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   Chapter 139 No.139

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Gerald approached the patio, coming up behind her.

'Nina' he spoke gently.

The only indication that she had heard him, was a slight turn of the head. It was ever so slight, Gerald might have missed it.

'I want life to continue as normal' Nina spoke in a far away voice. 'I want to act as if nothing has happened…as if my sister were still alive.'


'It's the only way I can deal with this pain…'

Gerald walked around her, kneeling before her chair and taking her hands in his.

'I will do…whatever you ask of me' he spoke sincerely to her. 'If you asked me to die, if you asked me to go to the ends of the earth…then I would do that…for you.'

'I know you would' Nina whispered back. 'I never doubted you. Not even for a moment.'

She shivered then, letting out a deep breath that fogged in the air before her.

'It's getting colder' she said.

'I know' Gerald replied. 'I noticed it too.'

Gerald raised his head, looking to the beautiful garden around them.

'Where are the green finches?' he asked. 'They should be out by now.'

'No' Nina whispered, opening her other hand, revealing a dead finch lying in her palm. 'They too were claimed by the sickness.'

Gerald stared down at the small lifeless body if the finch, revealing nothing in his expression.

'It's not just the birds' Nina said in a distant voice, 'it's the plants also. Look' she said. 'Over there.'

Gerald turned, seeing the white roses near them. They had wilted; several had black marks staining them, marks that looked like mould, creeping up the flowers.

'They kill the plants too' Nina mumbled sadly. 'They will kill everything in the end' she told him, 'even us.'

'What do you want to do?' Gerald asked her.

'Nothing' Nina replied. 'Nothing at all, but act as if everything is normal, and continue on with life as best we can…for as long as we can…… It's what she would have wanted.'

'Where are we going?' Cynthia hissed, following closely behind Emma.

'We have to get out of here' Emma replied, moving around the supply wagons at the edge of the camp.

They had managed to get as far away from the main huddle as they could. Now Emma knelt in a narrow gap between two wagons, holding onto the large wheel beside her for support.

'I don't know if this is a good idea' Cynthia worried. 'What if they catch us? What if they kill us?'

Emma turned to her, still holding the frightened Polly close to her.

'If we stay' she

whispered, 'we are sure to be killed. I don't know what they want with us. I don't know why they guard us like they do, but I know it's bad news.'

Emma leant forwards, holding Cynthia's face tenderly.

'The longer we stay, the harder it could be to escape' she told the girl. 'We have to leave when we can. No one has caused trouble yet. As soon as our own men start fighting back…' she broke off. 'I hate to think of what might happen' she finished, biting her lip. 'Now is our best chance. We have to take it.'

Hector who had been listening silently turned away then, seeing something in the distance.

'I think it's too late' he said.

Emma raised her head. Eyes wide in fear at what she was seeing.

A group of her alleys were moving in a group, heading to the edge of the circle that contained them. They were too far away for Emma to reach, but from where she stood, she could see some of the men bearing black marks upon their skin. The sickness. The ones that had slipped the net.

They were going to give their lives to free the others.

'Listen to me' Emma spoke hurriedly to the children, tears of fear brimming in her eyes. 'We will get through this. We will survive, but we have to be strong.'

'I'm scared' Polly sobbed.

'We have to be strong' Emma repeated harshly. 'It's the only way we can escape.'

They heard shouts coming from afar.

Emma raised her head, eyes wide, to see the first man draw blood before her.

She blinked. Emma watched as the host of men she saw attacked a small group of the enemy soldiers that were guarding them. She saw them fall, saw the blood rain. She instantly held onto the girls, holding her hands over their eyes to they could not see.

Hector however, saw everything. He stared impassive as he watched their own men drew bloodied swords from the corpses of their enemies.

'Perhaps it will be enough' he mumbled under his breath, speaking almost as if to himself, like he was in a dream. 'Maybe…we can defeat them…'

Emma watched him with fear, still kneeling between the wagons. She heard a horn sound. The alarm had been raised, and suddenly, the noise increased.

People shouted orders, screamed in panic, in anger, in defiance. Those that were not afraid to die, those infected by the sickness who had not been noticed yet, fought hardest of all, and as Emma watched from her hiding place, she thought for a moment that they had a chance. But their captors were rallying.

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