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   Chapter 127 No.127

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In the morning, Lilith asked Ena of her different names.

'Why do you have so many?'

'Each of my names represent a different part of me' she replied simply. 'Ena, as you angels know me as, represents the part of me that is protection, as I protect the earth, and those who need me. Kyrah, as my family knew me as, represents the part of me that is love.'

'And the others?' Lilith asked eagerly. 'What are your other names?'

'Well…I have four, and the others are Lotus, I am called this by the holy men, this name represents the afterlife where we all go, and my last name is Zen, that is the earth part of me. That is what everyone else calls me.'

'And the false one?' Lilith asked. 'Freya?'

'She has just one name' Ena said sadly.

'And what does it represent?'

'Emptiness' Ena replied.

After this, Lilith wandered away alone, leaving the other angels behind her to rest. She wandered through the camp, around the tents, around the bodies of men who sat about around their fires, waiting for the battle that Ena promised was to come. Lilith went now to the edges of the camp, where there were the 'sick' quarters. It was where those that had fallen ill were kept.

There were tens of people, men and women and children, the sickness did not discriminate. Lilith walked without fear through the unhappy folk. Some sat, hugging their loved ones to them, others lay inside the shabby tents, others outside on simple mats rolled out on the floor, others by fires, encouraging others to eat.

'It's alright' Lilith heard one woman tell her companion. 'When we die, we will be reincarnated. That is what she says.'

Perhaps the same will happen to us angels also Lilith thought silently to herself, if we ever succumb.

Lilith walked on. The smoke here was heavy in the air, and as Lilith continued on, she saw more than just people affected by the sickness. Here was a dog, a mongrel, sitting at the feet of its master, shivering violently, skinny with patches of fur missing.

And then she saw a horse, eyes pale and patches of black upon its chestnut fur.

Strange Lilith thought as she passed it. Klesa's horse died without symptoms.

She stopped then, realising something.

Perhaps there were symptoms, but none of us noticed anything wrong. Her eyes dropped to her feet then. Perhaps the animals have slightly different symptoms to one another.

She raised her head then, staring sadly down at the pit before her.

Here were the bodies of men and women and children, t

hose that had had succumbed to the sickness, alongside horses, a few dogs, and many sheep and goats.

Several figures clad in black with their faces covered, went about the pit, burning the death inside.

What is going to happen? Lilith thought, feeling numb inside. How many more will die?

And then she heard a sound, the sound she dreaded to hear. A call from a horn.

It was the signal to war.

The enemy were here.

Chapter Thirty Six

The First to Fall

Lilith ran through the mass of people, searching for him.


'I'm here' he replied, turning to her as she approached him, breaking through the crowd. 'I know, they are coming.'

'What do we do?' Lilith uttered, slowing down and gazing at him.

Jaspin turned from her, facing the other angels that stood in a circle facing inwards. Ena was there also, part of the circle, standing beside Gael.

'This is the next stage of our journey' Ena breathed, chest rising and falling as she spoke her words. 'This is it.' She turned then, eyes wide as she stared over the hill.

From here, all could see the approaching army.

The women and children were leaving now, huddling together close to their loved ones. They left this place, travelling back to the other side of the mountain they had come from.

Ena tilted her head as a mother and her children hurried past her, as fast as she could through the crowd.

'You must meet them on the open field' Ena spoke in a bored tone, addressing the angels. 'But Lilith' she turned to her, 'you must leave with the women and children.'

Lilith's heart skipped a beat in her chest, and she tensed suddenly. She realised suddenly that the others were watching her. Beside her, Jaspin watched her closely.

'Alright' Lilith replied, doing so reluctantly. 'I will do as you say.'

'You must leave swiftly' Ena said to the other four angels, as the soldiers around them began to prepare. 'She is waiting for you.'

Moments later, Ena was gone, hidden away somewhere, though they knew not where. Gael suddenly appeared tense, worried and feeling lost, without Ena by his side.

Lilith spoke to Jaspin.

'Are you going to be alright?' Lilith worried.

'I'm more worried about you' Jaspin said turning to her. 'Lilith…please don't worry about me.'

'How could I not?'

Jaspin smiled, but there was no warmth there.

He reached forwards, embracing her gently, before stepping back.

'I will do what I can' he said to her. 'I will do my best to return to you.'

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