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   Chapter 130 No.130

The Black and White Angel By Lady Lilium Characters: 4911

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Later that day, a messenger rode to speak to them. Jaspin met him before he could reach their people.

'Keep your distance' Jaspin had snarled. 'You are an enemy here.'

'I come here only with peaceful intentions' the messenger said to him, his horse tossing its head and prancing on the spot, nervous before the winged angel that faced them.

'Then why do you come here so armed and armoured?'

The messenger removed his helmet, seeing the angel before him clearly now.

'Is it wrong for me to take precautions?' he asked Jaspin.

'I could kill you either way' Jaspin hissed.

'It's alright' Ena said to him, appearing from his side. 'Let him speak.'

Jaspin glanced to her as she approached, stepping back as she sauntered closer to the messenger, doing so without fear.

The other four angels trailed after her as she approached the soldier.

Ena stopped beside the horse, staring up at its rider.

'You wished to speak with me?'

'Freya' the messenger began, 'wishes to speak with you.'

'Does she wish to kill me?'

'She wishes to kill you' the messenger confirmed, 'as you wish to kill her. But she wants to face you herself. She wishes for no more bloodshed. She wishes not for people to fight for her, and to avoid more death and suffering if possible.'

Ena gleamed happily, her eyes shining brightly.

'What I wonderful invitation' she giggled. 'I would be happy to accept.'

The messenger nodded, turning his horse and riding swiftly away without another word.

Ena hugged herself, bowing her head. She giggled again, as the angels around her watched her closely, all tense, all nervous, and some a little frightened.

The moment the messenger was out of sight, Reuben spoke to Ena.

'You mustn't go. You mustn't.'

'Do you fear for me' Ena smiled turning to him.

'You could die.'

Ena giggled, flicking back her long pale green hair and holding her hands behind her back. She swayed on the spot, tilting her head as she considered him.

'Reuben' she smiled. 'Do you fear death?'


'When then you are a fool.' She turned her back to him, addressing the others. 'There is a temple up on the hill' she spoke quietly. 'This is where I will meet her.' She smiled. 'Take me there. I want all of you to accompany me.'

Ena found her horse Vanity, riding at a gentle pace across the open plains with the five angels walking in formation around her. The grass around them was short, evidence

of the wild horses that grazed there.

The people, Ena's people, stayed behind, setting up a camp where they were. The soldiers, now reduced in number, were camped on the outside, the women and children in the centre, and segregated, camped a short distance away, those that had succumbed to the sickness.

They all stayed behind, while the earth maiden and the last five angels travelled to the temple, where they would meet Freya, the false one.

'It's alright' Ena smiled down to Gael beside her. 'The others will be safe. It's me who they want.'

'I know' Gael replied. 'And I trust you.'

Nearby Jaspin cast a glance towards her, but held his tongue. Lilith, who walked behind him, saw how tense he was, and she grew a little nervous for it.

What is going to happen?

She trailed after him in silence, walking with her head down.

Around them the plains were empty, barren. The land around them was hilly, and the slope they walked up was steep. The temple where they were heading now could be seen on the top of the hill, built on the highest point, it overlooked the rest of the world.

Lilith paused, turning back to the land below her.

From where she stood, everything seemed small, microscopic. The army that followed Ena could be seen. They were far now.

The wind picked up, tossing Lilith's white hair about. She drew a slow breath, as the burning sun shone through a break in the clouds, casting its holy light upon the sea, far away into the horizon, bathing the surface in a sheet of gold.

Lilith's eyes were distant, almost bored.

She heard her name being called behind her. Turning, she continued her trek up the slope, catching up with Jaspin who had waited for her.

They walked side by side, lagging behind the others, as the temple above them drew closer and closer.

When they reached it, they found it to be empty.

'They will come' Ena spoke confidently. 'I know this.'

She went away after that, walking with Gael, the two went hand in hand.

'So now I suppose we just wait' Lilith mumbled.

Around her Jaspin, Reuben and Aski stood.

Reuben turned away.

'This is a beautiful temple' Lilith said, gazing about her. At the head of the temple, was an intricately detailed stained glass window, constructed in a circular shape, and designed like an unfurling blue rose. Within the blue glass, through which shone the burning sun, where little white patters, dotted here and there.

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