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   Chapter 140 No.140

The Black and White Angel By Lady Lilium Characters: 4898

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'We cannot let them escape!' Emma heard one of the enemy soldiers hollered. 'Some of them have the sickness. They must be contained!'

'Come on!' Emma cried, seizing the chance and making a break for it. 'We have to go now!'

She ran forwards as fast as she could; pausing only once to glance around her and let the children catch up, still holding Polly in her arms.

All around them people were dying. Blood and death and the sounds of bodies being pierced and cries of pain and despair, it was all she could hear.

'Just kill them!' one man shouted. 'Kill them all! We cannot let them escape!'

One man fell beside her. Emma quickly looked away before she could recognise him, before she saw anymore, before she saw the light in his eyes burn out.

She hugged Polly tightly to her, making for the rocks before them, just beyond an open stretch of land. A place surrounded by trees. A place where they could hide.

'Quickly!' she called to the children, never taking her eyes from the spot. 'We can make it!'

She stumbled to a halt then, faced by a soldier who raised his sword to her.

Emma drew a sharp intake of breath, turning and holding the children to her, shielding them with her body and waiting for the blow which never came.

When she glanced back, she saw that the man had been killed. Attacked from behind by an ally when he was about to strike them. He lay face down now with a knife in his back. The man that had saved them reached for the knife, pulling it back out of the dead man and sparing the terrified huddle the briefest of glances.

There was a sudden explosion from nearby. Emma was buffeted to the side, and when she looked up next, she saw the man that had saved them was gone, along with their chance to escape.

Emma watched in horror as she saw the path before them was blocked. The fires were spreading all around, and already the trees she had been running towards were roaring like a blazing inferno. The thin dry leaves catching the fire quickly and helping it spread.

Emma gave a sob of despair, holding the children to her.

All around she saw their allies slaughtered, the innocent and helpless. That man who tried to attack them did so without a moment's hesitation. Emma was sure that if that man had not been stopped, that they would all be lying dead in the earth, as that man was now.

'Why?' Emma pleaded, hugging Polly to her who had not dared look up the entire time. 'W

hy is this happening to us?'

As she looked at the death and destruction all around her, she was struck with a wild idea.

'Get down!' she yelled at Polly, putting her down. 'Lie down!'


'Play dead' Emma hissed urgently. 'It's the only way we might escape.'

Hector instantly fell over, lying flat on the ground, Cynthia following suit.

'We will get out of this' Emma whispered to Polly, grasping her by the shoulders. 'Trust me.'

Polly hesitated for only a moment longer, before lying down, near Hector and Cynthia.

'Good children' Emma whispered backing away. 'Good children.'

She gained some distance from them, before lying down herself, and becoming still.

She let out a sigh, and closed her eyes.

For the longest time the four of them listened to the cries of those around, listened to the raging fires, the clash of steel, and heard at last the din began to die down.

But still they did not move from where they lay.

And here they stayed, for a day and a night, until Emma at last deemed it safe to move.

She lifted her head, pushing herself gingerly up and gazing wide eyed all around her.

Seeing Emma move, Polly immediately began to cry. Hector and Cynthia sat up, rubbing their aching bodies as Emma went over to comfort Polly.

'Hush child. We are safe now.'

'They're dead' Hector mumbled, looking all around him at the smoking bodies. Even the ground he had laid on was soaked with blood. 'They're all dead…'

'Don't look' Emma hissed at him, rising and carrying Polly in her arms. 'Just keep your head down. We're getting out of here.'

The two children hurried after as Emma briskly made her way away. Hector tried to keep his eyes to the ground, but the bodies were everywhere, and he could not help himself seeing the dead faces staring back at him.

'They're gone' Emma uttered. 'The men that imprisoned us. They're all gone. It should be safe for us.'

She lowered her head, mumbling comforting words into Polly's ear, before looking up again.

They were nearing the edge of the camp, and were nearly free of the carnage, when a figure stepped out before them.

Emma gasped, stepping back and holding Polly tightly to her. Hector and Cynthia immediately ran behind her, clinging to her skirt in fear.

The figure turned to them. His body was hunched over, bearing unseen injury, and there was a bloody mark upon his forehead, the blood running down his face.

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