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'Protection and love' Nina replied. A sneer passed her lips. But it was only for an instant. 'Lies' Nina whispered, speaking calmly. 'They are all lies. She would lead many to their deaths…the angels that follow her also…so loyal….but it does not matter………not to her, nothing matters.'

She paused then, bowing her head.

'Poor Freya' she whispered. 'She was so frightened. She knew she was going to die when…' she broke off suddenly. 'It's so unfair' she moaned. 'It's so unfair. Freya didn't deserve this. Freya was good. She….she only meant well….she didn't deserve to die so violently…to have her life cut short when she was still so young.'

'What will you do?' Gerald asked her, speaking in a low voice. 'Will you act upon this?'

'No' Nina whispered. 'I dare not. I dare not to even visit her grave, for fear of meeting them.'

'Do you believe they will have an interest in you?'

Nina shook her head slowly, not looking at Gerald. 'Who knows what those creatures think. I do not believe they are even from this earth. I believe they were born in the heavens, but were fallen from grace when they betrayed god.' She paused then. 'Usurpers' she whispered narrowing her eyes. 'They have no place in heaven or on earth.'

Emma clutched Polly to her. The terrified child huddled into Emma, too scared to look up as she hid her face from the world. Emma held her tightly, sitting on the ground with Hector and Cynthia either side of her. Emma tensed suddenly, glancing up nervously as a soldier passed her by. He was one of those that had trapped them here, one of the ones that guarded them now. His gaze lingered on her as he went, before moving on.

'What's going to happen to us?' Hector asked her in a quietly. 'Are they going to hurt us?'

'I don't know' Emma answered back in a hushed voice. 'I don't know…'

'I'm scared' Cynthia sobbed, shuddering as she held onto Emma.

'Don't be' Emma cooed back, reaching out to caress her cheek tenderly. 'We are together aren't we?'

Cynthia nodded sadly.

Emma patted the child's head gently, before looking away again, towards the soldier that had passed them, and beyond, to a small group that surrounded some of the other men.

Samuel was one of the men standing, the man that had carried Freya from the temple; the man that had held her, as she died in his arms. Her General, and one of Freya's most loyal men.

'Freya's death will not be forgotten' he growled. 'Freya will be avenged.'

Around him, his soldiers watched. Christophe bowed his head slightly, staring intently at the men before them, the men they surrounded. The men on their knees.

'What will we do with them?' one of Samuel's holy men asked him.


kneeling men stared back at the others, waiting for the reply, waiting for whatever was to happen to them.

Samuel stood over them, taller than the rest of the men around him.

'Look' he indicated one of the men.

The man raised his head, gritting his teeth with hatred in his eyes. There was no fear in him

'Look at his flaking skin' Samuel said. 'And this one' he said pointing to another. 'He shivers, and is pale.' He grimaced then. 'They are sick' he finished turning his back. 'Kill them to end their suffering. And kill the sick horses too, and the livestock and dogs. Anything you find with the sickness…we don't want it to spread.'

'Yes sir' Christophe nodded as Samuel marched away. He drew his sword and stepped forward with several other of the men.

Emma placed her hands over Cynthia and Hector's eyes, turning their heads away so that they could not see.

When the deed was done, Christophe went to join Samuel again.

'Why would Ena want to keep these men alive?' Samuel asked him as Christophe sat beside him on the wooden bench, 'and the animals too. Why would she allow creatures to live and suffer like this?'

Christophe heaved a heavy sigh, leaning forwards and resting his elbows on his knees. He suddenly felt very very tired.

'I don't know' he groaned. 'Perhaps she thought that she could help them.'

'No' Samuel shook his head wearily. 'No. Those with the sickness…' he trailed off for a moment, chewing his lip in thought. 'They cannot be helped' he finished, before bowing his head and falling silent.

It was daytime, or at least it should have been. The dark clouds above had only grown thicker, manifested the darkness as they grew like a plague. Thicker, always growing thicker, growing darker, and casting the world into shadow.

Nina leant back in her seat, a wicker chair with a high back, lined with cushions to make it softer. She gripped the arms of the chair as she sat there, closing her eyes slowly and breathing a heavy sigh. It was cold. She wore a shawl draped across her shoulders, but none the less she shivered. There were goose bumps over her arms, but she did nothing to try to warm herself.

Gerald stepped into the garden, standing at the end of the winding stone path that led to the patio in which Nina sat in silence. He stood there for a moment, watching her, thinking.

After a time he decided to make himself known, and he took his step forward, passing the nameless wolf-hybrid that clung to the shadows, lying down tucked beneath a hedge. The creature watched him with deep eyes as Gerald went by, completely ignoring the beast. The hybrid lowered its head again, resting its jaw upon the ground, utterly silent.

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