamed turning back to the oven. 'Most excellent.' He stared through the glass for a moment before speaking again. '…I am hopeful……'

That evening, the five of them sat together before the burning hearth in the living room.

Night sat nearest the fire, staring unfocused into the burning flames. Henna lay on her side upon the sofa, and Neo, Igni and Lael were sitting on the floor before her.

Night spoke.

'Bloodsin. It's the name given when one of their kind betrays a human and turns them into one of their own.'

'What are they?' Henna asked tentatively.

'Ghouls' Night breathed.

'I've never heard of such a thing.'

'A ghoul' Night continued, 'is an evil spirit thought to rob graves and eat dead bodies…or……a person with an unhealthy interest in death.' He paused for a moment. 'These ghouls' he continued, 'look much like humans do, they can even trick humans into thinking them are like them. But they are different. In their pure form, many can have horns, sharp teeth…claws. They have different variations. But all share the same jet black eyes that give them away. Unless they can hide them.' He chewed his lip thoughtfully. 'They need human flesh to survive, and so live amongst them, pretending to be one of them.'

Lael held his knees, curled up on the floor before Henna he watched Night closely as he spoke.

'The story begins' Night spoke slowly, 'with a girl. She was normal in every sense of the word. She went to school, she had a family, she had hopes, dreams and fears…' he drew a deep breath. 'She was in love with a boy, who loved her in turn. The two had plans to get married, to share a home and make a life together. But it all went wrong. He was murdered…by ghouls. And shortly after his funeral, the girl…turned into one of them.' Night lifted the metal poker from beside the hearth, stabbing the fire with it. The fire crackled, and the logs burned bright. 'She was forced to leave her home, and live on the streets in a gang, where many ghouls clung to the night seeking their prey. One of the ghouls within this group was the one that had turned her. She pretended to lo

ve him, in order to get close to him, and when she could, she drove a knife through his heart, killing him instantly.'

Henna leant on the arm of the sofa, resting her cheek upon her folded arms. She watched Night, listening closely to his tale.

'This girl, now a ghoul' Night went on, 'left the group and made her way alone in the world, until she was picked up by a family and adopted. They cared for her for many years, until something came.'

Night continued with his story for a long while. The others listening in complete silence. When he had finished, the silence stretched on.

'Do they really exist?' Henna asked him, finally speaking up. 'Are ghouls real?'

'No' Night replied sombrely. 'They are just stories…'

Neo and Igni exchanged a glance, and Lael tilted his head back to the ceiling, where a figure slept in the room above.

'I hope she gets better' he lamented. 'I don't know what I shall do without her…'

They went to bed shortly after, waking early in the morning. They made preparations for their important guest.

Henna sat on the edge of the bed in her nightdress staring out the window. She did not notice the morning chill as she sat there in her trance. Her mind was far away.

'Henna' a voice interrupted her thoughts. It was Igni. 'Are you going to sit there all day? We've things to do.'

'I'm sorry' Henna replied glancing back at him. 'I was just…worrying.'

Igni hesitated then, hand resting on the doorframe. 'We are all worried' he told her softly. 'Come on' he said. 'It's time you left this room.'

Shortly after, Henna was wandering the streets. She had been doing so for several minutes, when she suddenly passed a figure she recognised. She paused, turning back.


Emma on hearing her name being spoken, turned back, the children Cynthia, Polly and Hector following closely after her, with Charles by her side. They all stared at her now.

Emma suddenly recognising her let out a sob, moving towards her and falling into her arms.

Henna held her close, held her tightly, cheek resting on her forehead.

'It's alright' she said to Emma who began to cry. 'Everything is alright…'

She returned home immediately, bringing Emma, Charles and the three children with her.

Igni greeted them in the door, staring in shock at the new arrivals.

'They can stay' Henna told him. 'They are one of our own.'

Behind Igni, Lael, Neo and Night appeared, lingering at a distance.

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