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   Chapter 128 No.128

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'But what if you die?'

'We all die' Jaspin replied sombrely.

Lilith bowed her head sadly.

'It's beginning' Jaspin said, looking from one side to the other, eyes roving all around. 'I can feel the false one is here.'

He turned his back to her. Either side of him, stood the other angels, Reuben, Aski and Gael.

They wore no armour. The angels never did, for it would only slow them down.

The dark figures across the field marched forwards, facing the army approaching from the other side.

The angels took off, one after the other.

Lose feathers from their wings floated down upon Lilith, who remained on the ground, watching them depart, and feeling sick to her stomach.

She tore her eyes from the sky, and walked away.

The angels soared over the heads of the men below. They were the first ones to meet their enemy.

'You will cause unspeakable damage and suffering to so many people!' Freya called down to them, positioned at the top of the hill with her loyal holy men behind standing immediately behind her, ready to protect her if need be. Ready to die for her.

'You are the one who will cause damage!' Jaspin hollered, pointing an accusing finger up at her. 'You destine the people who follow you only to oblivion.'

Freya's eye twitched, her body tense.

She turned on her heel, marching towards her people.

She paused for a moment, glancing back at the angels, before walking forwards again, vanishing from view, as she was swallowed by the mass.

'Archers!' called the enemy general, raising his sword to signal.

The angels instantly took to the air, flying away as fast as they could, away from the arrows that sailed through the air towards them. Revealing their wings increased their power greatly, but if the vein in their wing was damaged or cut, they would bleed out faster than they could draw ten breaths.

The angels withdrew to the sky, their safe haven. Here they stayed, allowing their soldiers on the ground to attack first, and to disable the archers at the front of the line, before folding their wings to their bodies, and descending fast.

The four of them crashed into the ground, in the thickest part of the opposing army.

Jaspin snarled in primal fury, baring his teeth and slashing with his magic at the men all around him, felling them. The blood seeped to the floor as Jaspin fought. The men that surrounded him turned towards him, raising their weapons. Jaspin cast his hand back, attacking the men behin

d him, as nearby, the other angels fought.

Lilith let out a cry, stumbling.

She straightened then, holding her shoulder as blood tricked down her arm. She began to shudder.

'Are you alright?' asked a young woman tentatively as she was passing.

Lilith raised her head, noticing the woman suddenly.

'I'm sorry…' Lilith whispered, hugging herself. 'I…' she trailed off.

'You're one of the angels' the woman realised. 'The one with white wings.'

'Yes' Lilith replied, lowering her hands and straightening. She turned to the woman, facing her properly now.

'Your wings' the young woman said, 'they're so beautiful.'

'Are they?'

'I wish I could be like you.'

Lilith smirked humorously then. 'No' she said. 'You don't.'

'Why have you stayed behind' the woman asked, 'when the others have gone?'

'I am unable to use my magic like the others are able' Lilith replied meekly, watching the hundreds of women and children around her moving forwards, away from the battle, as far as they could go. 'I am…bound to one of the angels' Lilith mumbled. 'I am his shield. I suffer all of his injuries, all of his pain…so that he doesn't have to. And because of this…I am unable to fight…unable to use my magic…to fight.'

The young woman looked to her arm then, where the blood still trickled.

'So strange.'

Lilith glanced to her.

'What is?'

'Magic' the young woman replied. 'It's so strange.' She smiled. 'My name is Emma by the way.'

'I'm Lilith.'

'Such a pretty name.'

'Is it?'

Emma smiled widely. 'Come' she said. 'Let us walk together.'

The four angels fought viciously, and were relentless in their assault, fighting without rest they cut down their enemy like wheat.

But they were not immune to damage.

Lilith hunched over suddenly, coughing up blood and being violently sick.

She hugged herself, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand before straightening again.

'Are you alright?'

Lilith smiled to Emma.

'You are kind to worry for me.'

'How could I not?' Emma replied. 'I can see you are suffering.'

'Yes. I know, but…' Lilith turned away. 'There is nothing I can do about it.'

She froze then, suddenly deep in thought.

Or is there?

Through the mass of people, of women and children that slowly made their way forwards and away from the war raging behind them, Lilith saw Ena. She was walking alone, but seemed somehow to be happy. There was a spring in her step, and a smile upon her face.

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