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   Chapter 141 No.141

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Emma stared at him in shock, recognising him suddenly.


Charles raised his head slightly, recognition sparking in his eyes.

'…Emma…?' he mumbled. 'I thought you were dead.'

'I thought they had killed all with the sickness' Emma replied in shock.

'Not me' Charles replied. 'Not me…'

'Charles!' Hector ran from behind Emma's skirt and into his arms, hugging him tightly.

Charles reached down and held him in turn.

'I'm so glad you're safe!' Hector cried.

'I am glad too' Charles answered quietly. He looked up at Emma then. 'I'm glad the children are safe' he told her.

'We're getting out of here' Emma said.

'Where?' he asked her. 'Where are we going?'

'The temple' Emma pointed to the hill behind him. 'That's where the angels went. We have to find them.'

Charles glanced back at the temple, which looked small down here from where they stood, before facing Emma again.

'The angels would probably have moved on by now' he said to her. 'Who knows where they are now?'

'We have to try' Emma said defiantly, tears brimming in her eyes. 'Everyone else here is dead. All of our own people…they've even killed the animals.'

'I don't care about the animals' Charles grumbles back as Hector let go of him, stepping away.

'They killed the horses' Emma finished, 'and took the healthy ones away.'

'Don't care.'

'We could have used them!' Emma argued.

Charles turned away.

'We have to go to the temple' Emma said to him again. 'We have to try. We have to find the angels…it's the best chance we have. I don't know where else they might be if not up there.'

'They're gone' Charles repeated. 'If they were there, then they would have stopped this slaughter.'

'And the flower maiden?' Emma asked stubbornly. 'What of her?'

'Gone' Charles said, '…with the angels…'

Emma glared at him silently. She stormed past him, the children following after. Hector's gaze lingered on him as he walked on.

Charles stared at the ground. After a time, he turned and followed the others, up the hill and to the temple.

They reached the top of the hill, and stepped through the open temple doors.

'I told you' Charles droned, though he took no pleasure in being right. 'I told you this place would be empty. It's like I said…' he folded his arms, leaning back against the wall. 'They are not here.'

Emma drifted forwards, staring mournfully at the stained glass depiction of a blue a

nd white flower set high in the wall before her.

'What do we do?' she pleaded, speaking to no one in particular. 'How do we find them now?' she despaired.

'I'm hungry' Cynthia sobbed.

'Me too' Hector added.

Emma glanced down at Polly who stood by her side, clutching onto her dress with one tiny hand. Though she said nothing. Emma smiled down at her.

'There is a town near here' Charles said to Emma. 'It's not far. We've no money but…' he fell silent for a moment. 'It's probably the best place to be now. I'm sure we'll figure something out when we get there.'

In the town nearest the temple, rumours began to spread.

'Did you hear?' one person said to another. 'About the slaughter; the slaughter that happened to the plains? All those innocent people…'

'I hear it was one side of the church that is responsible' another man said. 'But why? Why did they do it?'

Sitting in a café, at a table out on the streets, a woman with pure white hair listened to these rumours spoken, the voices drifting in the air around her. She listened intently.

'Mama' said a young girl, sitting at a table nearby. 'Are we safe here? What is going to happen to us? What is going to happen in the future?'

The woman with white hair looked away, her mind becoming blurry. She did not hear the mother's reply.

She glanced up then, seeing a figure striding towards her. She put the book down she had been reading, and straightened up.

'I'm glad you're back at last Night' she said to the man. 'I was beginning to worry.'

Night stopped by her table, smiling down at her. 'There is nothing to worry about' he said to her.

'On the contrary…'

Night stared down at her with steely grey eyes, his grey hair tied neatly back now. He looked handsome in the fine clothes he wore now, like a gentleman.

'Henna' he said to her, offering his arm.

Henna rose from her seat, leaving the book where it lay and taking his hand. She patted her deep maroon and black dress briefly, before lifting her head. She and Night made their way through the town. It was fairly busy in the streets today, and the roads were crowded. The pair stopped at the edge of the street as horses and carriages trundled past in both directions, waiting for a gap before marching quickly forwards, and slowing again when they where back off the road.

They made their way down one path. Henna bumped into someone as they went.

'I'm so sorry sir!'

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