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   Chapter 131 No.131

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It was a magnificent thing to see.

'I've never witnessed such a thing' Lilith breathed, moving up the steps and closer to the glass, holding her hands over her heart. 'Such a magnificent design.'

Behind her, Aski drifted away, following Reuben's path as he wandered to the other rooms within the large temple.

Jaspin approached Lilith, standing by her side. The two were now alone.

'What do you think is going to happen?' Lilith asked.

'One of them will die' Jaspin replied in a dead tone. 'The two have never met before. This will be the first time…and the last. One of them will die' he repeated. 'One of them…will not leave this temple.'

'What…?' Lilith whispered. 'What will happen…if it's Ena?' she turned to Jaspin then, eyes large and shimmering. 'What if Ena is the one who is killed?' she asked. 'What will happen to us?'

Jaspin stared at her for a moment, mouth half open as he frowned. He swallowed then, turning away and looking to the floor. He did not meet her gaze as he spoke.

'If Ena is the one to die…then…we will die with her.'

He breathed slowly.

'Freya will not allow us to escape. If Ena is killed…well…no doubt that when she gets here with her soldiers, she will command them to surround this temple, all the doors…all the windows...' he blinked slowly. 'She will kill us all. One by one. If Ena does not leave this temple…than neither do we.'

Lilith stifled a sob, turning away and clapping a hand over her mouth, tears running down her cheeks.

'I'm afraid' Lilith whispered. 'I'm afraid of death…afraid of what I don't know.'

She felt a hand touch her shoulder then, turning to face Jaspin, who smiled at her kindly.

'Do not be frightened' she spoke calmly to her. 'If we are all to die here today, then we go wherever Ena goes. To another palace.'

Lilith stared into his face. His grey eyes were gentle, his expression was tender.

'Are you not afraid?' she asked him. 'Even in the slightest?'

Jaspin blinked to her.

'No' he said. 'Not in the slightest.

Lilith bowed her head.

'I'm sorry. I'm sorry for being weak.'

'It's only natural to feel this way' Jaspin said, letting go of her and turning to face the great stained glass window before them. 'Things are different now' he said to her. 'We are no longer bound to each other. When next I fight...yo

u will join me.'

'Yes' Lilith breathed. 'I want that…'

'If Ena dies, and we are bound to die too…then we die fighting.'

'Yes' Lilith said again. 'I want that.'

Reuben wandered through the lonely temple. He had been to many temples in his life, but this one felt different. It was a vast building, with many rooms. But the rooms were empty, and the place felt neglected. Perhaps it had once been a building where many people came to, prayed at, filled with holy figures that blessed the people that passed through their doors. But it was clear at a glance, that those days were long gone.

Reuben saw the little cracks in the rock here and there; the little details told the observant its story. At first glance this was a grand building, but on closer inspection, it was a sad building.

Reuben tilted his head as he saw a sliver of green through the crack. He saw a fuzzy caterpillar sitting upon the wall nearby.

He craned his head back then, seeing in the rafters above him, several nests, which were now empty. Reuben recognised them as swallows nests.

He walked on, coming to a small stream that ran into the temple, forming a shallow pool.

Reuben sat on the low wall, leaning back on his palm and gazing into the water, where he saw hidden amongst the thick moss, little newts, hanging in the water.

He stared into the pool for a time, until Aski found him.

Sitting beside Reuben, Aski leant back, hugging his knee to him.

'Are you afraid?' he spoke at last to Reuben.

'No' Reuben answered quietly, his voice echoing in the still and empty hall.

'I am.'

Reuben stared into the water for several seconds, before turning to him.

'I want to see Vera again' Aski whispered. 'More than anything.'

Reuben watched him silently. He did not speak.

'Do you think we will die here today?' Aski spoke tentatively.

'No' Reuben answered shortly, 'because I have complete faith in Ena.'

Aski listened, staring at the ground beneath him.

'She is here' he breathed, sensing it at the same time as Reuben.

The two rose to their feet then, doing so simultaneously. They marched swiftly down the corridor, moving with purpose, as they headed to the centre of the temple, where the largest room was.

'The false one' Reuben grumbled. 'I knew she would not waste time in getting here.'

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