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   Chapter 134 No.134

The Black and White Angel By Lady Lilium Characters: 5040

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'She trusted you' Christophe went on, 'above all others.' He fell silent as he let his words sink in. 'She would have wanted you to lead her men' he finished. 'To whatever end.' Christophe took a deep breath. 'Our men' he said, 'will be loyal to her to the bitter end.' He bowed his head, gazing at Samuel deeply. 'Many of our men believe she is still alive' he finished, 'and that her spirit speaks to you. Whatever command you give us, will be as good as if it came from her own mouth.' Christophe waited a moment. 'You're words' he said, 'are now hers too.'

'My words?' Samuel repeated again. '…Yes…'

He straightened up, looking at Christophe properly now.

'We must not lose focus' Samuel said. 'We must hunt down these angels, and kill them and their maiden, before they cause any further harm.' He gritted his teeth, balling his fists as he was consumed by a sudden wave of anger. 'We must kill them' he said, 'before they harm anyone else.'

'What of her army?'

'We must try to save them if we can. She promises them a new life after this one? This is folly' he growled. 'Many are willing to die for this lie.'

'Do you really think it is a lie?' Christophe asked.

'Of course' Samuel replied shortly. 'How could anyone know what will come after this life. There is no way that even she could ever know.'

Samuel returned to his men a short while later. Every one of them stood to attention facing him, listening closely for what he was about to say.

'We must call on the rest of the men' Samuel told them. 'We will go beyond the mountains where this army waits.'

'What will we do?' one of the other soldiers spoke up. 'Will we fight them?'

'No' Samuel shook his head. 'We will only guard them. We wish for no more to die, but her army must do no more damage, to themselves or to us.'

'What if they resist us?' the same man spoke.

Samuel bowed his head. He cast his hand out, barking a command.

'Summon the others' her ordered. 'We will surround this army and keep them where they are. We need no more joining their cause. As for the angels and this other maiden, we will hunt them down and find them no matter the cost.'

The men all bowed to him. One of them, a messenger, ran to get a horse. Mounting quickly he wheeled the mare around, kicking his heels into the creature's flank and moving away, wanting to move fast though he could not. The world around them was as dark as the heart of a cave, and the messenger could only move at a trot, lighting his way with the bu

rning torch he carried.

The others stayed behind, to wait for the arrival of the rest of their army. In the meantime, Samuel waited with them, his profile dark and brooding. He clung to the trees around him, deep in thought for their immediate future.

A short distance away, Christophe watched him in silence as Samuel muttered to himself.

'Kill the angels' Samuel whispered, '…kill the maiden….'

When the darkness came, and the clouds above thickened in seconds to great rolling masses that blocked out the sky completely, people all over the world grew frightened. And when night fell, their terror increased tenfold. Even Ena's army was afraid. Afraid of what they didn't know, afraid of the sudden change, afraid of the sudden absence of the angels and the maiden they followed. The maiden so many had already died for.

Even Ena's army was afraid. And they began to fight amongst themselves.

'We're all going to die!' a man screamed. 'Ena has left us! The angels have left us!'

He was backhanded hard by one of the other men, a leading figure. A General.

'Keep yourself together man' the General hissed. 'We have to stay calm! For the sake of the others!'

As the unfortunate soul was subdued, Emma listened to their fading cries; sitting huddled together in the crowd. The only lights that shone now were from the torches. If not for them, their world would have been utterly dark.

'What is going to happen to us?' spoke a timid voice. 'Are we going to die?'

Emma turned to face the frightened girl beside her.

'No Cynthia' Emma replied. 'We are going to live.'

'Is it true the angels have left us?' the young boy beside her spoke. 'And the earth maiden also?'

'I don't know' Emma said, addressing the young boy called Hector. 'But we must not lose faith.'

'What about me?' an older boy spoke up glumly, turning towards her. He had been sitting a short distance away, but was listening intently. 'Am I…going to live…?'

Charles was a boy who had lived his entire life not knowing his parents. He had lived on the streets, and had lived a hard life. He was probably about seventeen. He did not know when his birthday was.

'Am I' he asked again, 'going to live?'

Emma watched him sadly. Even in the faint light flickering from the torches around them, his face could be seen clearly enough. The sickness could be recognised. His pale skin was flaking away, and the gruesome black veins had crept as far as his cheeks, looking almost like the patterns on a leaf.

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