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   Chapter 137 No.137

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'There's an army' he stammered. 'It's them! They're coming this way!'

Emma placed him on the ground quickly, lifting Polly instead and grabbing Cynthia's hand.

'Where are we going?' Polly sobbed, frightened as the people began to panic around them, shouting to one another and running in all directions.

'We have to get out of here' Emma hastened, pulling Cynthia with her as she marched on. 'Hector! Keep up!'

Hector hurried, struggling to keep her in sight as Emma fought her way through the crowd.

'Where will we go?!' he shouted up at her.

'Away! Anywhere! Anywhere we can go. We must hide. Live!'

Hector stumbled, righting himself and jogging on. He reached out and grasped the hem of her dress, holding on tightly so that he wouldn't lose her as they fought their way through the rushing crowd.

Around them they saw several men mounting their horses, forgetting all their personal belongings, forgetting even their weapons.

'Why won't they fight?!' Hector spoke up. 'Why?! Are they afraid?' Hector gritted his teeth, tears of fear brimming in his eyes. 'Where are the angels?!' he called out. 'Where is the maiden?! They are supposed to protect us!'

Emma cast a desperate glance back at him, clutching Polly to her and never letting go of Cynthia's hand, who began to cry and sob in fear.

Emma paused for a moment and looking all around her, wondering where to go.

She made to go forwards again, seeing in the distance men riding away.

Emma pulled back suddenly, hearing shouts before her. She watched closely, as several mounted soldiers fell from their horses.

'They're ahead of us!' Emma realised with horror. 'The enemy. They've circled us. We're trapped here!'

Instead of running, Emma knelt, hugging the children to her, pulling Hector close to her and simply waiting as screams ensued all around them.

Their own people were pushed back, and as the vast net of swords and bows were closed in around them, Emma looked up.

She saw the wall of enemy soldiers marching forwards.

Her breath caught in her throat as she clutched the children tighter to her in dread, watching the armed soldiers drawing ever closer. But they did not attack.

As one of the men drew close enough to strike her, he stopped then. Hector dared to look up, glancing around Emma's body as she knelt holding all of them to her.

The soldier did not attack, only stood over them, revealing nothing in his expression.

After a time he looked away, towards the other soldiers who advanced, tightening the net further. As Emma watched, she saw that only the men who fought

back were attacked and killed. Those that lay down their arms and submitted were ignored.

They're guarding us Emma realised with mounting fear. They're keeping us. But why? What for? What do they want?

Gerald stirred the liquid in the glass with a silver spoon, moving across the kitchen and handing the glass to Nina.

She took it silently, sitting back in the large wooden chair with a black shawl wrapped around her body to keep her shoulders covered, still in the deep emerald dress she had worn to the party. The house was cold. The large windows rattled as the wind blew, the air outside was chilly and the night dark.

Through the window, shining between a sliver in the clouds, the moon fought to be seen. By this faintest light, Gerald used to see his way through the dark kitchen, throwing fire upon the hearth and lighting it. The wooden shavings quickly caught the flames, and the larger pieces of wood began to burn.

Gerald straightened up, moving away as the kitchen was cast into a golden glow. Nina closed her eyes, looking for a moment as if she were in peace, basking in the fire's warmth. The wolf hybrid hung at the edge of the kitchen, sitting in the open doorway just out of reach of the fire's light, though its white coat could still be seen as a white haze in the dark.

Gerald pulled up a chair, the wooden legs scraping on the tiled floor as he moved to sit next to Nina.

She opened her eyes.

Gerald waited for her to speak, leaning forwards in his chair with his elbow resting on his knee.

'It isn't fair' she whispered at last. 'It isn't fair. Freya was……Freya was…'

Nina bowed her head, drawing in a shuddering breath and trying to compose herself, trying to control herself, not to let her emotions break free. So often she fought to keep herself in check, her anger and sorrow trapped behind high walls. Always.

'How could they…' Nina whispered, 'how could they do this?'

'Who?' Gerald asked her. 'Who has done this?'

'The angels' Nina breathed, 'and…the one….the….flower maiden she calls herself……Ena is her name, though she has several.' Nina paused, her body still, her mind deep in thought. 'The angels…there are only five of them left. They call her Ena. Her family…are dead…she killed them all herself….they called her Kyrah. Lotus is the name she is given by the holy figures, the men and women, the soldiers that follow her, a name that to her symbolises the afterlife. And Zen, is the name known by everyone else. This name symbolises the earth.'

'And her other names?' Gerald asked. 'Ena and Kyrah? What do they symbolise?'

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