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   Chapter 136 No.136

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'I do not see her' he observed, turning his head slowly to the side.

The young servant turned then as another servant appeared, one a little older.

'I'm sorry to bother you' the second servant bowed as he spoke to Gerald. 'She has left. One of the coachman said she headed back home.'

Gerald furrowed his brow, grinding his teeth.

'Thank you' he said back to the man. 'You may go now.'

'Will you be going home now?' the older servant asked him. 'Should I get a carriage ready?'

'Yes' Gerald mumbled. 'Yes. You do that.' He looked away again. 'I'll be along in a moment.'

The older servant bowed now, turning and walking away to ready another carriage. The young servant hung back, watching Gerald in case of further order. When none came, he too moved away and left.

Gerald hardly noticed either of them leave. Instead his attention was fixed on the crowd before him.

'Nina' he whispered. 'What has happened……what do you know?'

He left the celebration shortly after. Hardly anyone noticed him leave. They were all distracted with their own fun. And that was the way Gerald wanted it to be.

It was dark outside, and he marched down the steps from the manor, his footsteps crunching on the gravel beneath him as he went, heading towards the waiting carriage.

Either side of him were large gardens with well tended hedges and flower beds, all invisible now in the gloom. There were ponds and lakes. Gerald could hear the trickle of a fountain as water from a statue was sprayed upwards, falling into pool below.

The carriage rocked as he climbed into it. The footman closing the door behind him as the driver snapped the reins, urging the horses onwards.

'Where too sir?' the driver of the carriage asked, speaking through the slit behind him as the carriage trundled onwards.

'Home' Gerald answered shortly, sitting back with his arms crossed and his mind a haze. 'And be quick' he added. 'I need to see her soon.'

The journey was fairly short, but took them through rocky landscape and forests. When they reached their destination, Gerald rose before the carriage stopped, opening the door himself and stepping out.

'Return to the party' Gerald told the driver, handing him a small pouch of coins. 'Explain my absence to anyone who asks.'

'Of course' the driver bowed. 'And thank you.'

Gerald nodded mutely as the driver snapped the reins. The two black stallions that pulled the carriage trotted away, heads held high. They disappeared into the night.

Gerald let out a weary sigh, turning towards the dark manor that loomed over him n

ow, a formidable building, and a gloomy one, especially on dark nights like these.


Gerald had lived here for many years, having inherited it from his own father after his death. Now this vast property, and all the wealth that came with it, was his to own. He only shared it with one other.

Gerald approached the wrought iron gates, opening them slowly; they creaked on their hinges as he shut them behind him. On hearing this, the hounds that were kept in the kennels out back began to howl. These were the hounds used to hunt foxes and deer in the woods nearby. They would also deter intruders; their calls alone were enough to do so.

The garden at the front was relatively small, with only a few neatly kept hedges and flower beds, a lot like the garden of the manor he had just left.

Gerald approached the steps at the entrance, opening the front door and stepping in. The entrance hall inside was completely dark, the rooms were vast and the ceilings tall. Gerald heard a sound then. The sound of a door creaking as it was pushed open. The sounds of nails on wooden floors, coming down the stairs, then a low growl, as the creature came closer.

'Down' Gerald commanded in a firm voice.

The wolf hybrid immediately became submissive, puppy like, as it crouched its body, ears back and wagging its tail in circles. Gerald ignored it, marching past and up the stairs. He went to the bedroom, seeing a figure sitting back in the chair, watching the door as if waiting for him.

Gerald stepped into the dark room, moving closer to the figure.

'Nina' he said. 'What has happened? Why did you leave?'

'Gerald' Nina spoke slowly. 'I have some bad news. Freya…she's dead.'

Emma woke to the sound of shouting in the distance. She opened her eyes slowly, lifting her head up as she listened closely.

There was shouting, and then, panicked cries.

Emma whipped around, still holding the girls close to her, she saw in the distance towards the hills, people beginning to run, some grabbing weapons and hollering, others simply fleeing.

She rose swiftly, placing Polly firmly on the ground and standing on her tip toes, trying to see over the heads of the crowd that stood around her.

'I can't see' she hissed to herself. 'What's going on?'

'Quick' Hector said moving up to her. 'Lift me on your shoulders.'

Emma did so hastily, grabbing him and lifting him up.

'What is it?' Emma asked him, voice shaking slightly as she held him in place. 'What do you see?'

Hector was silent. Emma as she held him could feel his body tense.


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