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But why?

A cut appeared on Lilith's cheek as she stared at the earth maiden, a trickle of blood ran down her face.

Lilith made her way towards her, ignoring Emma as she called after her.

Ena glanced around as Lilith approached.

'The white angel' Ena said to her calmly. 'The look about your face tells me that you want something.'

Lilith stared at her for several moments, at first unable to speak.

'Ena' she forced herself. 'I need to ask you of something.'

'You would dare to ask me of a favour' Ena said coldly, slowing to a stop.

Lilith's heart constricted in her chest, and she feared for a moment that Ena would hurt her. But she continued.

'Break the bind that ties me to Jaspin. I beg of you. I do not want to be a shield. I want to fight! To use my magic as I am supposed to.'

Ena frowned at her, narrowing her eyes and humming to herself.

'You…want to be distanced from him?'

'No. I don't want to hide here with the woman and children, and want to fight with the men, and want to be with the angels! Please.' Lilith stepped back, hanging her head. 'Please she said again. I know I shouldn't ask anything of you, but I promise' she said meeting her eyes again, 'that I never will again in my life.'

Ena smirked then.

'It doesn't matter anyway' Ena said. 'The angels are on their way back now.'

She reached high into the air above her, tapping a point there with her middle finger, sending out a sphere of light. The sphere rang out loud as it ascended higher towards the clouds, hovering there a few moments, before fading away.

All around them, the people stopped moving.

Ena turned then to Lilith, waving a hand over her. Lilith's eyes rolled to the back of her head, and she collapsed, her world going dark. She knew no more.

When she woke, the first thing she saw was Jaspin leaning over her.

He looked angry, and then he looked sad.

'What have you done?'

Lilith blinked up at him. The sky overhead was dark, the clouds thick and heavy with rain and the air around felt humid.

Lilith sat up gingerly, touching herself.

'I feel different.'

'Why did you do what you did?' Jaspin asked her. 'How could you ask her to use more of her magic when you know that it is limited? How could you knowingly maker her weaker when you know that she is already vulnerable?'

Lilith stared at Jaspin hard. There was blood flecked upon his cheek and in his silver hair, and more that soaked his clothes. But it was not his own, Lilith knew this, for she had suffered all of his injuries.

'Did you kill many?' she asked him.

Jaspin grasped her by the shoulders roughly then. 'The others are furio

us with you. Why did you do it?'

'I want to fight!' Lilith shouted back to him, suddenly angry. 'I want to be strong, not to hide here and flee like a coward. I am not like that…' she trailed off.

Jaspin stared at her hard for several seconds, before letting go, rising to his feet and looking away.

'The battle is over' he said to the air before him. 'But the war still rages on. Come' he said. 'I want to show you something.'

He unfurled his wings then, taking off swiftly.

Lilith rose quickly to her feet, following through the air after him.

Together they flew over the mountains the women and children had crossed to get away from the fight, and back towards where the two armies had met.

The pair flew quickly. When they reached the battleground, they descended, touching down.

Lilith straightened, withdrawing her wings, as beside her, Jaspin did the same.

All around them, bodies were strewn about. Blood soaked the ground, staining the soil a dark red.

'Is this what you wanted to see?' Jaspin asked her. 'Is this what you wanted?'

Lilith gazed all around her. Everywhere, where body parts dismembered, limbs and heads and sometimes entire torsos cut in half, blood and guts spilled to the floor. Here at her feet was a boy who could not have been older than sixteen; there was an older man, who might have been a grandfather.

'How many?' Jaspin asked her. 'How many of these people had families, loved ones, children, people in their lives who were expecting them to return home by the end of today? Is this' he cast his arms out around him, 'what you wanted to see, what you want to be a part of?'


Jaspin lowered his arms, turning to her. Lilith looked back at him, facing him.

'I have seen death in my time, and I know people must suffer' Lilith sighed unhappily. 'The sickness cares not who its victim is.' As she said this, she knelt beside one of the dead men, brushing his long hair back carefully with a finger, and seeing his face.

His face was very pale, with skin flaking away, and black veins thick and clearly visible on his neck, spreading up to his cheeks.

'He was made to fight, even though he was dying.'

'What better person to risk their life' Jaspin grumbled.

'I'm sorry' Lilith said, rising to her feet and talking to the ground. 'I did not mean to hurt you, any of you. But I cannot simply stand idly by while others fight for me.' The wind picked up then, blowing back her pure white hair, ruffling the skirt of her dress. 'I want to fight' she said. 'I want to make a difference, not to simply watch others do so.' Her eyes grew distant. 'I want to fight my own battles.'

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