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   Chapter 126 No.126

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'Are those fireworks?' Reuben asked as a small cart trundled past them, pulled by two young men.

'They certainly are' Ena winked at him. She reached for Gael who stood beside her, taking him by the hand and leaning into him. 'I cannot wait until nightfall.'

The lights exploded in the sky and the people on the ground cheered. Amongst the crowd, the angels smiled.

They were scattered now, save for Lilith and Jaspin who were together.

He turned to her with a grin, and she looked back at him, as happy as he was. He looked so handsome, and in the prime of his life, with his gentle gaze and steely grey eyes to match his hair. His wings were hidden now, but nonetheless, he looked magnificent.


He reached for her, taking her as he wrapped an arm around her waist, the other hand he used to hold hers. He seemed to be admiring her, as she had admired him.


His eyes crinkled at the edges as he gave her a gentle smile, expression warm as he held her.

'You're beautiful.'

'You don't mean that' she said shyly turning away.

He touched her at the chin, turning her head to face him again, before running his finger down her face and over the scars.

'You will always be beautiful to me.'

She blushed slightly then as he tucked a strand of her white hair behind her ear, before taking her hand again, and beginning to dance with her.

Around them many others were doing the same, the women and children from the other side of the mountain had travelled around to join the men, and now they rejoiced in this happy moment they had together. Children ran around their feet with sparklers, and upon raised platforms men and women played their instruments and beat their drums. As the happy music filled the air, several of the younger figures clambered awkwardly onto the platform, pulling with them from the ground large boxed they dumped heavily before the musicians. Several young men climbed over the boxed, pulling at the hook in the corner with all their might until it came free; exploding as colourful strips of paper filled the air, falling slowly and onto the heads of the cheering people.

Jaspin and Lilith paused in their dancing, Lilith laughing happily as she pulled pieces of the colourful paper from her hair, reaching for Jaspin and helping him to the same.

Afterwards, they sat on the ridge of a nearby hill, looking over at the lights below them.

'Today' Jaspin sighed, 'life is good. Today…life is easy…'

'I hope this night never ends' Lilith spoke wishfully, sitting beside him.

Jaspin handed something to her then, a piece of white paper folded into the shape of a flower, he held her

hands as she held the paper flower. His hands burned then as tiny flames licked his fingers, the heat from his spell causing the flower to rise in the air and float away, sailing off into the darkness until it was lost forever.

'I love you Lilith' Jaspin voice suddenly, 'with all my heart and soul.'

Lilith turned to face him, eyes large in the dark.

'I know' she breathed, leaning into him. 'I know…'

Together they watched the people continue their celebration, the dancing, the drinking, the music. Amongst the crowd, they saw Gael, having returned to his usual habit, he was flirting and getting close to several women who were swooning over him, captivated by his handsome face and playful and teasing character.

Elsewhere they saw Reuben and Aski sitting at the same table, drinking and gambling.

In the centre of the mass, a figure stood out.

'Look' Jaspin gasped, his breath taken away as he stared in awe. 'It's her…'

Lilith blinked as she saw Ena emerge from the crowd, elevated above the heads of the others as she climbed upon another smaller platform in the centre.

She stood tall, smiling to the sky with her eyes closed. She appeared to draw a deep breath then, and a green glow grew from her chest.

A hush fell over the crowed, as the music faded out.

Green tendrils grew outwards from Ena's chest, they produced a slight ringing sound, and shone fabulously, lighting up the whole area in a gentle green light.

The tendrils continued to grow, reaching far and touching the hearts of every man, woman and child.

Then at last, two tendrils came for Jaspin and Lilith.

'It's the spirit of the earth' Jaspin breathed, rising swiftly for his feet as they came for them, moving slowly through the air.

Beside him, Lilith rose too.

'You will rarely see such a thing' Jaspin whispered as the light drew closer.

He threw his head back, drawing a slow breath as the tendril touched him at the chest, as the one beside, touched Lilith, and she was filled with a sudden warmth.

'I feel…' Lilith said. 'I feel….'

'Alive…' Jaspin uttered, eyes closed and smiling.

Lilith hadn't realised that she had felt tired, but now in comparison, she felt suddenly full of strength, as if every piece of her was being healed of wounds she did not know had been there, she felt alive, powerful….

'Liberating' she finished, tilting her head to the clouds, wings unfurling slowly from her body, as Jaspin's beside her did the same.

On the ground below them, Reuben, Aski and Gael's wings were visible also, glowing brightly and producing their own magic, gold, silver and blue, and in the centre of it all, Ena shone.

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